10 Wonderful Ways to Wear a Wrap Long Gown Dress

Feel like a woman, wear a dress! Those were the words of Diane Von Furstenberg back in 1974 when she debuted her iconic wrap dress. Back then, it became an alternative to the dress for success suit, and it’s been a fashion favorite very since. Why? A wrap dress defines the waist, lifts the bust and gives every woman a fantastic hourglass figure.

Here are some wonderful ways to wear a wrap dress:

1. Wear it with shapewear A wrap dress skims your body and highlights your curves. A high tummy pant shaper will take care of all the lumps and bumps and make your dress look even better than it already does.

2. Some wrap dresses have a tendency to come open at the top. Make sure that you buy the correct size or wear a stretchy camisole underneath. I find that the non-lace ones look better with this tailored look.

3. If you are not that busty, this is a great time to have some fun with a pretty padded push-up bra!

4. You can layer a cardigan or jacket over a wrap dress for a different look. I own 3 wrap dresses and think a wrap is a perfect dress for almost anything. You can wear a wrap to work, dress it up or down with accessories and also wear one out on a date. It’s very versatile and always looks great. Plus, it travels like a dream. It’s lightweight so you can throw it in your bag, and it’s always so comfy because it’s usually made of its soft jersey silk fabric, or a rayon blend.

More Way to Wear a Wrap Dress

5. Shoes? A heel looks best. The formality of the print and the size of print will dictate the thickness of the heel. The wilder the print, the chunkier you can go with the heel. That means you can do anything from a more delicate heel to a wedge.

6. Wrap dresses look wonderful with jewelry. A long necklace or short one works. Bracelets or cuffs look especially great on 3/4 length sleeve wrap dresses.

This is the dress for women who want to look alluring and classy. Even if you carry a few extra pounds, the wrap is figure flattering. The way it drapes will make you look sculpted and 10 pounds lighter.

7. To look extra slim choose a solid color wrap dress in a dark color like black.

8. Many wrap dresses come in prints– A print with a vertical pattern or random pattern will make you look slimmer than a horizontal pattern.

9. Small patterns look best on small frames, and big patterns look best on big frames.

10. Some wrap dresses can be flimsy. Choose a good quality one like the original by DVF, Leota, Anne Klein to give you the best fit and shape.
Enjoy your Wrap!

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