Print T-shirt, Wear A Sense of Fashionable Modelling

print t-shirt

Print t-shirts come in ways more than one. They can be classified broadly into Merchandise prints, art prints, course prints and sometimes even tourist prints. All are perfectly customized to suit different need consumers in a way that allows them to give exact specifications for the final look.

SHEIN Form-Fitting Newspaper Print Tee
SHEIN Form-Fitting Newspaper Print Tee

For ladies, many combinations of colour sheds on printed t-shirts work to bring different feelings from disguise, a contrast to attention. The whole idea of this therefore solely rests on the mixing of colours, art or words to birth a desirable impact and to speak about you without speaking

SHEIN Allover Red Lip Print Tee
SHEIN Allover Red Lip Print Tee

A combination of white and red is an instant magnet. It captures all attention and draws unintended glances. It is the best combination of a mission to get noticed. It follows that any dressing that has both peace (white) and blood (red) must be mysteriously amusing and capable of courting attention worn on dates, hikes and well, even to class.

Green and grey is another lethal combination. A green caption splashed on a grey background escalates contrast and spikes uniqueness and in fact, raises you up for the world to see. Other potent combinations include dark blue with light blue and blue with yellow.

The choice of material for a print t-shirt is as important as the prints themselves. The best t-shirts for printing are the Gilden-soft style and continental classics. Ultra cotton sleeves work well too. If quality is anything to go by, then the choice of material must be informed on the durability and inability to fade. Polyester prints may not hold as much longer as cotton prints. Some dyes are easier to fade than others. Black and blue fade easy.  Green and yellow stick strong.

Cartoon Panda & Pocket Print Tee
Cartoon Panda & Pocket Print Tee

Printed t-shirts go well with palazzo pants. As such blending patterns on the print t-shirts can be tailored to blend with those on the palazzo pants to achieve harmony. They can go well too with pencil jeans and depending on the configuration, match with boyfriend style jeans. A pair of sneakers works magically in completing the profile. White printed t-shirts look magical with blue pants.


The textual or graphic illustrations are important. On a lazy afternoon, a lion or other animal imprint would do just fine. During activism campaigns, clearly emblazoned textual characters should be displayed in a large enough easy to read from far kind of size. The contrast too should be clearly pronounced, not to mention a fitting size and proper choice of colour. Crumpled t-shirts look clumsy, a little pressing would do wonders.

Print t-shirts are good for love birds who wish to announce their union to the world in colours, patterns and specific mantras they both identify with. What better to show it off than a unified pattern of colours and patterns? Printed t-shirts can be as well used among friends to mark a memory or colourful event. Just inscribing at the back of a well-tailored t-shirt your experience on such and such date will keep lingering memories of the same deeply embedded into memory. What batter to do that than have one’s favourite colours and art on their piece of clothing?

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