Deeley, a 41-year-old pregnant cat, shows her strength by wearing a bloated thigh at a shining event … After announcing that she is waiting for her husband Patrick Kielty’s second child

She announced that she was waiting for her husband, Patrick Kielty’s second child.

Cat Derry Proves Pregnancy Suits Her Press Tour of the 2018 Winter TV Critics Association in Los Angeles, Langham Huntington Pasadena.

The 41-year-old host looked fabulously wearing a sundress on sunday Long Gown Dress on Sunday.
Long Gown Dress
Cat wear elegant clothing exudes elegant temperament, put on her stylish cloak shawl, put on her sensational style.

Her mother increased her height on the naked high heels, which did not detract from her eye-catching clothes.

She outlined her face with loose locks of hair on the locks, and enhanced her natural beauty with dexterous eye makeup and pink lipstick.
Long Gown Dress

Long Gown Dress
On Saturday night, she was happy to reveal to her loyal fan base that she had a second child.

TV presenter, January 2016, with her husband, Patrick Kielty, had her first child, Milo, in January. She was looking forward to a newborn baby in spring, saying she was considered “by the doctors mom”.

She told her fans on Twitter: “Excessive sharing, Milo will become a big brother! Can not wait to become a spring family of 4. We are very excited.
Long Gown Dress

Long Gown Dress

Long Gown Dress
Last year, the cat told her how to want more children, and because of age, stress has begun.

“I would like a little more, but if I do, I have to continue,” she told the Daily Mirror.

“When you go to check, they call you” old mom. “Here’s the terminology they use, and I swear.
Long Gown Dress
“They said,” Ladies, you are three times more risky. “” Can you dance? Moderator, when Milo was 39 years old.

Former CD: British presenter Deeley and comedian Kielty married at a secret ceremony in Rome in 2012 and have long been friends.

Kielty from Northern Ireland joked about having a baby with Brummie Deeley. He said: “I hope we may have children with Cat and accent.

“With our two strong accents, we basically need subtitles or UN translators.”

With this move in 2006, Cat just returned to England after the rise of the United States.

Following international action eleven years ago, have Cat become masters of all that you think can dance?
Long Gown Dress
She said two months ago: “I’m happy to be back home.” What I mean is that I always think of Britain as my home anyway, because my friends and family are here.

“When I knew that a lot of staff came to the stage in the UK of SMTV and CD, it was actually very exciting.

She went back to hosting a live music contest. Singing: The Ultimate Cappella has previously said that only two things brought her home: a great job or a huge paycheck.

She told Grazia: “The problem is not with leaving Los Angeles, it’s about my little boy and my husband.

“I’m going to leave them, either because of the excitement that drives me crazy, or I pay well, if I am completely honest.

Cat who insisted on living in Los Angeles before did not change her, adding: “I mean, I make green juice, I do yoga, but I have always been – even in London.

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