Special donation – woman donated mother’s wedding, do “angel robe”

TRAVERSE CITY – Tonja Carlson knows what to do when her mother inherits her mother’s wedding.

Satin, lace and tulle dresses are Carlson’s sister and aunt in the wedding day to wear the family heirloom. However, the 1950s clothing will not endure another wedding, in any case, Carlson’s daughter does not want a formal dress.

So, the sadness of Michael Square’s support volunteer Carlson sent it to Long Gown Dress a subordinate tailor to turn into the habit of “angel robe”, sad family can wear their stillbirth or born too fast baby for the final photo or burial service. Then she donated a dress to the Manson Medical Center with handkerchiefs, baby footprints and fingerprints to cover precious souvenirs.

Carlson said: “When I get a dress, I thought ‘mom really liked this idea’.

Her mother Marjorie Marie (Speers) Pifer wearing a wedding on September 1, 1956, to Allen Adair Pifer wedding, is Manson 3 to 11 years old night director 20 years.

The original Angel Gown program began in 2013 at the Foxworth, Texas, Neonatal ICU staff needed to better support the loss of the baby’s family. Now the brides from all over the world donated their wedding dresses to the NICU helpers and distributed them to more than 700 tailoring teams all over the United States.

They converted the dress into a special dress that never came home from the hospital.

These dresses are offered free of charge to their hospital or family.

Since then, the angel robe has been demolished throughout the country, including Merrill Lynch west of Saginaw. That is where Liat Honsinger-Marlow directs Angel Gowns in Michigan.

Honsinger-Marlow lost seven babies in four abortions and gave birth to a premature baby, who spent seven months at the NICU in Saginaw’s dating health care company. She learned about the angel dress plan when she visited the hospital for a long time.

“Said the unit director of NICU Saginaw, who has two years of waiting list, which is not good for me,” said Honsinger-Marlow, who later created Angel Gowns in Michigan.

Now, the busy mother and business woman in her shop received a moon angel dress work bees, inside the “Miles of Stitches”, where the volunteer tailor disbanded the wedding dress and turned them into a few pieces The size of the beautiful baby robe, coupled with lace, vest, tie or tie other decorations.

“We donated 10-15 dresses a week,” Honsinger-Marlow said, and their team had five or ten dresses a month. “I have at least 1,000 people now.”

Barbara Stover (Barbara Stover) a few years ago with the group began to volunteer service, is now in Michigan southwest began his own angel robes. So far, she and her “angel dress lady” staff have found about 400 pieces of clothing, all of these garments are sent to the district hospital sent to the local minister.

“It’s just a little bit of light in the darkness of a person who takes a wall between the two bedrooms and creates a design studio in her home,” says Stover of Berrien Springs.

She inherited the mother’s wedding, is Carlson contact Stover. Stover agrees to pick up a dozen dresses from the Munson Medical Center’s clothes and add 28 pieces or even 40 pieces from other wedding dresses.

Carlson last week to Monson to send a dress, and held on October 15 National Day to commemorate pregnancy and baby pregnancy anniversary. They will be used to die every year in the womb or dress up a dozen babies.

Munson’s obstetric care manager, Michele Fernandez, said: “They are very beautiful.” They are white and lace. The baby looks like an angel. ”

Fernandez said the dress added a special photo of Manson nurses for their dead family brought the baby.

“I think it can help them in the sad process,” she said. “Everyone will feel sad at different stages and times of life, and sometimes there is something to see if they feel that they have something special to be born from that home.”

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