Fashion Week El Paseo Closing Party: Ralph Rucci

In Palm Springs Real Estate, it’s all about location. In Ralph Rucci’s new series, this series debuted on the last night of Fashion Week El Paseo, all about fabrics: silk, woolen crepe, leather and fur, even a smooth, ephemeral shawl. The bride’s veiled shoulders are printed with the most refined and original designs.

long gown dress

Rucci’s series – and everyone’s appearance – all show an artistic vision: a cut-out long gown dress that reveals a thin web of skin on the back of a spider’s web; or a tailored line that fits the shoulders and scapula, and sets the concept of power suits Raise to a whole new level. Even models with the same tight buns look strong in his designs. You can almost feel the bright pink silk robes flowing on barefoot. I imagine wearable butter.

long gown dress

Unlike other designers who like high-waisted skirts and open-cut vests, as well as collars with the same long skirts, Rucci understands that the real meaning of sex is about intentionally hiding and revealing, as well as deeply admiring the body structure of a woman. The design of each appearance is followed and strengthened. Most of Rucci’s dresses fall on or above the knees. You will never see a woman pull down the bottom of a Rucci dress to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, the function of his costume design is exquisite and even perfect, and his artistic talent made him loved by people. A black dress with a phantom neckline details the back of the woman’s spine. Another dress carved at the waist has a slight waist and hallucinogenic back – a change on the same subject, but only showing the right amount of skin, not suggesting that there may be underneath and more “This is what I chose to show. “A suit with a square texture and shape has an incision in the fabric that can only be seen when the model moves. This is eye-catching: these clothes are intended to be embodied in women, and the elegance and beauty of the design are only as she moves.

long gown dress

Although many of Rucci’s exteriors are red carpet ready – the evening’s final dress is a crocodile corset and a full-length black layered skirt that moves like a slowly moving trouser leg – he also shows robes in black leather leggings This is almost universally accessible look, as well as a casual outfit, deliberately oversized casual wear, made from the finest, softest black velvet, as opposed to her grandmother’s polyester trousers. A pure, shiny white blouse creates a perfect wedding dress for a charming and minimalist bride. As the model rotates on the top of the runway, a long black sequin dress with black sequins will be redesigned into a combination of skirt and coat that you may fall off while you work, especially if you are #girlboss.

long gown dress

In addition, Rucci also unveiled a long gown dress with his original designs, brown, beige and rust-colored dance costumes, all perfectly placed along the fabric, removable paintings and feasts of design and colour. A brown dress, with a perfect drape and fringe detail at the hem, a black hollow dress, feathers trapped and floating inside, giving rise to a different kind of secular atmosphere.

These models walked to the stage of music, feeling vacant. There was a bit of sadness, not only on the runway, but almost over. Most of the crowd was silent, and it was a rare event that the cocktail time had just ended.

Breaking the convention, Rucci performed a Q and A match with the audience after the show ended. When answering this question, “So black and black?” Rucci replied, “never.” Indeed, although the designer performed best in black, his latest stunning series represents the new One step. Long career. In other words, Rucci’s fashion career has been turbulent for some time and is starting again.

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