Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas secretly cares for sick mothers through cancer fights

 long gown dress

Shirley Ballas has enjoyed a brilliant career on the dance floor and is now a more respected chief judge of Strictly Come Dancing.

However, once she leaves the studio, all the charms and flashes of showbusiness will retreat to the second line, and focus on the people who need her more than ever – her mother.
The 81-year-old Audrey was suffering from cancer, and Shirley turned quietly to help her through the storm.

When she was talking about her mother’s illness for the first time, the 58-year-old Shirley said: “She was diagnosed earlier this year. But she is a problem, we are dealing with it.”

The couple said at least four times a day and spent as much as possible together. In recent months, Shirley began to appreciate her mother’s courage and strength.

She went on to say: “I came to see her in the summer to take care of her, I must learn to be a nurse.

“I will put her food on the tray on her bed, I will stand there, it seems, ‘Is it okay?’

“She will say, ‘You are doing very well. Maybe next time you add salt.”

Shirley smiled and said: “I am doing very well. I cook for her, do all the washing, cleaning and injection.

“I will make mashed potatoes and salmon, but there are no other vegetables. She has nothing green.

“And I am not sure if I will have any benefit because I am a terrible chef.

“I tried to cook an egg, then it exploded and hit the ceiling!”

Audrey decided not to have chemotherapy, and Shirley had a decision from her son Mark (32).

They are very close. Over the years, they have been celebrating their climax and together they have weathered the trough.

Shirley’s younger brother, David, committed suicide 15 years after suffering depression.

She went on to say: “David died during Christmas, so when we ran to the present, I usually found that emotions are changing. “No one saw it coming.

“My mother went to visit him for six weeks when he was low. He came down and saw Mark singing in the church choir. That was the day he chose to commit suicide.

“When I started to feel like I was going to enter a solemn place, I would try to relive the good times.

“Fortunately, I have a mother who wants to talk to me. My son is a huge confidante. Mom is a star who can raise two children and pass what she has. But she never complains or swears. I Really lucky.”

When she talked about helping others, Shirley said: “For all those who struggle and suffer, my heart confides to them, especially at Christmas.

“I don’t want anyone to go through our family.

“You don’t need to suffer alone. Please contact. Someone cares.”

Shirley believes that David’s early encouragement is a powerful tool for her to become the world’s ballroom champion three times.

When he left Strictly, she turned to the coach and filled Len Goodman’s shoes.

She has a long way to go before she grows up at the Leasowe Parliament House in Worasi, Merseyside.

“People said to me, ‘Hey, you are so lucky,’ but I have worked for everything I have for 50 years, not all smooth sailing, and it’s easy,” Shirley said.

When talking about David, she added: “We continue to move forward, but we will never forget. The pain will never disappear, and the responsibility that it creates is that it did not do more at the time.”

Shirley suffered more heartache in 2007, when her second marriage, married other dance expert Corky, ended 23 years later.

Then, just a few days before Strictly last year, Corky revealed the secrets of their relationship.

But Shirley didn’t complain, saying: “I think he regrets writing. We move on, I admire him because he is the father of my son.”

Shirley admits that in a man’s industry, it may be difficult to fight the “male bully” and cheer the support of a group of close friends.

They include her best friend of Terri for 30 years – our house today.

Louis Prince fashion icon! The equipment worn by the seven-month-old man in his first family photo was quickly sold out – from the influx of orders from South Korea

His famous mother can trigger a fashion frenzy by walking out of the designer’s dress, but it seems that Prince Louis has become a fashion icon at the age of seven months.

The Spanish designer in a blue and white stitching jumpsuit took pictures of a family to commemorate his grandfather, Prince Charles’s 70th birthday. He revealed the photos of this lovely dress released last week. Sold out within a few hours.

Celia Munoz told PEOPLE magazine: “It sold out immediately – it’s amazing for small brands like us. It’s a surprise, but it’s really great, I’m very proud.

“These clothes are never out of date, they are so timeless. I think this is a lucky coincidence.

The £72 ivory blue La Coqueta Carlina boy’s ritual set is hand-stitched and made in a family-run studio in Spain, and Celia says these manufacturers are also “incredibly exciting”. .

After receiving orders from South Africa, Australia and South Korea, her brand is accepting the next batch of inventory reservations.

Louis wearing a costume was also taken in 1983 to pay tribute to his father, Williams, wearing a blue-and-white smocked jumpsuit.

Kate, a 36-year-old loved one, can see the smiling portrait of Princess Diana holding her eldest son at Kensington Palace 35 years ago.

As everyone knows, the Duchess of Cambridge can wear the handicrafts and replicas of William’s early wardrobe for her eldest five.

At the same time, Princess Charlotte wears a blue floral dress with a Peter’s flat collar, which is the same as what he wore on the palace balcony in “Today’s Colors” this year.

When she sat next to the 71-year-old Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, three Charlottes showed a shy smile, and he occupied a central position in the family photo arrangement.

When Prince George was the oldest, he sat on Charles’s knee and cut a lovely figure in Amaya. Wearing a long-sleeved undressed white shirt, the prince looked at every inch of the royal family, his blond hair swept to the side.

The eagle-eyed fashion lover will also recognize the fine black leather shoes he wore when he first spent £3,000 on studying at Frank’s Battersea in London.

The predicament of winter wedding: what to wear, where to buy


Help! I was invited to attend my first winter wedding. I often wear beautiful and gorgeous clothes to do these things. I don’t know what to wear in the cold. In addition, I like to find colorful things, so I don’t have to worry about buying shoes, bags and hats. How to do?

Dictator rule: Better. Because floral fabrics wither and die with real plants, aren’t they? Oh. Wait. they do not. Don’t be so stupid, find yourself a winter floral dress.

Let’s focus on long-sleeved dresses, even if you might be warm indoors because of heating, alcoholism, and wedding excitement/social anxiety, you want your sleeveless. Sadly, you no longer need to pay attention to the proper hem length, you can wear mini dresses and tights, but please explore the joy and charm of the wide dress. This is the right approach.

Needle and thread are a simple first choice, designing such a bride, you may be mistaken for a member of the bride party. Take the risk in one of the elegant tulle gowns (HK $ 4,200; Lane Crawford). Do you know the Paris brand Ba&sh? you should. Each season, it launches fantastic floral dresses, including long-sleeved Joie, gold-spotted floral prints (HK $ 5,880; Causeway Bay Times Square; or free shipping).

The London brand Paisie should also be on your list. It has beautiful floral, yellow or navy blue wrap dresses (HK $ 1,075; At the high end, you’ll find gorgeous models of Erdem, Etro, Dolce & Gabbana and Leonard. But you don’t sound like that customer.

Finally, you can face the stockings again in a year! However, I would like to remind you now how annoying it is when you walk around your shoes. Do you have any good hacks?

Dictator: What is this, the 19th century? Ok, I have news for you. You don’t need to wear socks at all. If you don’t know, women have been liberated for a long time from the tyranny of corsets and even bras. (Although we encourage you to use these breasts anyway. They look better.) Some women like the shaping or warming effect of stockings and tights, so who do we want to judge?

You can continue to wear your favorite “You are joking” meat-tone stockings brand by inserting a foot pad into the shoe. Those specially built are sold by the smart Foot Petals. Try it’s slippery (HK $ 75 to HK $ 245; Harvey Nichols). Or you can do it like a royal family and put on a stocking with a non-slip handle on the sole. Google “Kate Middleton Stockings”, you will know that she is wearing John Lewis’s Barely There Non-Slip Tights (HK $ 50). They are made of nude, natural tan or black seven denier with a special handle on the sole. Calzedonia has 15 denier nude or black non-slip leggings with a clear gel point (HK$169) at the foot.

Lessons learned from Monica Lewinsky

On a cold night in October 2005, my husband and I came to a bistro in London for a quiet dinner. This place is small, just a small store on a busy Kensington Street with several tables. We have all this, except for a young woman wearing a floral floral dress on two tables and picking her dinner on a thick textbook.

Shortly after we sat down, my husband and I closed our eyes and said silently (we sat too tight, not even heard a whisper), “That is Monica Lewinsky.”

His gaze shot at the table, she was squatting on the book, and the long bangs covered her face to a large extent. He does not believe it. Why is she here? Read a textbook? It looks so tired and lonely… oh??

Soon after we got the food, the young woman gathered her things and left. Since this was a world before a smartphone, I had to wait until I returned to the hotel to give to Google Monica Lewinsky and confirmed that she actually lives in London and is studying at the London School of Economics. small world.

Monica Lewinsky and I are the same age. In 1995 we were all interns in Washington – she was at the White House and I was on Capitol Hill. Although my months in the District of Columbia are just a footnote to my life story, Monica will be her definition.

When the news of her affair with President Clinton broke out for the first time, I looked at it from a big political perspective. I am very disgusted with both of them. As he became a traitor, he smashed the oval office with such behavior and became the kind of girl who was mixed with the married man. I mean, we all know that he is married, Monica.

As a conservative, this just further confirms what I consider to be the inferior morality of the political left. Of course, the clown president is a liar. Of course, his staff is full of women who will do this kind of thing. of course.

But in the few minutes of the London restaurant ten years later, Monica Lewinsky became the person in my heart again. She looks like someone who might be friends when I was in college. She studied at a famous school. She is dressed like a ubiquitous person. Absolutely not looking for attention.

In my opinion, she may seek asylum there to avoid the ruthless media attention in the United States making life impossible. She is basically in exile. When I think about it, it hurts my heart.

I don’t want to minimize the severity of her unethical choices. This is crazy. But when I was in college and in my 20s, many friends made some rough choices. I can’t think of one of them who paid such a high price. Bill Clinton certainly did not. He left the office, began to write books, and spent a lot of money supporting his political wife – the one who had somehow failed to murder him in Monica Lewinsky’s sleep.

Hannah Jeter folds on a floral lace cocktail dress as she and her husband Derek Jeter walk out of Miami

long gown dress

She is pregnant with the second child of baseball guy Derek Jeter.

Hannah Jeter, 28, went out in Miami on Tuesday with her husband at the age of 44, wearing an elegant black cocktail dress.

The energetic duo is attending a celebration at Bar Bevy to commemorate Derek’s performance as a new cover model for Ocean Drive magazine.

In an endless stream of events, Derek spoke in the “People” magazine and expressed appreciation for Hannah. He said: “My wife deserves a lot of trust.”

“She has always been an incredible mother, she has great patience – not only my daughter, but me,” he said.

The former US Major League Baseball player, the current CEO and co-owner of the Miami Marlins, admits, “I am still trying to find ways to balance his busy life.”

“I need advice. Because our front desk works a lot, a lot of time, if you ask my wife about this problem, she may give you a different answer.

He appreciated his “family time” after Thanksgiving and said: “This is a good thing for the holidays. Have the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.

However, this opportunity will be short-lived, as Derek revealed that this Thanksgiving holiday will only last for a few days. Then resumed work.

In the carnival on Tuesday, Derek wore a silver suit similar to his imitation for Ocean Drive, without a tie, letting his top button open.

Hannah’s fitted dress has a floral print with a shoulder strap at the shoulder and a hem at the middle calf.

By reporting a magazine, Derek took a leaf from his wife’s book – Hannah herself faced the sports pictorial swimsuit issue in 2015.

The former New York Yankees and supermodels married in Napa Valley in 2016 and gave birth to their first daughter, Bella, in the following August.

On the new Ocean Drive, Derek was shocked by the balance between his work at the Marlins and his daughter’s time.

“I ended from 8 am to the present. “On the night of the game, I will run home to visit Bella and then return here until 10:30,” he explained.

During her first pregnancy, Hannah said to the entertainment tonight: “I am very happy now, I really don’t care [about my physical changes].”

She clarified: “I mean, I’m sure, like every woman, after giving birth, you will have self-awareness, restore your body shape, or just feel comfortable, but I will pass through when I come. Bridge.

“It makes me sleepless all night!” Plus size Instagram star 12ish Style tests Kim Kardashian’s ‘Chest Tape’ trick on her 38DDD breasts – and is very excited about its effect (and comfort)


Plus size blog Katie Sturino has become the latest person to put Kim Kardashian’s famous boob tape skills into practice, and style experts are impressed with the results.

For her first IGTV video, the 34-year-old boy named The 12ish Style wore silk robes and pies to show how real stars use light to lift her breasts while wearing a low-cut top. Create the perfect cleavage.

“Many of you have asked me about the Kim Kardashian cloth tape, so I will demonstrate it here today and show you how it is step by step, and it works for me,” Katie said at the beginning of the story.

The founder of Megababe, who has 38DDD breasts, explained that all the tutorials she watched told her to take the film tape, which is Kim’s preferred tape. Before the start, she prepared seven pre-tear strips.

“I have pies, so I am not actually naked,” she said.

Katie was covering her exposed breasts with her hand, but she eventually let it put the longest piece of tape on her ribs and put it on her shoulder.

She continued to lay the tape and pulled it up until she created a temporary bra.

‘It’s like you are up. “You got up,” she said after she was covered on the left side of her chest.

It turns out that this is not the only time Katie is trying to be a good hacker.

“I put it on the humanitarian society party, it made me busy all night,” she said. “I didn’t sweat. It didn’t give me a rash. I didn’t take it off.”

“I don’t know, I just think this is a very cool hacker. I am very grateful that Kardashian is very comfortable putting their body there, because now I can do it too,” she added.

At the end of the clip, Katie wore a low-breasted dress on her upper body, without a bra, explaining that she was “very uncomfortable.”

She said that I always pulled myself up when I was wearing this dress. “So I have to use this hack often, and you can expect more low-cut dresses now.”

In 2016, Kim revealed her red carpet secret decryption secret, explaining: ‘You tied them up to make them super upgrade. It takes a little work, but believe me, it’s all worth lol.

“I have used everything from tape to packaging tape to masking tape. I think the best thing I have found is the light tape. It sticks to the best!” she added.

‘When you lift your chest with tape, make sure you don’t have any lotion or oil. As long as it is time to take it out of LOL, do it yourself.

Two years later, people are still trying – including celebrities.

Back in September, Cardi B shared a video of her own tape on her breasts to lift them up in Paris.

The rapper was obviously annoyed, and she had to use this technique to keep her chest alive after giving birth, but it seemed to be useful to her.

However, the curved model Ashley Graham did not achieve such great success when testing hackers for himself earlier this week.

‘Gold tried, Kadi tried. I am trying a videotape. I just don’t know what is going on. Have you done this? ‘She asked in the Instagram video. “If this is the case, I don’t think I am doing the right thing?”

In this episode, Ashley reveals inadvertent wrinkles in addition to the tape covering her breasts.

“Jordan is really hard, she has not done bad things, but I think I am defeating this purpose.”

More royal recycling! Charlotte wore the same clothes she wore for Trooping the Color, because her brother Louis introduced the ivory blue La Coqueta baby costume to pay tribute to his father 35 years ago.

long gown dress

Prince Louis has been a photo for the first time since the royal baptism of the Royal Family’s official portrait of Charles’ 70th birthday.

Photographed the youngest member of the royal family, the first ivory blue La Coqueta Carlina boy ritual set, hand-stitched details, for £72.

The six-month-old costume paid tribute to his father, Williams, in a similar manner in 1983, wearing a blue-and-white smocked jumpsuit.

Kate, a 36-year-old loved one, can see the smiling portrait of Princess Diana holding her eldest son at Kensington Palace 35 years ago.

As everyone knows, the Duchess of Cambridge can wear the handicrafts and replicas of William’s early wardrobe for her eldest five.

At the same time, Princess Charlotte wears a blue floral dress with a Peter’s flat collar, which is the same as what he wore on the palace balcony in “Today’s Colors” this year.

When she sat next to the 71-year-old Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, three Charlottes showed a shy smile, and he occupied a central position in the family photo arrangement.

When Prince George was the oldest, he sat on Charles’s knee and cut a lovely figure in Amaya. Wearing a long-sleeved undressed white shirt, the prince looked at every inch of the royal family, his blond hair swept to the side.

The eagle-eyed fashion lover will also recognize the fine black leather shoes he wore when he first spent £3,000 on studying at Frank’s Battersea in London.

The Royal Observer follows George’s fashion shoes – believed to be a £38.95 Moccasin shoe from the Spanish retailer Pisamonas.

The royal fashion blog Kate’s Kids Wore contacted the brand on social media and asked if they were the makers of future king footwear.

Pisamonas UK replied: “Based on recent orders, we think it might be like this, yes.”

The £38.95 leather is in black and blue tones and is described by Pismonas as “classic and elegant moccasins, of superior quality and easy to combine”.

Charles officially wore a striped suit, a sky blue tie and loafers, and then looked at home with his family at home.

The 36-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, wearing a £1,750 polka dot dress designed by London designer Alessandra Rich, is holding Prince Louis, with a cute chubby smile.

The 71-year-old Duchess of Cornwall sits on his hips with his husband, wearing a cream-colored crepe dress by Fiona Clare, decorated with two pieces of Van Cleef & Arpels Libellule brooch, one set with diamonds and the other with sapphires, Charles Bought her as a gift.

The 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex wore a sleeveless Givenchy cream dress and was only eight weeks pregnant.

Charles Bukowski’s Ghost in Wellington: A Report from LitCrawl in 2018

Crazy to feel the need to rush to a literary event – there is always enough room, if you are a little late, it doesn’t matter – so I leisurely iron my shirt in my hotel room, rubbing my shoes and teeth, and Rehearsing Saturday at 6:03 pm, they walked into the Cuban Street in Wellington to participate in a live poetry meeting at 6 pm in LitCrawl in 2018, with dozens of different faces welcoming the world. I walked down the street to the venue. About 20 people stood outside the hunter and collector and tried to see it inside. They can’t see anything; they can’t see the top of the person who is crowded with the door. They could not hear any sound; they were prevented from leaving by long distance and traffic on the holy road in Cuba, and I was close to the door.

I can’t see or hear the poet of the show, but I can see that the place is crowded with walls to walls and scorpions – people upstairs have to draw on their necks to prevent their heads from hitting the ceiling. Literary works in public places! O LitCrawl, an annual upgrade miracle, programs one event after another into events one after the other and is programmed to eight at the same time in a few hours. Only in Wellington; only fools will risk missing because they feel they need to iron their shirts.

This is the fifth birthday of LitCrawl weekend. It attracted about 2,600 people on Saturday night. There are 153 programming writers from Cork, Berlin, Canberra, New York, London and even Hamilton. No one missed their flight, no one lost their cool, although it certainly appeared a swaying literary figure escorted with the support of the post-party. Drunk fool! But I was led astray by Ashleigh Young at night.

I didn’t stay outside of the hunter and collector poetry for a long time; inside, a team of New Zealand literature was concentrating, Lloyd Jones and Rachael King were upstairs, and Emily Perkins was downstairs. When the wonderful Hamilton poet essa might walk through the audience and leave because of wearing a floral dress, I thought: I went to the place, so I followed them to the Bartley + Company Gallery on Ghuznee Street, around the corner. There are at least space stations to carry out another LitCrawl activity.

It features poets and storytellers whose work appears on Starling’s online website, which was published by a writer under 25 years old. Essa is there, performing with Rebecca Hawkes at a Nick Cave-Kylie Minogue Or swap lines in the Lady. Gaga-Bradley Cooper Duo. It’s great. But the writer who disappointed me the most was Isabelle McNeur, who read a YA novel about Fistfight’s work title – it was about a female student who formed a struggle club. She said, “This is not something that girls are encouraged to think about.” The chapter she read is very powerful, involved, and skillfully produced. This is a popular book.

When I met Ashleigh Young, I was mixing and trying out different faces. I said brilliantly, “How are you?” “Can you bear this?”, her essays have won important awards, published in the United States and the United Kingdom, and are widely known for their elegance, search spirit and embarrassment. Acclaimed, said: “Thirsty.”

Her words are like a dark spell. Immediately, I immediately felt a thirst in pain, as I have never experienced before. After a few seconds, we were in a bar filled with two golden beer. We talked about the old times. We met each other a few months ago. We are all in Dunedin for Shayne Carter – Ashleigh to talk to him about editing the memoirs of Victoria University Press, and I learned to drive under his expert guidance. When I crossed the streets of Dunedin, Aramoana, Mosgiel, Shayne kept me straight and narrow; but in Wellington, Ashleigh made me go astray, LitCrawl became PubCrawl.

We drank deeply. We have been drinking for a long time. We insist on drinking beer, this is our ultimate destruction; neither the quality nor the variety of mistakes – this is the quantity. Grab that, you are the root of the problem. The dusk turned into darkness, and the midnight came to the morning. LitCrawl is raging around us, hosting eight events at 28 venues (bars, cafes, shops), supervised by LitCrawl directors Andrew Laking and Claire Mabey, managed by a group of volunteers who are pleading for the performance of Wellington New Zealand International Art The next writer and reader program of the festival. begging! They know how to dedicate too much literary activity to something that is in short supply – interesting.

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa cut their elegant body while attending the party in Los Angeles.


He doesn’t seem to have time to change from an NBA superstar to a Hollywood star.

On Saturday, Kobe Bryant found himself a leader in the elite of the screen.

The 40-year-old Oscar winner and his wife, 36, cut an elegant figure when they walked the red carpet at the Baby2Baby event in Los Angeles.

Kobe looks as comfortable on the carpet as he used to, and he chooses to wear an eternal black suit.

He stuffed a shiny black tie under the jacket and saw only the tip of a white pocket square.

The former Los Angeles Lakers illuminate his oxford shoes at the point of reflection. He wrapped his arms around his wife and flashed his pearl white for the camera.

Vanessa wore a transparent black floral dress with a low collar at the neckline.

Her long black hair broom was separated in the middle and gently waved over her shoulders.

Her lips were painted intensely red, and the front model smiled and smiled at the flash.

Kobe retired after the end of the 2015-2016 season, after his career was incredible, including the Lakers five times championship, 18 of which were selected for the All-Star team.

When Kobe wrote and produced cartoons for Dear Basketball, Kobe took the first step toward the movie world. Dear Basketball is an animated short film that announces retirement based on a letter he wrote.

The film was directed by Glen Keane and produced by John Williams’ music, and won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Award in 2018.

Stella Maxwell, Karlie Kloss and Emily Blunt wear monochrome costumes at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

long gown dress

On Monday night, the stars on the runway participated in the 15th Annual CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.

Under the leadership of Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, Karlie Kloss is eye-catching with elegant black numbers.

Emily Blunt and Stella Maxwell are also one of the monochromatic composite stars, stunning onlookers on the red carpet.

Two weeks after marrying Joshua Kushner, Carly saw the carpet and looked fresh.

The 26-year-old model’s outfit includes an elegant black dress that just falls over her knees and fits over her shoulder and snaps over her neck.

Her blonde was pulled tightly into a bun and her lips were painted hard red.

Blunt is her usual long-sleeved white dress with black polka dots.

A lace-up heel adds a few inches to the 5 foot 7 inch frame of the A Quiet Place actress.

She stuffed the golden bun into the back of the ear and let them gently pass over her shoulder.

Stella’s amazing ensemble found her wearing the appropriate pinstripes of New York under the flash of the flash.

The 28-year-old model wore a suit with skinny pants and a piece of flowing fabric on the jacket.

She showed off her toned abdomen, with a matching tube top and a soft pink color on her lips.

Chanel Iman, 27, wears a monochrome look with a deconstructed white button-down shirt and black bodice.

The 26-year-old Madeline Brewer chose animal prints to highlight her body-building belly, and she let her red lock fall freely from her chest.

The 27-year-old Shanina Shaik stands in stark contrast to the colorful floral dress body, contrasting with white sleeves with black polka dots.