Beautiful blue! Salma Hayek, Amy Adams and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look gorgeous at the Gucci dress LACMA event

On Saturday night, Shama Hayek, Amy Adams and Rose Huntington-Whiteley have all played Blues Gucci’s gown at the LACMA Arts + Film Party in Los Angeles.

The 51-year-old nominee for the Oscars, a gleaming sapphire piece selected by designer Annabelle Harron, shows off her 5-foot-2 hourglass image.

Mexican-American beauty must have VIPs entering Italian luxury brands (and bash sponsors) thanking her husband François-Henry Pinault for his label owned by Kling.

Dinner actress Beatrice and the 55-year-old French billionaire are enjoying the night of the red carpet without their ten-year-old daughter Valentina at night.

Amy, 43, shows her cleavage in turquoise spaghetti with a red bow pattern selected by designer Petra Flannery.

The five-time Oscar nominee wore her strawberry gold lock, her hands and her husband Darren Le Gallo in a tuxedo, She married 14 years later (in 2015 with her 7-year-old daughter, Avina).

The 30-year-old Rosie’s double-creased GUCCI dress features a metal band and was chosen by designer Cher Coulter.

Last night, famed faces flocked to Los Angeles (better than usual) for the 2017 LACMA Arts + Film Festival.

Hosted by Gucci, it is not surprising that most Red Carpet participants walk through the Italian fashion houses, including past and present Salma Hayek treasures.

Wearing a custom sequins Gucci dress, Salma marvel at the details of the shiny blue embellishment and prominent bow. For Gucci, the bow has been a big deal for a while recently (who can forget that Datta Johnson wears a pink bow-tie dress?), And Salma’s skirt does prove that the fashion house will not Reduce the love of their bow soon.

Although you can not buy Salma dresses, you can buy the current Gucci collection by clicking the link on the right.

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Hard to believe that in just five months, British beauty ushered her first child – son Jack – and her fiance, the fate of angry action star Jason Statham.

Known for its memorial artist Mark Bradford, the museum is best known for its grid-like abstract painting collage, and four George Oscar nominated George Lucas Lucas) and his second wife, Mellody Hobson.

The creator of the 73-year-old Star Wars is wearing an old Oxford team around his Jedi Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) and his 39-year-old wife, Marilou York (Oxfords).

Jane Fonda, two Academy Award recipients, has easily challenged her 79 years with long-sleeved black lace dress and peep-toe shoes selected by designer Tanya Gill.

The Guardian of the Galaxy’s Zoe Saldana looks attractive, wearing a white sleeved sleeve and black velvet dress chosen by designer Petra Flannery.

Half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican, 40, escorted by her husband for four years, Italian artist Marco Perego, she has three sons – Zen, eight months; and twins Cy & Bowie, 2.

Also swinging red floral details are the Oscar-winner Jared Leto’s three-piece black suit and the Olympic ski runner Lindsey Vonn’s Gucci solid-color dress and red clutch.

Naomi Campbell and her designer Patrick Mackie are as welcome as the well-chosen sunshine in fringed monochrome light yellow dress.

The nineties supermodel easily flouted her 47-year-old Crow Lock, glowing, outfitted and signed.

Scandal Night Kerry Washington showcased her long train at a Gucci teal striped gown picked by designer Joseph Cassell Falconer.

The 40-year-old No. 2 mother’s frilly dress also features a Victorian collar with Neil Lane accents, including a metal bow tie.

Make-up artist Carola Gonzalez ensures both Golden Globe nominees are ready for the camera, while hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew smoothes out her lob.

Alejandro González Inarito, the four Oscars-winning producer, collaborated with his wife, María Eladia Hagerman, and called Callie by Your Name, Emie Hammer, and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers,

Namibian model Patty Prismloo – looking forward to her second child – Adam Voice of Coach (coach) Adam Levine – in the green patterned Chinese mini dress for their own Increasing bumpy slogan.

Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith and her first daughter Dakota to Don Johnson attend LACMA bash.

The 60-year-old disastrous actress is wearing a black gown with a 90’s necklace, while the 28-year-old’s 50-star is wearing a pink Gucci Long Gown Dress selected by designer Kate Young.

Another mother and daughter, who sat together side by side on Saturday, was the reality star of sex star Kim Kardashian West and her calculation of Kris Kris Jenner), wearing black pants.

The 37-year-old Calabasas socialite wears a Gucci suit under her Tom Ford while the 61-year-old grandmother corsets under her silk-trimmed suit.

Hair stylist Chris Appleton has set out her profile for the gold’s platinum blond extension and make-up artist Ariel Tejada, ready for her close-ups.

Fashion designer Eva Chun Chow also turned the LACMA party into a family affair, next to Asia, a 23-year-old daughter of Columbia University graduate Lione Model.

Directing designer Tom Ford and Lady Bird actress TimothéeChalamet have abandoned the traditional navy blue velvet works.

The evening’s award ceremony was definitely Jami Gertz, a sequins Gucci bag, famous for her 1980s such as The Lost Boys in the 1980s, Square Pegs (less than zero) and CBS “.

AHS: Cult Little Star Billie Lourd – Last year, a large pink and black dress, selected by designer Jamie Mizrahi, was lost by Carrie Fisher and his grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

The two gentlemen look no tie, especially the small and exquisite R & B belter Usher in a classic dress tail and shine 2 stars Taylor Perry in a slightest suit.

Transgender IMG model Harry Neff in her Gucci dress Marie Antoinette comprehensive, shoe designer Tamara Mellon fit black, Twilight Alum Miya Masters movement Pink Lace Gucci.

Atlanta-Atlanta Hawks Vice Chairman Grant Hill joined his wife Tamiya and Disney CEO Bob Iger and his second wife, Willow Bay.

Last but not least were the lovely trio – The Goldbergs’ Rowan Blanchard in a bizarre gown, Monacoian heiress Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci, and the Mummy’s Annabelle Wallis in a white jumpsuit.

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