Rita Moreno dresses again at the 2018 Oscars

Rita Moreno is one of the only 12 people ever to win the Emmy, Grammy, Oscars and Tony Awards, returning to the Oscars in a serious manner. The 86-year-old actress, singer and dancer, dressed in the same red carpet as she wore, accepted her Oscars for the West End story in 1962. “I would think it tarnished!” She told Ryan Seacrest during E! Broadcast, and then recalled her 15-second acceptance speech. “I do not know if I will win, and I’m sure it will be Judy Garland’s trial in Nuremberg, and just in case, I flew from Manila, Philippines, where this was made.”

long gown dress

Rebecca Keegan at Vanity Fair revealed in long gown dress her Oscar rehearsal report that Morer’s daughter, Fernanda Louisa Fischer, revealed her mother’s plan. Moreno said that as the big-name actress plans to sit behind her, she will “heart attack” later confirmed on Twitter this plan, making her a real understanding of the power of social media hype a few eighty-year-old man one.

Moreno currently won two primetime Emmys at Netflix’s One Day at More – at the Muppet Show and The Rockford Files – the Grammy Awards for The Electric Company’s children with the best recordings and Tony Best actress in the play as Ritz. At the Golden Globe in January, Moreno and her electric company, celebrity Morgan Freeman, regained their stage. Morgan Freeman won the evening’s honors and made a completely different theater entrance on the red carpet: Riding an electric scooter with television producer and original One Day at a Time creator Norman Lear.

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