Central Alberta residents collect graduation gowns for students in need

With a variety of Long Gown Dress and a perfect hairstyle, each girl should feel the feeling of Cinderella when she graduated from high school.

That’s why Leslieville resident Chantel Taylor is collecting graduation dresses in Leslieville and Rocky Mountain House and sending them to students who need help.

“It may give them a little confidence and reward them for not giving up and doing their studies,” she said.

Long Gown Dress
So far, Taylor has six clothes to give up. One of the six dresses was the old $300 graduation gown she wore 13 years ago.

So far, nine people in central Alberta have completed their old graduation gowns.

The 31-year-old woman said that the response she received was “overwhelmed and sincerely appreciated.”

After hearing about a similar project in Edmonton, she had the idea of ​​collecting and donating graduation gowns. She said she wanted to do similar things in rural Alberta.

Taylor said she hopes that the students who accept donations will know that someone in the community cares about them and takes root for them.

“They should feel like a princess on the graduation day. It’s a celebration day,” Taylor said.

She will continue to collect dresses until the end of this month.

Taylor said she has been in contact with high schools in Rocky Hills and Leslieville to help her determine who will need this graduation ceremony. So far, she said she knows that at least one student from Midwest High School needs help.

Taylor said she had a good memory of her red and white dress on her graduation day. Her goal is to collect about 20 clothes so that these students can leave memories at the graduation ceremony.

She also hopes that the students will donate these clothes to people in need after they have finished with them.

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