“Wear a mistake” – Kiwi woman’s hilarious wedding dress I auction

Cheap Long Gown Dress

A Kiwi lady offers her a “Missing” wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress at Trade Me in a fun way.

The Masterton woman is advertising a 14th white bridal Cheap Long Gown Dress and in the bidder’s description “Please help me remove this dress from my life.”

“It’s in a good shape, unlike my marriage, and after a practice session in 2013, there have been many new and well-prepared weddings.

“Could not provide a measure because it is a little girl who thinks she deserves to be worth less than her value and is now a bespoke woman who customizes – can not be measured.

“It looks amazing enough to distract you from your guests because you married an enforced liar.”

Trade Me users are looking for more than $ 300 dress, “because it will take a year’s membership of the gym, so I lost the kilograms put on such a tragic marriage.”

“Either way, it’s fine for wine at night – it’s all needed – so bids!”

She said she is also willing to sell her wedding shoes because “those are no longer needed, either because I walked with my birth feet, but to continue walking with those people.”

“Note: Some of these photos apologize – I’ve lost around 90kg of luggage.”

The auction ends on January 16.

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