She and Bryce Dallas Howard debut at the premiere of Darkest Hour in Los Angeles, Haley Bennett gleams in a bright red beaded dress

She plays Megan Hipwell in the 2016 dark thriller Train Girl.

Haley Bennett, 29, seems to be taking on the lesser part of her life because she and Bryce Dallas Howard, 36, were on Wednesday evening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills Led by the red carpet at the premiere of Darkest Hour.

The star looks elegant with fringed long-sleeved Long Gown Dress surrounding her hem, and a black belt tightened around her waist.

Haily added a little height to her body with a pair of towering black heels, and her golden lock was nailed back from her face.

While she was working in front of the camera, the actress highlighted her beauty with minimal make-up.

Jurassic world star Bradley Dallas Howard wore a full black ensemble system wearing a beautiful houndstooth jacket and a red carpet.

Recently filmed dinosaur thriller sequel “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” actress wearing a black dress under the jacket, the top black high heels.

Bruce, daughter of the famous Hollywood director Ron Howard, wore a unique flamboyant curl, while choosing the bold winged eyeliner.

Gary Oldman, 59, and his new wife, Gisele Schmidt, appear on the red carpet.

Oldman is understood to have quietly linked this knot to writers and art curators in September.

This is the fifth marriage of Hannibal’s hero.

Claire Forlani, a 45-year-old British actress, shakes lace attire for the event.

The little Joe Black hit the middle of a black hair bundle, her make-up highlighting her memorable cat’s eye.

The 55-year-old prince and bride star Cary Elwes also attended the show, while Sarah Solemani, a 35-year-old baby actress by Bridget Jones, ) Shows the new blonde locks.

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