Produced a new storyline for ‘Cinderella’, magic costume

Rewriting the story of “Cinderella” is probably the best thing that Rogers and Princess Hammerstein could have.

In a Broadway tour stopping at the Orpheum Theatre on Thursday night, the new Cinderella is not the victim of a woman who can’t keep her shoes. For those who are silenced by the authority, she is a voice of power.

Credit Douglas Beth Bien, Tony nominated who rewritten a mildew and threw a lot of surprises – including a new track, those glass slippers.

Of course, Ella (Tatyana Lubov) is still the thumb of a lovely stepmother (Sarah Smith), but now she has an ally in her successor Gabrielle (Nicole Zelka) and an old crazy woman Marie (Leslie Jackson). Who persuades her is possible.

Using songs written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for the television version of “Cinderella,” Beane can pay tribute to the past while advancing toward the future.

His prince is not stiff with a square chin. In the hands of Louis Griffin, he was a player who questioned the royal family and was not sure whether he would get the best advice from his right hand, Sebastian (Christopher Swan). Reluctantly, he wants a ball to meet the woman who will be his queen.

As you might imagine, the field is vast and vast. Gabrielle and her so funny sister Charlotte (Joanna Johnson, a real-life scene stealer) appear and try to turn back.

The choreographer Lee Wilkins gave them – a stage full of other people – there are a lot of things to do, including a waltz, these waltzes are as intriguing as these things. In the rainbow of William Avian’s clothes, they created the necessary vague Ella’s outstanding white dress.

By the way, this Long Gown Dress suppliers is the biggest reason for breathing at night. In just a few seconds, she turned from rags to wealth, and it was done without too much smoke, without a mirror.

Lubov and Jackson got their light, but this was their perfect interpretation of “impossible” and it was all in full swing.

The original director, Mark Brokaw, moved selected scenes in this way. It seems that this is indeed a kingdom, although there are many trees and candlesticks.

Because Beane has thrown so many curves in the audience, it is difficult to guess what will happen next. The glass slipper did not stay on one of the castle’s steps, and the revolutionary (Kebin Williams) was not just a change of scenes.

Although Smith may be more joke, Zelka and Johnson caught the perfect tone, giving Lubov’s Ella reason to play. Lubov hit all the necessary rhythms, but she does not always seem obsessed with the prince, which makes their big dance less important. However, as normal as Prince Griffin (there is a great lie), Swan and Smith conspirators as very evil, you want to see what he can do Jafar and scars.

Heck, it’s great to see what Beane can do with other shows. He is very good at re-shaping “Cinderella” glass slipper is not half full, it is full of sharp one-line, visual surprise, since then very happy, does not involve a woman is anything but settled.

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