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Special donation – woman donated mother’s wedding, do “angel robe”

TRAVERSE CITY – Tonja Carlson knows what to do when her mother inherits her mother’s wedding.

Satin, lace and tulle dresses are Carlson’s sister and aunt in the wedding day to wear the family heirloom. However, the 1950s clothing will not endure another wedding, in any case, Carlson’s daughter does not want a formal dress.

So, the sadness of Michael Square’s support volunteer Carlson sent it to Long Gown Dress a subordinate tailor to turn into the habit of “angel robe”, sad family can wear their stillbirth or born too fast baby for the final photo or burial service. Then she donated a dress to the Manson Medical Center with handkerchiefs, baby footprints and fingerprints to cover precious souvenirs.

Carlson said: “When I get a dress, I thought ‘mom really liked this idea’.

Her mother Marjorie Marie (Speers) Pifer wearing a wedding on September 1, 1956, to Allen Adair Pifer wedding, is Manson 3 to 11 years old night director 20 years.

The original Angel Gown program began in 2013 at the Foxworth, Texas, Neonatal ICU staff needed to better support the loss of the baby’s family. Now the brides from all over the world donated their wedding dresses to the NICU helpers and distributed them to more than 700 tailoring teams all over the United States.

They converted the dress into a special dress that never came home from the hospital.

These dresses are offered free of charge to their hospital or family.

Since then, the angel robe has been demolished throughout the country, including Merrill Lynch west of Saginaw. That is where Liat Honsinger-Marlow directs Angel Gowns in Michigan.

Honsinger-Marlow lost seven babies in four abortions and gave birth to a premature baby, who spent seven months at the NICU in Saginaw’s dating health care company. She learned about the angel dress plan when she visited the hospital for a long time.

“Said the unit director of NICU Saginaw, who has two years of waiting list, which is not good for me,” said Honsinger-Marlow, who later created Angel Gowns in Michigan.

Now, the busy mother and business woman in her shop received a moon angel dress work bees, inside the “Miles of Stitches”, where the volunteer tailor disbanded the wedding dress and turned them into a few pieces The size of the beautiful baby robe, coupled with lace, vest, tie or tie other decorations.

“We donated 10-15 dresses a week,” Honsinger-Marlow said, and their team had five or ten dresses a month. “I have at least 1,000 people now.”

Barbara Stover (Barbara Stover) a few years ago with the group began to volunteer service, is now in Michigan southwest began his own angel robes. So far, she and her “angel dress lady” staff have found about 400 pieces of clothing, all of these garments are sent to the district hospital sent to the local minister.

“It’s just a little bit of light in the darkness of a person who takes a wall between the two bedrooms and creates a design studio in her home,” says Stover of Berrien Springs.

She inherited the mother’s wedding, is Carlson contact Stover. Stover agrees to pick up a dozen dresses from the Munson Medical Center’s clothes and add 28 pieces or even 40 pieces from other wedding dresses.

Carlson last week to Monson to send a dress, and held on October 15 National Day to commemorate pregnancy and baby pregnancy anniversary. They will be used to die every year in the womb or dress up a dozen babies.

Munson’s obstetric care manager, Michele Fernandez, said: “They are very beautiful.” They are white and lace. The baby looks like an angel. ”

Fernandez said the dress added a special photo of Manson nurses for their dead family brought the baby.

“I think it can help them in the sad process,” she said. “Everyone will feel sad at different stages and times of life, and sometimes there is something to see if they feel that they have something special to be born from that home.”

Amal Krooney lost Slingy dress four months after birth twins

39-year-old Amal Clooney (Amal Clooney) in this matter looks very beautiful. The party celebrated the opening of William Vintage & Farfetch of the Gianni Versace Archives. Amal and architect Rachel Zoe and actress Isla Fisher filed an intercourse at the star game. She wore loose hair and looked full of luster. Her makeup is gorgeous, with deep red lipstick as the center. She took a golden clutch and Long Gown Dress a golden cage. She looks very spectacular, especially since she had recently given birth to twins! Her retro Versace dress is the perfect choice for this occasion, and uphold the perfection of the fashion industry.

Twins Alexander Clooney and Ela Clooney were born in June. Although her husband George Clooney skipped the party, they took part in the Venice Film Festival in Italy. In early September, Amal played a red carpet in a STUNNING clove dress. The whole look is very different from this flashing figure – it is very romantic and feminine, and this skirt is fascinating, very studio 54 inspired! Both costumes are showing off her stunning baby after the body – you’ll never know she’s just giving birth! It seems she can effortlessly swing any one – a chic and cool mini, flowing chiffon dress or custom suit – everything she wears looks perfect!

Amar is working mother – George told the Associated Press in August: “Suddenly, you are responsible for other people, it is terrible … she is like an Olympic athlete, she is doing well.

Disney presents her princess wedding dress series in the style of your favorite fairy tale

The new wedding takes the classic fairy tale style, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White.

Disney and Japanese Cheap Long Gown Dress wedding company Kuraudia Co cooperation, in the new wedding with 14 clothes, photographed six princess, wrote the Manchester Evening News.

The bride can choose Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White or Cinderella.

They are not cheap. Currently, they can only be rented and will allow you to return $ 3600 (£ 2,687) piece.

If you want to bring it to a new level, the husband can also rent a Prince Charming dress for $ 900 (£ 672).

Every piece of clothing is used by you from the princess’s wedding dress look forward to the elaborate.

They include …



For Cinderella to get up, the flowing robe features are a dramatic pink blue body

There is no information about whether it is equipped with a pair of glass slippers (or just one if you really want to enter the story).
Beauty and the beauty of the beast

Belle is popular on canary yellow shoulder dress. Silk layers of full, as if the perfect blend into the beauty of the ball.

We have not yet been confirmed whether they are using a beast dress, if your partner wants a more reckless atmosphere than the prince.


Or you can wear a red shoulder strap number, a snow princess.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is an angel-like soft chiffon dress. Perfect noon reception nap, we hear.

If you have fallen in love with this dress – you may be disappointed to hear that, according to a mirror, they are currently only used in Japan.

I believe it will not stop some brides from wearing the dream clothes.

Welcome to STYRKE, song (and style) SWEDISH POP STAR you should be concerned

When you get Lorde approved seal, you have the opportunity to be a very good thing. Tove Styrke is the case, just in March next year, “Melodrama” pop music star signed 15 US trip.

Styrke from Stockholm has had a lot of attention in Sweden. Born in Long Gown Dress Umeå, Styrke has been singing as long as she remembers. “My best friend once complained to my mother,” Styrke told Fashionista via a Los Angeles phone call. “She will say,” because she is always singing, you can not take Tove. ”

Styrke’s parents cultivated a passion for music about 10 years old; she found Björk, the rest was history. “It’s not about songs or sounds,” she said. “Really hit my whole voice.” At the age of 17, Styrke had participated in the “Swedish Idol” (third place), signed with Sony Music and started writing songs. She released her debut album in 2010; her second grade album “Kiddo” was launched in 2015.

Now 24 years old, ready to accept larger, more global fans, Styrke back to the studio, travel between Stockholm and LA, writing and making new music. “What I’m doing now is the opposite of my last album,” Styrke said. “These sounds are more and more – everything is great, this time, I am trying to strip production, and these songs are more about personal things, things inside the mind.

This spring, Styrke released the “rogue hell” electronic music “Say My Name”, Wednesday, she “Mistakes” song released a new video. “Fugitive Bride” inspired Styrke to live a pop singer – a wedding dress, a Madonna’s “like a virgin” or Gwen Stefani’s “simple life” – although Styrke’s ensemble was more of the “90’s wedding dress.”

We catch up with Styrke before the “wrong” video debut, learn more about her own personal style, the brand she loves, and when she is shopping in New York City and Los Angeles.

We love the retro style wedding dress in the “mistake”. How did you try to get them

This is the most crazy thing we found this guy in Uppsala, Sweden, they collected the 90’s wedding dress, such as “Rachel” dress. He has hundreds of people. It is so perfect, exactly what we need. We even decorated the whole studio in a scene. This is the wedding dress landscape, I was pink. I am glad that person exists and his collection. He lent us a bunch of good things.

How do you describe your personal style?

I like to switch things. When I find myself, I do not like this feeling. I want to keep myself surprised for me, fashion and clothes and make-up is also a way to get rid of character and character, just like playing with their own ideas. If I put on a nice dress, it would make me feel different, for example, I wore Beaver’s and Butt-head shirt that I wore my face. It’s funny thing.

Does your style change when playing?

Yes Yes. On the stage, I do more. I exaggerated more, and I tend to wear something that might be less wearable or comfortable.

Do you work with stylists?

I am working with Selam Fessahaye. She was so.

What is the relationship between her creative process and her?

Every song I have gone through a different stage. So for ‘say my name’, I have an atmosphere, I really like this video. We use too large lavender suits, to some extent more sporty and graphic. This is a very obvious color theme that we are using. For “wrong”, it is a romantic theme with a wedding dress, pink, red lips and plenty of eyelashes. We are through different styles with funny fabrics and cool silhouettes.

What brand do you really enter now?

The last thing I love is the cooperation between sunglasses between Chris Habana and Prabal Gurung. He made a bunch of cool things like Rihanna was wearing earrings in her “paper magazine” shooting. I have always loved Gani. They have Scandi-touch but still keep fun and a little street. I have these pink shoes and I love it very much.

When you are in the United States, what do you like to shop

Compared to the family, I always find more retro things and cool shops in New York City. I like that. You can always find strange or interesting things there. In Los Angeles, I have been trying to buy clothes, but I finally bought a lot of witch equipment, such as oil and spices – witch things, like you can burn the stick.

Grace Kelly wears a second (pink) wedding dress

Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) all the time is one of the best wedding, no controversy. US Princess today still affect the bride fashion, which is worth noting that the Duchess of Cambridge and Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr).

But while the costume designer Helen Rose’s long-sleeved dress is still wearing the best list, but many people forget that the Long Gown Dress Oscar winners actually wear two pieces of wedding in the weekend of April 1956.

Before she married St. Nicholas Cathedral and Monaco Prince Reina III, Kelly said for the first time that “I did” in the imperial ritual.

Rose, also equipped with four movie actresses, designed two sets of ensemble. Taffeta clothing with hand-made Alençon lace, with a long skirt, with tight collar and round neck. The fabric also uses silk embroidery as an additional embroidery.

Unlike her ivory dress the next day, this pale pink dress falls between champagne, tan and blush. Movement of a Juliet hat and a child’s gloves, Kelly looked at the real princess.

Of course, this fashionable star has long been not in that dress. The following press conference, she replaced another tea dress, to accept public congratulations. A few hours later, Kelly walked into her last night: a white silk Lanvin dress, accompanied by exquisite headdress and ruby ​​and diamond necklace, is her new theme gift.

Although Kelly is not the only celebrity in the big day rocking multiple expressions, but she certainly helped start a trend.

Fixed asset solution LLC clearing sale “Alfred Angelo wedding dress”

One of the world’s largest wedding dress manufacturers and retailers of Alfred Angelo is the bankrupt! Has more than 60 stores in the United States, 2,500 stores in 34 countries, Alfred Angelowas (Alfred Angelowas) in the wedding on the most recognized name, as well as the bride’s mother, the bride’s maid, flower girl, Dance dresses and wedding accessories on the wedding.

Alfred Angelo (Alfred Angelo) from Long Gown Dress suppliers the mid-1930s began operation, until August 2017, has closed the entire chain and manufacturing facilities.

Starting on Monday 1 October 7 (7) US stores will clean up over 30,000 new fine Alfred Angelo dresses and bridesmaids, flower girl and bridal dress – all sizes – all styles – many are 2018 Year exquisite fashion.

The initial price of up to five thousand nine hundred dollars ($ 5,000), each wedding dress is now only $ 299 ($ ​​299). In addition, the latest price of $ 575 ($ 575) for brides, bridesmaids, bridesmaids, flower girls, special occasions and dance dresses have many options – now only ninety ($ 99) dollars. The store’s equipment and furniture are also being cleaned.

The clearing business will be sold only in the following seven (7) stores: Garland, Texas Texas Garland Market Shopping Center S. La Cienega Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California N Oracle Rd 140 in Tucson, Arizona; 2120 N Rainbow Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada 1518 N Dale Mabry Hwy 8 in Tampa, Florida S Cleveland Street in Fort Myers, Florida and 4705 Ashland Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia.

The liquidation sale is conducted by Solid Asset Solutions. Solid asset solutions provide expert assessment, monetization of assets and advisory services in partnership with private equity firms, lenders, turnover professionals, bankrupt communities and operations executives. The company has more than 35 years of practical experience and a unique combination of skills.

Gigi Hadid was wearing a white dress just after the Labor Day

When you attend a party, it is best to let the jaw fall when you enter the room.

Take Gigi Hadid, for Long Gown Dress example, when she arrives, who is the beauty of her own ball, and in Paris seven days next week by the Gigi Hadid collection company in her Messiah Paris party.

Charming dizzy swayed long sleeved white dress with a deep neckline and a bold thigh high seam, she with metal ribbons and sparkling gems cho.

Given that she looks like this, the model makes her hair simple, sporty and smooth back, as well as a flashing eye and soft pink lips.

Hadid, a new brand ambassador to Messiah, has worked with Valerie Messika to design her first capsule series, including exquisite and noble jewelry.

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Hadid said, “I want to create an eternal thing, anyone can wear, feel beautiful, no matter how old, every day less, and I think simple beautiful jewelry is charming.

Collection includes a variety of pendants, cho, earrings, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Olivia Culpo is one of the stars, they come forward to support Hadid (bad), while the fashion industry in Instagram to share a self-timer, the title is “first, to support my friends.”

Ede & Ravenscroft is accused of raising the cost of graduation dress due to “anti-competitive” business practices

It is said that the students pay more for the graduation ceremony, because if forced price increases, “anti-competitive” academic clothing monopoly position.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that London’s oldest tailor was accused of abusing its dominant market position in ceremonial Long Gown Dress suppliers.

Ede & Ravenscroft is an exclusive contract with 109 universities nationwide to file a complaint with market regulators as “elimination” and “preventing” competition.

Contract University insists that students must wear “official supplier” clothing, or not to enter the graduation ceremony.

These universities are paid commissions, and in some cases, most are 20% of robes, which can accumulate thousands of pounds from these arrangements.

The price of the dress ranges from £ 45 to £ 50, while the student’s photo can range from £ 30 to £ 150.

However, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) failed to investigate the claim.

While CMA declined to comment, the e-mails seen in this newspaper show that regulators are unable to act because of their “limited resources” and need to prioritize other situations.

CMA acknowledges that it has raised some “awareness” about the concerns raised, and the complaint raised “interesting questions”.

It added that the decision not to investigate was due to “administrative priorities that did not reflect the substantive view of the case.”

The paper’s data show that Glasgow Caledonian University receives a £ 25,000 commission per year from the Ede & Ravenscroft network, and the University of Lancaster receives about £ 19,000 from its arrangement.

The complainant is a foreign foreign supplier and claims that as part of the transaction, the university often receives other incentives, such as providing “free robbery items for free storage and free manufacturing of expensive prime dress” for university staff.

They include college, receive free staff gowns, worth £ 30,000, photos and frames up to £ 1,000 per year.

The university also received 20% of the student dress commission, 50% of the photography committee.

Brunel, Essex and BPP are stated on their website, and graduates must hire all the components of the graduation garment from the supplier.

Complaints added that students missed out on cheaper prices and did not normally understand these incentives and would not benefit from the free services provided to their lecturers.

Robert Halfon, chairman of the Commons Education Select Committee, said the charges were “deep” and urged regulators to reconsider their positions.

He added: “Any advice on the advantages of unfairness, or the few people at the top of our higher education system relish, and many students in the economic difficulties.”

Regulators need to conduct an early investigation to investigate the substance of the content and to develop a clear plan of action. ”

Although the British University asked for a contract to tender, the complainant considered that these arrangements made it difficult for any competitor to gain a foothold in the market.

They added that the price of the graduation ceremony was a major factor in preventing students from attending the graduation ceremony.

They estimated that only 58% of the students actually graduated.

Students at the University of Bristol want to rent a graduation dress and buy a basic photography suit from Ede & Ravenscroft at a cost of £ 75 and the highest price to £ 200.

Ede & Ravenscroft insists that students hire a whole set of dresses, hats and hats, which means that some elements of cheap substitutes can not be used.

Oxford and Cambridge are considered to be the only university in the country to arrange with multiple suppliers.

Two Oxford-certified retailers charge only £ 9.99 undergraduate robe and £ 7.99 mortar.

A spokesman for Ede and Ravenscroft said it was operating in a “highly competitive market”, denying that claiming its success was due to the student “having the obligation to do business with us”.

“Students have the right to choose from where they hire or buy academic dress.

“We operate in a competitive market and sign a contract with the university through the appointment process.”

“We won the tender for our competitors because of our competitive prices and our service to students on the day of graduation.

“Of course, we did not succeed in all the tender, because we have a strong competitor, and sometimes won our contract where the normal operation of the market.

“The fact that we are bidding and winning a contract for school faculty to provide academic clothing does not mean that students are obliged to do business with us.

“As a long-established family business, we have invested a lot of money to ensure that sufficient inventory levels provide the right academic cost for all graduates.

The cost of making a dress for any university may cost more than £ 250,000.

“We are very concerned about quality and value, and we are proud of our traditions and how we invest to maintain the competitiveness of the modern world.”

Amanda Holden’s exciting and exciting British talent presented a full year’s MOST Ofcom complaint

Even if the Russell brand in the comic relief during the oath did not like the British “talent” judge designer clothing as hurt.

Ofcom in the ITV Talent Competition after the live performances, she received a large number of 663 on Amanda ultra-low clothing complaints.

But the judge seems to be honored to have said Cheap Long Gown Dress earlier that people would complain to Ofcom about her dress.

£ 11,250 of Roger Macdonald won a comedy actor Roger (Roger) on Comic Relief of the bad language and gender reference complaints twice, received 340 complaints.

In the event of a technical failure, Amanda’s collar is considered for more people is offensive, rather than Russell before the watershed shouting “hell.”

Before the start of the series, Amanda told the Sun: “I can not wait to wear my clothes, they are very complimented, feminine, and some are what you expect.

“Will anyone complain to Ofcom? I hope so, I really do that, and if not, I have not finished the task yet.”

The 46-year-old judge came to the fore in this year’s show, wearing a black Julien Macdonald dress, falling on her stomach and placing her purely on her buttocks and buttocks.

The back of her robe is also as spectacular as it has been down to the top of her ass, revealing a lot of body.

She with a noble Jimmy Choo high heels.

However, with the show before the show, many viewers are angry at Amanda for wearing such amazing equipment for family programming.

Of Ofcom spokesman confirmed at the time that they had received some complaints and would consider whether to take further measures further.

“We will evaluate these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not,” the representative added.

The watchdog did not take action.

Although some of the audience told Amanda that she looked “amazing” and “stunning”, but because of the performance of the family, many people feel angry because of the lack of clothing.

On her Instagram page, an audience commented, “I’m sorry, Amanda, but this is a family show that this dress looks very cheap and annoying.

“Looks wrong because it has been cut off and you are almost never covered .. so it is not elegant.

“Mutton dressed as lamb thought!”

On Twitter, an audience said: “No one wants to see your Amanda, sorry.

“Amanda has just wore that dress! Goddddd has children watching.”

The third agrees: “I can not say Amanda’s dress is approved, this is the evening TV, which is revealed.

Another audience to share: “Amanda’s chest may have been gone? I mean, this is a family performance!”