Zendaya’s British fashion awards dress horse pie, this is not the most crazy night

The awards show usually match (or even increase) the real performance (red carpet arrival). Last night, London’s British Fashion Awards were no exception, as major celebrities hit the #fashun incredible carpet. Zendaya’s photo of the British Fashion Jacket will become a virus, in order to love horses, you must see this equestrian theme to get up.

For those unfamiliar with the “fashion awards”, London’s award ceremony is not disappointing. The fashion awards recognize designers and models from different categories around the world, even the best model of the year (Cough Adwoa Aboah Cough). Not surprisingly, this event is filled with a variety of magnificent celebrities, crazy fashion shows.

While the Academy Awards are about Long Gown Dress, and the Grammys prove to be the craziest fashion show in the city, this year’s fashion awards show is a must-attend “rainy day.” Zendaya led the pack in pure dresses at this year’s event, in which case it was still herd. Other celebrities wore Westworld-inspired looks, golden cowboy boots and mini dresses, ending all mini dresses. I’ve noticed now, is not it? Have time to dive into

Yes or no?

Velvet, horse bra is the official thing. Zendaya’s clothes were designed by the Italian designer Vivetta, appearing modestly below the waist. However, on the jeweled belt, there is another story. The upper part of the singer and actress is covered by two unexplored black beauty-style horses. Before you say “awww”, before you laugh at the uniqueness of this dress, I must point out that Vivetta has a dress and a clown head wearing the same body parts, so it may in fact be more weird. Although the style is certainly unconventional, but I must say that Zendaya became a fancy lady AF MA. Have you noticed her new blond? This girl kills it every time.

Very LBD

Zendaya is not the only one to shape her look, as Hailey Baldwin brings a new meaning to the word Little Black Dress. Is this even eligible as a dress? Maybe Baldwin just forgot to wear pants? The social media star and model look great on her bespoke Topshop dress, but I can only imagine having to worry all night about what happened in the closet. I did not know for sure why she was sitting down. Maybe I’ll contact her public relations representative and if they reply, I’ll tell you.

The joy of these violence

Selena Gomez showed a serious Westworld coaching image in the epic 2017-meets-Victorian Era details. That ruffle neckline, lace cuffs and those boots! Maeve onWestworld sure to wear those. Gomez clothes pocket, so she won. And between Gomez’s blonde golf ball and Zanda’s Platinum Elf, I really can not decide who I like most. But who says I have to choose!

A good old fashion duel

Actress and model Suki Waterhouse wearing this fashion Maison Margiela got up, including a golden tights and matching metal, knee high cowboy boots. If I wear the town, I may be on the subway a few, but she pulled them away. However, she is not the only one.


Waterhouse’s model Bella Hadid wore the same look on the runway! Still, Hadid had to make editorials on her entire body and put on her gilded hair and some face and lip accessories I did not know. Both ladies could see the flight, but I think Waterhouse won by bringing these golden, bad boys to the town.

Stir-fried pies, trousers and gilded cowboy boots? After last night, I can not wait to see the rest of the red carpet season.

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