‘Dancing with the stars’ dear Slater try on wedding dresses: watches

The bride… Almost! With star dancing expert Emma Slater invited us to shop with her weekly at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Los Angeles because she tried on the most important dress in her life – her wedding dress! From mermaid dresses to ball gowns, decorative laces, wedding dresses may be the most frustrating decision the bride made before the big day. Find out which skirts dance professionals like, and which one of the above exclusive videos, the third of our “Go with us” series.

long gown dress

Slater did not take her fiancé and dance partner Sasha Fabo together. “I think if Sasha saw me on the wedding day as a bride, not as before, that would be great,” said the blushing bride. “So I’m sure he stayed at home. I told him, ‘Don’t drive past’, I know he’ll do it.”

But this does not mean that she must go alone – Slater is enlisted with the help of her twin sister and son-in-law, Kailash Wright, with her greatest adviser.

“If I’m going to pick it for you, I would say lace, not a big dress, it might be like satin or snow textiles. White,” her sister suggested.

Emma has been thinking about her wedding day, but her wedding dress has been for decades. “I think every girl likes their wedding dress because they are a little girl,” she told fashion. “I’ve got a Pinterest board full of wedding ideas. I still don’t know what I want! I like to be fascinated and I’ll fall in love with my sleeves.”

Emma tried on a drop-in neckline, long lace sleeves and a dress that was tightened at the waist. Although she is very satisfied with most of the details, she stated that she may pay more attention to detail, “if it is closer to the bottom.”

long gown dress

Her sister, Kelly, agreed: “I think she needs something more suitable for the buttocks, maybe for her lap. She definitely needs more praise!”

Next is a beaded deep V-neck sleeveless dress that embraces the figure. “This is a dress skirt!” she exclaimed. Although she wore a beaded dress on the dance floor, this wedding day was not suitable. “This is not my style. I think this is too sexy for me.”

She also tried a strapless sweetheart neckline, decorating from top to bottom. “I’m not naturally a strapless person,” she said. “It’s good to try something that doesn’t belong to you. When you know what you don’t like, it helps you decide what you like.”

Although the unmarried couple is not yet ready to make a final decision, she will have to make a decision because the wedding is coming.

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