Bette Midler predicts that Hocus Pocus remake will be “cheap”


This should be the case when Bemid Midller decides what. One of the benefits of Midler’s New York Restoration Project, which she founded in 1995, for her annual Happy Journey, she combines the historic Upper West Side venue “St. John the Divine Miss M “She did not speak when asked about the remake of the recently announced Hocus Pocus on the party’s red carpet.

“I know it’s cheap, it’s going to be cheap, I’m not sure how they will handle my role,” she said. “My characters are very wide and I do not know who they’re going to play for. And her opinion is not about the original person, or her character, Winnipeg Sandersson’s incomprehensible; in last year’s Hulaween she appeared full of Hocus Pocus gear. However, because she is ready for the costume, do not expect her to serve the remake. Midler assures reporters that she will not be a guest of the new work. If her prediction is true, then they can not afford it.

Midler wore a green floral Cheap Long Gown Dress and a bouquet of bright blonde wigs into her party to match the evening’s theme, The Garden on the Earth. When night fell, all nighttime masters dressed in fairy lights and corolla sweeps Pumpkin center table and autumn flowers. However, not all lush greenery. Outside, a goblin and two tap-dancing skulls welcome guests.

That night’s unofficial theme was Midler’s latest work, Hello Dolly on Broadway. Actors, including David Hyde Pierce, even joined Midler in an imitation of “Hello Dollars,” who thanked longtime donors in the chorus of the song.

Guests included Broadway legends Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber, as well as Anna Camp and Skylar Astin with Dita Von Teese and Pitch Perfect celebrities (and newlyweds). Comedian Judy Gold, as the host for the evening, is working with Bobie Riggs along with Billie Jean King, the then partner of Elysa Halperin.

“So, who is looking at strange things?” She asked. Is this season weird, is not it? I love Melania’s campaign against cyberbullying, and her husband’s Twitter to “Liddle Bob Corker.”

Other night outfit is just as gorgeous as the Midler. A snake hung on the neck of Michael Kors wearing the Garden of Eden played the costume appraisal that night: “I just said to Beit.” Only you can put on the bangs. “He said.” From head to toe, it’s a pair of tall avant-garde flowers, and their clothes are hand-made.

Peters appears in a flower of purple pods and weeds throughout her russet curly flower Zac Posen dress. Peters will take over Dolly’s nominee role on January 15, saying: “Vanity Fair she does not always wear the theme for Halloween.

She said: “People in the industry dress up every night,” she said. “The fantasy is always alive, and dressing and fantasy may be even more exciting for people who are not in the business.”

After the draw, Jon Bon Jovi performed the evening, jumping out of Halloween like “Monster Mash” and Hocus Pocus’s favorite “I myself myself”, including “Who Says you can not go home.”

After the party, everyone wakes up in their garden. Once, the weeds and flowers interweave garments very seriously, but this is the holy Halloween Halloween party, so do not care.

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