Chrissy Teigen proves why pregnancy is the best time to reveal the main skin

Having recently confirmed her pregnancy on social media and getting a transformative cool mom hairstyle that has brought her into a new phase, Chrissy Teigen begins to shine, glowing from the inner, which is just one of her beauty benefits to come 9 months journey. Last night at the GQ annual dinner, the model wore a velvet long-sleeved peach dress. The gown she dangled effortlessly clings to her curves, strategically cutting open, showing glittering decorations and shiny engraving legs.

Teigen is not the first to experiment with this trend – she’s often seen, her bomber wearing Long Gown Dress and a blouse. But now, more than ever before, her proud show marks the same self-confident sensuality that new mothers from BeyoncĂ© to Betis are making their mark.

With blush blush, a little body oil and a pair of supple, bare-legged heels, this model proves there is no need to keep the best assets during pregnancy.

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