Prom dress, tuxedo, champagne: Washington’s last real ball is a relic of the past

Meridian Ball’s first guests may think that this is what Washington is doing behind the scenes: men in tuxedos, ladies in robes, rich and powerful people sipping champagne and dancing under candlelight in a historic mansion.

More than 800 people attended the 50th annual ball on Friday, traditionally attracting bipartisan government officials, lawmakers, ambassadors and philanthropists. Yes, it is Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, surrounded by good people and a noteworthy safety detail. In the garden, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway huddled in a comfortable conversation with Republican Congressman Mark Meadows and Democratic Congressman Don Beyer. together. Fox News anchor Bret Baier and HuffPost’s Howard Fillman agree slightly on the mid-term issues. Everyone seems to be relaxed and in the same league – except for the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabé Sanders, who laughed at the “fake news” media that night.

“You have a wonderful party!” a guest shouted to a very happy Meridian president, Stewart Holliday. Out-of-the-box fundraising campaigns raised more than $1 million in funding for the Meridian International Center, which promotes non-partisan diplomatic cooperation on global issues.

Other balls come and go in a hurry, victims of changing tastes and economic reality. Who wants waltz, even if they know how?

Meridian is the last of the same kind of players. It is a survivor of the past, and Washington’s vision is not like it is now, it is more like the imagination itself: elegant, serious, refined, united and important issues and careers. Even in these energetic times, this image transcends the party boundaries and explains the long-lasting appeal of the ball.

Moreover, although most guests will not admit it, everyone still wants their life to be a bit glamorous.

The first goal in 1969 was the brainchild of Jane Sloat Ritchie, known as Mrs. Elliot Dodd Degraf. The 28-year-old who volunteered to help diplomatic families settle in Washington lived near the Saudi ambassador. “What can I do for you?” The ambassador’s wife asked her. “You are very helpful to the people in our embassy. Would you like me to give you a dinner?”

Degraf has a better idea. What if the Embassy hosts a dinner party for Meridian House? Meridian House is a center created nine years ago to assist the diplomatic community? What if other embassies do the same thing and everyone dances to a historic mansion after dinner?

She brought this idea to all male boards. He listened to the proposal and said, “Jenny, dear, you can wait outside, we will reply you.”

The board decided that the ball could work, but argued whether to sell the ad or seek company underwriting in the plan. And men are worried that allowing parties to enter the garden will “have security issues because the entire community will be attracted to the voice of this activity.” Riffraff!

Degraf was appointed chairman and recruited the wife of Secretary of State Bill Rogers, Adele Rogers, to serve as honorary chairman of the ball. Rogers was part of a group of close-knit cabinet ladies who came to the White House and brought DeGraff to the White House for Nixon’s blessings. A group of volunteers – most of whom are wives of socially renowned men who stay at home – have entered a climax.

The ball with the theme “Washington: The Gateway to the United States” was held on a Wednesday in October; the ticket price was $50 – it was expensive at the time. After dinner at more than 20 embassies (a rare experience that was not available at any other fundraising event at the time), guests wearing tuxedos, prom dresses and the finest jewels came to the live orchestra to dance.

When the fans are crazy, Susanna Reid turns the curve into ‘pajama’: ‘delicious’

ITV Good Morning British star, marveled at her latest stunning costumes for fans.

However, Susanna Reid used a rather quirky terminology in her latest dress – tagging in “pajamas” because she put on her dress on Instagram.

Pierce Morgan’s co-stars confidently use her hands on the hips when wearing pretty floral figures.

She is paired with white and grey high heels, and her black hair lock is flawless.

The 47-year-old cosmetics is also flawless because she wears some smoky eyeshadows and scarlet lips.

She added a title to this post, which attracted thousands of people, “Mood #Nightie”.

A fan screamed: “Suzanne looks absolutely gorgeous – such a goddess!”

Another added: “You are a beautiful vision.”

The other told her: “It looks like what you do every day,” and the fourth says, “It’s delicious.”

For Susanna, who was known as the fashion trend earlier this week, these comments must be welcomed.

Some fans told the star that they didn’t appreciate her “orange” tights, she wore a blue floral dress – and many people didn’t seem to like it.

However, she did cause the followers to collapse in yesterday’s red dress.

Some people told her that she was the “sexiest” red dress because she showed the hug figure.

TOWIE’s Amber Turner squeaks in a translucent lace bra as she joins the shiny star Boohoo Bash of co-stars Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows

She is always able to make a stylish statement.

On Tuesday night, the Langham, London attended the launch dinner of Boohoo X Kendall Knight, and Amber Turner did not disappoint.

The 25-year-old TOWIE star wears a creamy translucent lace bra to show undeniably sexy performance, and she joins a carnival like Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows.

Amber’s body is very delicate. She shows her plump cleavage in a playful lingerie. She wears a low-cut double-breasted dress.

This number proves that it is very long, and all attention is focused on her body-building legs, which she has reinforced with striking plexiglass heels.

Looking at the blockbuster of every inch of blonde, Amber carries her belongings with her in a transparent red handbag.

At the same time, Courtney is wearing a sexy tartan mini dress with thick black boots.

Courtney has a messenger bag and a long tumbling dark hair bun, effortlessly sketching her amazing features.

Chloe competed with Amber in front of the golden blockbuster as she showed her styyle credentials in a low-key monochrome dress.

This mini dress shows her sensational cleavage and the slim waist from the waist detail.

She applied a thick blush on her cheek and a gold necklace.

In the evening, Kendall Rae Knight, wearing a silver sequined dress, showed off her slender figure and dazzled.

This number is perfectly attached to her figure and falls dangerously from the middle.

She mixes her glamorous hair dryer with large silver pendant earrings.

Love Island’s Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel continued their fascination as they arrived at bash.

Kaz wears a colorful yellow floral gown, paired with tight black heels and large hoop earrings, which are sensational.

Josh is also wearing a black top with a trend-setting show and paired with tight-fitting jeans.

Lauren Pope chose sexy leather pants, while Georgia Kousoulou chose a chic khaki look.

American Music Awards in 2018: JENNIFER LOPEZ, TAYLOR SWIFT and other celebrity rock stages

Well, in the Red Square Ceremony Music Awards at the 2018 American Music Awards Ceremony, we have a lot of respected celebrities. It’s time to enter the auditorium and tell you what happened to the stage tonight. As happened there, I have to say a lot of interesting things.

Let’s start with Taylor Swift, which marked a rare public appearance yesterday and brought home four awards to become the most decorative artist in AMA history. The singer has recently influenced political topics and criticized Donald Trump, but this time there is no indifference to this topic. After winning the award, she urged his fans to vote in the midterm elections.

Oh, look at what your vote has made her do… @taylorswift13 has won another #AMAs favorite album – pop/rock! #TaylorSwiftAMAs

– American Music Awards (@AMAs) October 10, 2018

Equally impressive is the performance of Cardi B. Even on the red carpet of Dolce & Gabbana’s floral dress and original headdress, the singer has made it clear that it will attract attention tonight. It happened. On the stage, the star performed for the second time after the child was born, performed a performance, and even showed his enviable dance skills.

On the stage, Jennifer Lopez wore a pink dress on the red carpet with a big crack in his leg. However, she is standing elsewhere – probably not so spectacular, but certainly unforgettable. The singer created for the singer Sia song Limitless.

But the most emotional star of last night was Carrie Underwood, who is now full of happy expectations for the second child. She appeared on the stage in a flowing brown dress and sang the song “Spinning Bottles” on her new album “Cry Pretty”.

The opening of this year’s award is a 21-year-old Cuban-Mexican singer, Camilla Cabello, who brought back four figurines.

I just want to thank my fans for believing me. I love you!

– Don’t be jealous of this is a warm word for fans.

Pippa and Kate Middleton have a twin maternity style for three years

Pipa Middelton led her mother’s sister-in-law style during her leisure outing in London yesterday. According to reports, the expectant mother who will be welcoming her first child this month saw a purple printed dress in the city’s Chelsea community.

Her chiffon dress is designed by Claudie Pierlot with a small paisley print and a pleated skirt. Pippa paired this dress with trendy white sneakers and nude handbags while carrying Cos shopping bags on the street.

Three years ago, Pipp’s sister, Kate, wore a similar look when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte (the second of her three children). In a public appearance in February 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a purple floral dress and visited the Goring Hotel in London. The appearance occurred three months before the Duchess gave birth to her daughter.

Kate’s purple print maternity dress is also knee-length long sleeves, but it has a bolder pattern with colorful flowers. As she was working, she wore a naval pump and a small clutch to complete the equipment.

Pipa followed her sister’s footsteps during pregnancy instead of guiding her pregnant woman’s wardrobe. According to reports, she also admitted that Kate’s tradition is not to learn the gender of the baby before birth. E Duchess of Cambridge and her three children, E! News report.

Young Middleton also seems to be giving birth in the same hospital as her sister. Last week, she was found in Lin Duoyi of St. Mary’s Hospital for inspection, which is where Kate gave birth to three children.

Bollywood opera actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter Aaradhya messed up in floral dresses

Manish Malhotra once again went to him in the special 2018 International Fashion Weekend in Doha, Qatar, in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The designer wore a gold and red embroidered dress with Aishwarya and a royal blue hair accessory. Although her makeup was done by the ace artist Mickey Contractor, her hair was designed by Florian Hurel.

After eight years at Anurag Kashyap’s next manufacturing company, Gulab Jamun, Aishwarya will reconnect with her husband Abhishek Bachchan. The pair finally appeared together in Mani Ratnam’s 2010 movie Raavan.

Last month, Aaradhya accompanied Aishwarya to the United States, where the actress won the first Meryl Streep Excellence Award for Film and Television Women (WIFT). The award recognizes women’s global achievers and gives them the opportunity to shine in a male-dominated industry.

In a clear article, Keira Knightley slams Kate Middleton’s “fashion” after birth.

Keira Knightley, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, was born in a picture article and attacked Kate Middleton’s clean and stylish appearance.

Natley, 33, wrote an article to write a letter to her 3-year-old daughter, Edie. The letter was published in Scarlett Curtis’s book “Feminists don’t wear pink (and other lies)”, E! News report. The letter “The Weaker Sex” discusses the birth of the Duchess of Cambridge compared to her.

“She was discharged from hospital seven hours later, her face is high heels and high heels,” Knightley wrote, Middleton said.

“The face that the world wants to see. Hidden. Hide our pain, our body splits, our breasts leak, our hormones raging. Looks pretty, looks stylish, doesn’t show your battlefield, Kate,” She continued.

In 2015, Middleton wore a yellow flower dress and walked out of the hospital with her daughter Charlotte and her husband, Prince William. The radiant duchess of the Duke of Cambridge, she proudly holds her newborn, so that the world can see.

“After seven hours of fighting with life and death, seven hours after your body breaks through, bloody, screaming life will appear. Don’t show it. Don’t say,” Knightley wrote. “Standing with your girl, being photographed by a group of male photographers. It’s easy. It happens every day. What’s the big deal? Death is the same – you are the brain, but you don’t have to pretend it’s easy.”

The “Colette” star wrote that after she had given birth, she “dressed in a hospital gown with paper pants.” She recalled that she was still bleeding after giving birth. She also described the birth in detail.

“You (her child) squinted out. Raise his hand in the air. Scream,” she wrote. “They put you on me, covered in blood, vernix, your head is deformed from the birth canal. Gasping, panting, screaming.”

The actress wrote that she remembered “vomit, blood, suture”.

“I remember my battlefield. Your battlefield and life pulse. Still surviving. I am a weak person? Who are you?” She continued.

Knightley’s criticism occurred after she revealed that she had collapsed after struggling with the stars. The Oscar-nominated star told Hollywood’s “Reward Chatter” podcast that she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Helena Bonham Carter reveals her iconic quirky style in wild floral dresses, pink fluffy scarves and giant hair boutonniere


She is currently shooting The Crown for the third season, and she will star in Princess Margaret with Olivia Colman.

At the BBC Radio Studios in London on Thursday, Helena Bonham Carter did not show signs of slowing down the busy schedule.

The 52-year-old Harry Potter actress showed her eccentric outing style surrounded by fans.

Helena wore a versatile floral print dress with a large black bodice waistband and a pair of tights underneath.

In order to adapt to the autumn weather, she wore an oversized black coat and a pink and black sheepskin scarf.

Choosing the same quirky accessories, she added pink beaded sunglasses and a series of oversized and colorful flowers to her hair.

Helena’s trip was after she reportedly hired a psychic to contact the late Princess Margaret before she played her role in the crown.

With the help of a perspective, she can talk to Queen Elizabeth’s sister. Her sister died in 2002 at the age of 71. From outside the grave, she was sure to study the role in a “deepest” way.

A source in an interview with the Sun said: “She always likes to study her role as deeply as possible – and is always ready to redouble her efforts.

“So, if that means using a person with supernatural powers to talk to a character now on the other side, then Helena has no problem.”

According to reports, in Netflix’s third episode, the Harry Potter star who will star in Olivia Coleman and replace Claire Foy as the Queen will receive “positive feedback” from the princess.

The insider of the TV added: “She is born with a spirited mind and is very happy. She is very happy that she has received positive feedback from the late royal family.”

MailOnline contacted a representative of Helena Bonham Carter for comments.

Chasing kites: People of all ages can find family fun at Coyner Springs

Even Mary Poppins said that her magical word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” could not produce a perfect day than Mother Nature, and that Saturday brought Waynesboro’s Coyner Springs Park to the annual Kite Fly event.

“After the rain this month, I woke up and saw how beautiful it was, so I said let us do something outside,” Jenny Hale, with her family, said with a smile.

Organized by the Waynesboro Park and Entertainment Center, people from all over Virginia gathered here for a happy day, as the spirits soared from the sun, the soft wind, and the clear blue sky reflected the colorful kites.

“I feel like a child here,” Amber Bower said excitedly.

She took her 9-year-old smiling son, Jesse, who tried to launch his new bird-shaped kite.

“I have never let go of a kite before,” he said with a warm smile. “This is my first time, so I tried to put it in the air.”

Actor Dick Van Dyke sang “Let’s go fly a kite” Mary Pops movie suggests that Donald Jacobs, who participated in the event in Floyd County, grinned. “In addition, You can also say that flying a kite, what about you?”

For those who haven’t taken it, Waynesboro Parks and Recreation offers free kites.

Anissa Kindig, 5, dressed in a butterfly costume, happily flies over the green fields, her white kite with an orange tail.

“It’s fun,” she said. “It’s in the air because I run fast!”

Special event and project coordinator Stephanie Seltzer is happy to see a large group of people.

“In parks and entertainment, we encourage people to be outdoors as much as possible, and we want to give them opportunities through games. It’s good,” Seltzer said. “There are many studies that show that spending time outdoors can help you refocus and regroup. This is an emotional booster looking at green plants, plants and open spaces.”

Sam Hale agreed.

“With my family, outside, away from the screen, cell phone and TV, it’s good to spend time with each other,” he said.

Angela Hunter participated in the event with her husband and her 6-year-old daughter.

“Everyone is so nervous at home, parents are working,” she said. “Going out is good.”

“Breathing fresh air, it’s exciting in nature,” says Joan Marriott, who, along with her son Dominick, is raising funds for fundraising.

Mike Klaiber, who has been flying kites since childhood, drove from Bedford to Waynesboro to fly kites at Coyner Springs Park.

“I like to relax,” he said. “My wife is disabled, so there is a lot of pressure in my life now.”

Although the kite flying festival is usually held in the spring, Parks and Recreation Stephanie Seltzer said they are holding in the fall, hoping to have more people to participate.

“It’s not too late to fly a kite with the wind,” says Selzer. “It’s only in the spring, it needs to sit in the closet.” The kites we issued are durable, so people can take them home and take them with them. The children go to the park and can use it all day. ”

In addition to kite flying, there are other family-friendly activities, including hay rides, apple slings and face painting.

“We want people to realize what is right in front of them, to have fun in front of them, and to spend anything to have fun,” said entertainment director Susan Roberts. “The environment is relaxing and people are returning to nature. What is more interesting than flying a colorful kite?”

“Kite flying, I am very happy!” Peyton Miller, 6 years old, said wearing a purple and green flower skirt, flying over her pink kite as a monarch butterfly.

When Mike Klaiber looked at the entire venue and saw the joy on people’s faces, he was full of peace.

“What kids or adults don’t like flying kites?” he asked. “Smile, that’s what it means.”

At the Montblanc M Red conference, Alison Williams cuts an elegant figure on a floral skirt

For me, the great style is about cool and interesting contrasts. The F&F AW18 series of skirts and dresses offer a fashion-forward piece that I know will add a little difference to my wardrobe.

My wish list is this chic animal print skirt. The leopard print has a traditional sexy and rock style, but by redesigning it into the shape of a mid-length pleated skirt, F&F adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to this pattern. If you think you can’t wear animal prints to work, think again. This stunning skirt is paired with a refreshing white shirt and fine heels.

The pencil skirt is recovering, and the F&F works very well because it will be very feminine fit and cheeks. I like the simplicity and effectiveness of the four buttons as design details. It adds a personality and freshness to the piece.

I would rather wear flowers in the winter than in the summer because it doesn’t feel so obvious. In addition, I like the simple, moody pattern that shows seasonal changes. This F&F floral dress is one of my favorites. The high neck and long sleeves are elegant, but because the fabric is pure, the dark color won’t make you feel depressed. The beautiful golden flowers add a touch of glamour to the dress, making it the ideal piece to wear in the middle of the year with the party season. This is a perfect dinner desk.

The long dress is the mainstay in my closet. They are perfect when I can’t face a dress that is squeezed or fitted with denim. Put on my shirt, I can relax and breathe! Wearing a pair of tights and thick boots, this is a laid-back look, but it never seems to be thrown. The two-layered detail of this F&F robes gives the piece some shape without losing the fluidity associated with our coat. The heritage check made this season feel very good, but the wonderful thing about checking is that they look great every fall.