EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Meghan Markle is selected from the British brand Ralph & Russo’s wedding dress, starting from £ 30,000 for satin and lace dresses

Which dress designer chooses Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is the biggest issue in the fashion industry. Now the person in the royal family may have revealed the answer.

“Megan chose Ralph and Russia,” the source said.

If the well-informed informer is correct, then the decision of Prince Harry’s bride to choose a British brand will bring a welcome boost to the country’s fashion industry.

The former American actress’ decision was also profitable for gamblers who stopped betting on Alexander McQueen last month because the fashion company created Kate Middel in 2011. Satin and lace bridal dresses.

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Ralph & Russo is located in a seven-story Mayfair salon overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It is the first British fashion house to be invited to a Parisian fashion show in a century.

The price starts from 30,000 pounds, the customer can only enter by appointment, it can provide the expected combination of royal elegance and Hollywood charm.

It specializes in fine fashions that are studded with crystals, feathers, rainbow-coloured metal features and floor sweeping trains.

Ralph & Russo, who loves A-List Americans such as Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow, produced Angelina Jolie in 2014 to wear a dress for her Queen’s reputation.

Meghan, 36, has worn a bold, transparent robe in her official engagement photo to show her love for the two hand-crafted works.

The price is staggering at £ 55,980, including a silk organza dress, hand-embellished with a voile of silk gauze, and a sheer bodice decorated with complex gold feathers and beads.

Known as the coolest couple in the fashion industry, both Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo were born in Australia, but in 2007 they founded their business in London using only a sewing machine and an ironing board. Tamara, who is the same age as Meghan, is her daughter and granddaughter. Sydney Couture Designer. She met Michael, the financial advisor to London, on the first day of her vacation in the capital in 2003.

When she returned to Australia, they fell in love and began long-distance relationships. About a year later, the 38-year-old Michael called to say that he bought her a flight to London and added: “This is one-way – you will leave next week.

‘Then I said:’ OK, I’m here. What will I do? ”Michael told her: ‘I thought about it.’ I bought you a sewing machine. ‘

It is said that the annual growth rate is 400%. The brand received a nine-digit valuation in 2014 when Phones4U billionaire John Caudwell purchased a 7% valuation.

One thing to be sure is that Meghan’s dress at St. George’s Church in Windsor will be much more complicated and expensive than the wedding dress that was married to her first husband, American film producer Trevor Engelson, in 2011.

Then she chose a white Bohemian strapless dress with a notched neckline. However, this is consistent with the laid-back feel of the ceremony held in Jamaica Beach.

Ralph and the Russian spokesperson told me: “We will politely refuse to comment on this topic.” And Kensington Palace officials are equally cautious.

After he inherited the most toxic title of his aristocrat’s nobility, the Marquis of Bristol announced that he planned to rebuild the family wealth.

Now, Frederick Bristol has a perfect woman to help him restore his dynasty. I can reveal that Fred is a 38-year-old brother of reality TV star Victoria Hervey who was married together with a glamorous American art consultant Meredith Dunn.

“The wedding will be held in May,” one of his friends told me. “Meredith is very smart and wise. This is a great asset for his family.”

She is a brave woman who joined the Bristol clan. Fred’s father Victor was a three-degree married dude known as a “reptile” and was jailed for stealing gems and served as a short-term career for arms dealers.

Frederick’s half-brother John wasted 30 million pounds on drugs, lost his family seat at Ixworth House in Suffolk County, and died at the age of 44. Another half-brother Sir Nicholas Hervey hung himself after fighting depression.

Fred promised his father that he would never try to use drugs. “I followed my promise,” he said, adding: “There are two brothers who died and made me very aware of how limited my life is.” The real estate business launched last year, Brikner’s Fred added: “I Will not stand the pressure to do anything, just because it expects me. ”

Usually needs to be kept thin, underwear model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is very happy to show her curves during her pregnancy.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the 30-year-old Martha’s model shared this nude hobby when she expected her son, Jack, who was born last summer.

The shocking posture is reminiscent of actress Demi Moore’s Vanity Cover in 1991. In addition to her fiancé, the Hollywood tough guy Jason Statham provided her with a flash of £243,000.

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