House Democrats tell female colleagues that their way of dressing is “harassment invitations”

(CNN) In a closed-door meeting held in the Democratic House of Representatives, Congress discussed ways to reform Congressional allegations of sexual harassment when a senior member of parliament shocked the legislator while proposing that women parliamentarians make unnecessary progress due to dressing.

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According to people familiar with the situation, Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur stood up Wednesday and told his colleagues that “there are too many members in the wrong position,” which is an invitation to be harassed.

Kapoor said women staff and journalists are also wearing clothes, she thinks too much.

According to these sources, people in the room were “totally shocked” and “Kaptur” stated “their mouths are happy.”

Politicians first reported Kaptur’s comments Wednesday.

Kapoor told CNN in a written statement that she did not mean the victim was responsible.

“When I first elected a member of parliament, I became a shelter for a woman who was abused by her boss, some of whom wept for many days, and that was something that I had been bringing to the table. Our group was at Under no circumstances is the fault of the victim, and I share the story of my time in the context of “me too” legislation and how can we elevate the norms and Womens Sexy Dresses code to protect women from the ubiquity here and in society Troubled. ”

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Kapoor, now 71, has said she knows her remarks are a bit offensive and said: “I may boo for saying so.” She has served in the House of Representatives since 1983 and is a member of the House Appropriations Committee Senior member.
A democrat staff member who attended the meeting said that the comment was made at the end of the meeting and people looked at each other and asked each other, “Did she really say that?”

A Democrat told CNN that everyone was completely overwhelmed, and Democrats in Ohio called shortly after the meeting.

Wednesday morning meeting was convened by Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives in California to discuss the issue of sexual harassment she and a special member of the legislature discussed in discussions with other members and external experts.

In recent weeks, lawmakers from Womens Sexy Dresses both sides have been accused of sexual harassment. Republican Republican Trent Frank, of Arizona, resigned last week as reports indicate he has found a female helper who has made inappropriate comments about his wife and his replacement mother. Rubin Kihuen, a Nevada Democrat,’s former campaign aide, accused the public of many instances of sexual harassment in the run-up to candidates. He denied the allegations, but Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, chairman of the Pelosi and Democrat parliamentary elections committee, called for his resignation.

Republican Rep. Blake Flanders, Texas, is in the midst of a House Ethics Committee investigation that has accused the former chief communications officer of harassing him. Al Franken, a Democratic Senator in Minnesota, resigned after a series of women reported his exploration.

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