New Trends: Wide Leg Pants + Sports Shoes

wide leg pant+sports shoes

When it comes to the appearance of new trends, I am always super excited, as this gives me the possibility to experiment a lot with my style and this gives you lots of new ideas without running the risk of being too repetitive. And this is the case, as in the last autumn period the idea and the trend of wearing wide-leg pants with sports shoes is becoming increasingly popular, creating a very alternative look but not too far from being fashion!

There are many different variants of wide-leg pants and sports shoes, which can be adapted to a sportier style or a more fashionable style, all dependent on the models that you choose and the combinations that you go to make with jackets, coats, various and possible shirts and crop tops. What matters most is the fact that they are a duo that for no reason in the world can be missing in your walk-in closet and in your shoe collection, to create an outfit that is very chic and loved by all the millennials, and that is now gone viral thanks to all the videos on TikTok. So let’s go find some styles and get some ideas for our outfits!


light blue co ord super wide leg tapered highwaisted jeans
light blue co ord super wide leg tapered highwaisted jeans

Let’s start by writing about the simplest outfit that can be created with this type of clothing: wide-leg jeans, obviously our sports shoes, and close it all with a crop top and a jacket. Great style, super simple and super easy to create, which in a short time, could project your style stopped for some years directly in 2020.

Giant pockets


Super popular are also the wide-leg pants built with huge pockets placed at knee height that give a more particular touch to the type of pants we are wearing. The outfit is always completed in the same way as the previous one with a crop top and obviously sports shoes!

Patchwork in contrast


Patchwork is an excellent creation and is a great step forward in fashion also in its practice of reusing materials that should be thrown away. However, if we add to the patchwork the particularity of creating contrasting colors, the result becomes one of the best, just like the pants you have just seen!

Co-ordinated set

Chill Night Pant Set - Heather Grey
Chill Night Pant Set – Heather Grey

The market is full of two pieces sets with all these wide-leg trousers, with many different colors and prints, it is not at all difficult to find the one that suits you best. Abound of accessories such as wheel earrings, big ones, and bracelets to make your outfit more unique!

A few more details

On Lock Down Wide Leg Pants - Black
On Lock Down Wide Leg Pants – Black

A few more details never hurt, indeed they are always welcome. And if we are talking about the pants you have just seen, I find them absolutely wonderful and adorable. They are perfect to wear with amphibians and a neon-colored shirt, making room for all the peculiarities they have to show: opening on the hips (super sexy and I love it), and belts all over the leg, which go to tighten the pants avoiding the too wide effect!

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