Daisy Lowe shows off her legs with a sturdy Barbie gown in the pink model Arizona Muse at the Leopard Awards in London

One is the darling of Britain and the other is the queen of the United States.

While Daisy Rowe and the Muse of Arizona, attended the Prince Trust’s Leopard Awards on Wednesday night at Goldsmith’s Hall in London.

The 28-year-old Daisy shows her long-legged figure in a magnificent high-necked black long gown, while a 29-year-old Arizona caught her attention in a pink jumpsuit.

Daisy looks sensational, as she places the sexy figure on her honed figure.

Her skirt blew a chic bardot collar and then continued to tighten her bust.

The most prominent feature of this skirt is the height of the cross, showing her high above the black high heels.

Daisy produced a sophisticated display, decorated with pearl necklaces, and enhanced its striking features with a simple makeover jacket.

Her smooth dark hair locks in sexy messy waves, and she completes the look of the clutch that matches.

Daisy looks at her character, working while setting a storm in the event.

Arizona also caught the eye in this incident, as she showed off her slim body in her figure in a pink jumpsuit.

Sleeveless figures show her waist and long legs.

Know her style rules, she raised her height in a pair of red high heels.

Arizona is apparently accustomed to making makeup by relying on her naturally eye catching features.

Her chestnut lock slipped off her face and was fashioned into a chic center bun.

Claudia Winkleman was also present at the event and produced a stylish show with an all-black appearance.

She finished her look with the iconic eyeliner, matching the stylish hanging earrings.

Kitty Kitty Spencer made sure she was wearing a pink Long Gown Dress suppliers standing in the sea full of celebrities.

The figure focused on her sensational figure, she put it together with a pair of pointed white high heels.

When she was posing with Amber Le Bon’s model, she was happy to look at it.

Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon’s daughter looks perfect on her strapless fancy midi dress.

Her lock is locked on both sides to show off her amazing features, and she comes with a pair of shaky earrings.

Amanda Cronin wore a gorgeous white dress that looked very charming and shrugged off with faux fur.

She wore a flawless make-up coat and several pieces of jewelery.

Assia Webster showed a flawless decadence in her bare black gown, cutting a millionaire.

Charlotte Olympia shows her perfect bloom in a slinky black dress.

Helen McCrory wore a translucent black sequined skirt on her, wearing translucent sleeves and a trench coat.

Ozwald Boateng looks undeniably wearing three blue suits, white shirts and white ties.

David Furnish and Alexander Armstrong continue to add style to men in black suits.

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