Misha Barton wore a black dress and high – toed high heels at LA and her boyfriend James Abercrombie

They have been together since last May.

The relationship between Misha Barton and the Australian model James Abercrombie is still very intense.

The couple was found leaving a restaurant in Losangeles after having dinner together on Tuesday night.

long gown dress

Before the overclocking stars wear a black silk apron in a white T – shirt and a blue font.

She said her toed black high heel boots, with red nail polish on her nails.

The 32 year old blonde has a fluffy curl with black mascara on her eyelashes.

long gown dress

Her boyfriend, the son of the richest businessman in Australia, Andrew Abercrombie, is wearing gray trousers, Black Ankle Boots, and a T-shirt and a camel skin jacket.

James’s father was reported last year with a value of $574 million, according to the air combustion ratio of the rich list.

long gown dress

In November of this year, Micha’s ex boyfriend Adam Spaw agreed to release the so-called video tapes, and the actress agreed to a five year ban. The couple would be in the other 100 yards away, according to the explosion mentioned in the court documents.

Micha said that the so-called video was recorded by a different ex boyfriend, Jon Zacharias, without her consent.

long gown dress

In March 2017, she heard in a British tabloid that someone tried to sell private videos at the price of 500000 dollars, so she published her revenge sex case.

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