GLAMMY ROSE Demi Rose showed off her very plump dress code at night in Mayfair

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DEMI rose looks incredible, showing her in London in an ultra-low-cut Cheap Long Gown Dress curved curve.

22-year-old British model and DJ stunned the photographer in the fall’s emerald Cheap Long Gown Dress, highlighting her hourglass image and showing the main cleavage and bystanders.

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The plump star’s elegant silk skirt was almost scratched by her navel, which seemed to be tailor-made for her celebrity.

Internet rumors are celebrating Christmas – her recent Instagram milestone with 6 million followers – at a trendy Mayfair restaurant.

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But surprisingly, she did not meet her while trying to make her the “sexiest DJ in the world” with the other half of her.

This week revealed that she was secretly out with an international DJ named Chris Martinez, who was kissed.

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Chris and his brother Stevie were named MixMag’s annual DJ in 2014, the pinnacle of their career.

They have been staying at DC10 in Ibiza Nightclub since 2011 and regularly travel around the world, including such great festivals as Creamfields and Tomorrowland.

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For her, Demi, once a rapper Tyga, has named her by her name and praised Kim Kardashian for bringing back the genre of girls .

She said this year: “I have an amazing life and traveled the world to show off the curve comparable to Kardashian.

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“I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars, but deep down, I’m just a lucky child of Sutton Coldfield.

Demi said her personal trainer can help her maintain her physique and her curve sculpture.

Although Demi’s career is still early, but the dark hair star in 2017 became the first cover girl SIXTY6 magazine.

Demi also looks depressed in her 2017 calendar shoot of October and in Spain she can see her showing off her enviable curve.

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