Melania Trump’s Yellow J. Mendel Gown Gets Meme’d on Social Media

This week, during the first official visit of London to the first family, social media decided to wear a yellow j. Mendel dress, this is the first episode of this week. This long chiffon gown is paired with several valuable opponents, including yellow curtains, corn and other yellow houses, all of which are dozens of memes released on Twitter.
Before the debut in London, the visit to the UK around Melania and Donald Trump has caused fierce controversy. After that, Finland.

The protests were even held in London and they are looking forward to their emergence.On Sunday night, after a Twitter user responded to a user of Vogue magazine, fans’ “messages” further intensified. While praising the costume, he also praised the image of Melaniya. Users suggest that teen fashion should be “craving” more like Melania. This article forwarded this comment with the title “Oh, definitely not.” This immediately triggered a storm about Melania’s tweet next to the yellow object.

Some users even seized the opportunity under the post of Teen Vogue magazine and promoted women who they thought were more ambitious than Melanie. Tennis star Serena Williams, Judge Ruth Badr, and the first black female astronaut, Mecarol Jamieson, are among the recommended women.

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