After Harvey, Lombardon firefighters lost their homes and drowned the flooded fiance wedding dress

LUMBERTON – A Lumberton firefighter not only saved people in Harvey, he saved a very important thing for the future wife.

Kyle Parry passes through the floods that drowned his house and innocently retrieved his fiance’s wedding.

“She looks for the dress for a long time,” says Parry, who has long gown dress been working with the Lumberton Fire Department for nearly four years.

“If I can save one thing, I’m glad it’s wedding dress,” he said.

In his Facebook live video, Parry was walking around his submerged home.

“I’m sorry for Steph,” he said.

He said, “I want to see clothes, love you,” he said loudly.

He turned from saving lives to saving his own marriage.

“I know everything is gone,” Parry said.

“I do not know this dress, but when I got into the room and saw it, it was the only thing,” he explained.

This is the firefighters unexpected stunts, remember his future wife Stephanie (Stephanie).

He said: “When Harvey called, we all kept asking, what will happen, so we simply did not answer.

It is now a postponed wedding, and many fees are paid in full by the community.

“He went into his house and he saved all the clothes,” Elise Haynes said, and he met behind the couple to help pay the cost of the wedding.

“He’s been thinking about her,” she said.

“I love her dead and I’ll do anything for her, she knows,” Parry said.

This brave heart is a nation in the formation of the wave of love behavior.

“Stephanie and I love each other, it will not change,” Parry said.

The storm did not ruin our love, “he said.

“We’re going to have another wedding, that’s what we have to do,” Parry was over.

The wedding will be held on March 11 in Galveston and the family will fly from Ontario, Canada.

Firefighters and family members are about to get an invitation.

Parry refused to see this dress.

He said he was only planning to see it completely in Stephanie, and he planned to spend the rest of his life.

Ladies Day Designer Dress Hire in Townsville

our lovely customer Kristy recently chose to hire our Calais dress by Alex Perry for a Ladies Day event. Read more about her racewear dress rental experience below:

Tell us about the special occasion you had and why you wanted to wear a designer dress for it?
The event I went to was Ladies Day (a horse racing event in Townsville); what better excuse to have a day out with the girls! Being that it was Ladies Day many people attending are female, and of course, we like to stand out in a crowd, this was the reason I wanted to hire a gorgeous designer dress.

What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?
Townsville is no big city, buying locally while great for the economy it limits the chance of you being the only one in that dress at the event you are attending. Being a race day, you want to look your absolute best, having the ability to hire a dress that isn’t available locally was extremely appealing. And yes, I was the only one there in this dress!

Tell us about the dress and the designer label you chose, and why you chose it?
Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m always in black, being that I was going to race day I wanted to look feminine and try some colour. This gorgeous Alex Perry dress did just that for me, beautifully feminine with the lace and flattering fit, with a gorgeous pink colour for that pop. Not only was this dress beautiful on, it was extremely comfortable, and it has pockets, what woman doesn’t love pockets.

Have you rented a dress before or was this your first time? For your first time renting a dress, what made you consider it?
I must have been living under a rock because I didn’t know you could hire dresses, I have loads of dresses in my wardrobe that I have only worn once, the thought of buying yet another to collect dust was turning me off going. Finding out I could hire a dress at such an amazing price was too good an option, what would it hurt to at least try right!

Tell us about how you first discovered GlamCorner?
One of my amazing friends who I attended the races with introduced me to GlamCorner, and boy am I glad she did!

How was your overall experience with GC (online and offline) and would you recommend us to other women?
My experience from start to finish was amazing; the ease of ordering, the prompt delivery, the way the dresses were presented (packaging), and the ability to just put it in the provided postage satchel and return it without the hassle of dry-cleaning, what a dream. I would highly recommend GlamCorner, I have ever since to everyone I know. I will be a repeat customer for sure, in fact, I have hired another dress to wear for another race day this weekend!

Easy Dresses for Every Season

Summer has just begun, but we must look forward to the upcoming seasons in order to make our wardrobe work overtime. In your closet, you may already have some easy dresses for every season that you’ve overlooked. Like that favorite summer dress you just can’t live without? If you could wear it all year long you would, right? With a bit of creative styling, you can! Layer and combine texture and pattern in an artful way to extend the life of your most cherished pieces.

The key to carrying over lightweight dresses into the colder months is to keep things simple. This can also work with heavily beaded dresses or cut-out dresses. To have the greatest success, a short body hugging dress works best as a base for your cooler weather accessories. Keep casual cocktail dresses, either in prints or in solid colors, in mind for this application. Easy dresses cut in simple forms and light fabrics make versatile additions to your closet.

Mixing it Up With Some Hot New Styles

Sherri Hill 50146 is a great example to illustrate how to pull this off. A bold graphic floral print doesn’t have to be confined to summer or spring. Since this dress has a strapless sweetheart bodice, it would go well with a solid color cardigan, solid knit stockings, and a pair of biker boots that hit just below the calf. This gives off a look that says sweet but edgy. Playing with contrasting textures is a great way to emphasize the best of each piece. The satin-like finish on the dress against a knit fabric can look sumptuous and rich. Depending on the color cardigan you chose, you can pop one color out of the floral pattern. A pale pink or a bold fuchsia makes for an interesting statement. Putting leather boots with this look makes it feel like fall, but keep them simple. The main focus is the pattern design on the dress. Neutral earth tones go well with this look. Deep blues or slate grays are colors that could pair well with this cocktail dress.

Faviana 7429 Perfect Lace Cocktail Dress is another perfect example of an easy dress for every season. Pairing lace with leather, or the look of leather, is a classic combination. Close fitting leggings with a leather look to them would work well here. Top it off with an oversized blazer with the cuffs rolled up and put on a black or white shoe and this look is ready for a brisk night in the city.

Even with Shail K. 3234 Beaded Cocktail Dress you can easily wear this beyond the summer. Just pair with a solid color legging and a cute shoe. Keep accessories to a minimum with embellished dresses like this. An open draping lightweight sweater or a long sleeve shrug will work well with this look.


Make your Wardrobe Bigger without a Shopping Spree

Layering with your favorite dresses also adds great value to your wardrobe. Learning to wear certain dresses two ways or more cuts back on your dry cleaning bills. This is especially useful if you are traveling light. When I travel for work I can get away with one sweater, two pairs of leggings, one dress, two pairs of shoes and one tee and one pair of jeans and a baggie of lingerie for the whole week. The key is layering. You can wear a dress multiple ways without it looking tired. This opposite is also true, sometimes it can look like you tried too hard to make it work. Picking pieces in the same color family will help you mesh it all together. Have some variety in textures as well, this makes things fresh while ensuring that you have light weight and heavier weight options depending on the seasonal weather changes.


Wear a light slip in summer or pair with leggings and riding boots for fall. Loose cuts can be worn as a beach cover-up or belt it and wear a cropped jean jacket for a day out. Once you get the hang of it, layering works for everyone. It doesn’t have to be frumpy or haphazard. Having a plethora of accessories in different styles, like different cuts in sweaters, can bring a look together. Knit stockings, leggings with a metallic sheen or a leather finish, closed toe shoes from pumps to ankle boots to riding boots, have all these elements on hand to transition to the cooler months without sacrificing your favorite party dresses.


Going Casual

These principles also work well with your lower end everyday easy dresses. If you don’t have a small wardrobe of casual dresses, there are many places around the web where you can shop at any price point. Inexpensive dresses on thredup, wish, or choxi are great options for those looking for frocks to run around in on the weekend. Picking up friends for lunch, grocery shopping, playing with your kids, you need not opt for a plain tee and ripped jeans. A cotton dress can be worn alone with flats, or with a pair of close fitting dark wash jeans. If you look for easy dresses with a drop waist or an A-line form, you can wear them like you would a tunic top. This gives you the most coverage while maintaining your range of motion. It camouflages problem areas like the tummy and the thighs. Other alternatives are leggings with shapewear built into them already. Rhonda Shear makes leggings is fun prints with full coverage and tummy control. No see-through yoga pants here! Definitely take the time the night before to plan an outfit. Even if you are just going out for a few hours to get errands done. It boosts your confidence when you look and feel put together.


A Few of My Favorite Things

Here is a sample of some of my favorite layering pieces I often use. Whenever I need some coverage on my arms or my middle, these are my go-to items:

Van Heusen is an established brand that you may associate with menswear. But they make the best lightweight sweaters for women in my opinion. It makes the transition to fall from summer effortless. One of my picks is a Purple Dolman Sleeve Open Front Sweater Shrug. The purple isn’t a deep royal purple, but a muted tone that looks more like a neutral slate color.

As previously mentioned, Rhonda Shear makes the perfect leggings. My favorite is the Charcoal Zebra Ahh Comfort Leggings. Yes, they are patterned. The colors are a deep gray and black, a muted tonal print that isn’t overpowering is a perfect item to use as a neutral. You could also wear these leggings as pants, with a short dress as a tunic top. These leggings provide great coverage, so no visible panty lines here! Plus they do double duty as my favorite pants to wear to yoga because they have a wide band of tummy control fabric at the waist. I find that it gives my core support, almost like a back brace but less constricting. It works great with black dresses that are either dressy or casual. I like wearing shift dresses over these leggings just because it’s an easy look and it is still on trend.

JustFab is probably my go to place for shoes. I love that they curate a collection for you. If you give me too many choices I won’t be able to decide! JustFab works well for my needs, and when I first joined up I got a BOGO offer. I purchased a pair of old school engineer style boots that remind me of a vintage style in black with silver buckles. I received them about 5 years ago and they still look great. In the fall, these are a staple of my wardrobe because they hit me mid-calf and are perfect for cooler weather or even in the rain. I’ve even slouched them to my ankle and worn them with a summer dress when the weather is warm.


Muted Neutrals

It is best to experiment with your look. Find out what works for you, what you are comfortable in, and then look for styles that are similar. Muted neutrals work well for most everyone. When you think “muted neutrals” don’t think “boring”. Think about dark navy, slate gray, dusty purples and rose hues are all muted neutrals. Classic elements in black and white are important staples to have in your closet. It’s the easiest way to look polished without exerting too much effort. Don’t be afraid to contrast textures, leather, and knit fabrics are warm and inviting once the cooler weather comes. These are also traditional menswear principles that have been leaching into women’s fashion for decades. When you think about mixing patterns and texture, look to the masters: Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have perfected this styling technique. Gain insight into these designers and their looks by exploring boards on Pinterest.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

Always get the size that fits. This is crucial. If it’s a size too small it makes you look uncomfortable and if it’s too big it will not conceal your problem areas, but instead it will make you look larger. You may be committed to a certain number size in your head, but try to get a fitting done by someone in the dress department of your favorite local department store or boutique. Associates are very knowledgeable and are there to help you. Even when picking out a dress like a shift or an open draped front sweater, make sure the fit is right in the shoulders and the upper back. Flowing fabrics in certain places are meant to look easy and effortless. If these types of garments are oversized, they can make you look like a laundry pile.

Know how to pair colors together. It helps to get familiar with the color wheel from grade school art class. If you feel apprehensive about mixing prints, put solid color accessories with a printed dress. This works best in the first example I gave you, big bold print dresses. Let the leggings and shoes be one color. This puts emphasis on the dress and doesn’t clash with the pattern. Make one thing the focal point of your outfit, and chose accessories of the same color to make that statement dress pop. Though these styles may seem more complex, they are actually very easy dresses to make viable for any season.

Shoes can bring an outfit to the level of either dressy or casual in a matter of minutes. A flat ankle boot in a black or mushroom gray leather would work great with a deep navy blue knit legging and Shail K. 3234 Cap Sleeve Cocktail Dress. Easy dresses, such as this one, are short enough to look like a tunic top, given the right fit on a taller person. Bringing this dress into casualwear is a snap, and transitioning over to evening is simply a matter of changing the boots out for a pair of pumps.

Easy Dresses Help Build The Perfect Wardrobe

Invest in key pieces that make you feel good. This may sound frivolous, but it is important to build a wardrobe on a few key items that fit you perfect and are of high quality. They don’t even have to be big brand names, but when you find something that is so very you, you know it right away. Take the extra time and money to have it tailored to you. If you don’t have a seamstress shop or a local tailor in your area, many department stores and dry cleaners can offer you that service.

Just because we are looking ahead to the fall and winter fashion lines does not mean putting away some of your favorite dresses just yet. A few key elements, paired with a bit of creativity, and you’ll find that your cute cocktail dresses are easy dresses to extend the seasonal wear of the garment. All while keeping your look on trend and totally fabulous. From dining out on a cold night to running around with your girls on the weekend, layering is a great way to get the most versatility out of your closet.


Where Should You Wear Your Ankara Designs?

Fashion enthusiasts all over the world, just can’t get enough of Ankara pieces. In fact, it is safe to say that Ankara designs have become so popular that they are not part of the mainstream fashion scene. Everyone from Beyonce’ to Kim Kardashian has embraced the new Ankara style. However, because Ankara prints tend to be very bold and bright, they are not for the fashionably coy.

Although you can actually wear Ankara anywhere, including the Office, many people feel as if the look of an Ankara designs are too bold for an everyday wardrobe. For this reason we have included a list of the three places where you are going to see Ankara being worn this summer!

1. At A Music Festival

Right now Music Festival are all the rage- all the teenagers are going and guess what they are wearing Ankara! Ankara is well suited for the music festival scene because of its bright colors and the variety of way that it can be worn.

Because it originally comes from Africa most authentic Ankara fabrics are lightweight, airy, and easy to wear in the heat. This makes them the perfect attire for a music festival event.

2. At The Beach

One other place where you will likely be seeing plenty of Ankara prints is the local beach. People on the ocean coasts have embraced the look of Ankara for beach and summer wear. For this reason you will find plenty of bathing suits, sun dresses, and beach cover-ups in the signature Ankara style.

3. Out on the Town

Lastly, Ankara has also become a popular choice for nighttime club wear amongst some of the younger enthusiasts. Many, have figured out ways to put together outfits that ad a new edgy and urban twist to the traditional look of Ankara.

One piece of scene-stealing Ankara jewelry is also a must-have for every nighttime outfit. Even a sophisticated little black dress can be complimented with a unique piece of designer Ankara jewelry.

Crown Worthy Landa Pageant Dresses At Prom Dress Shop

Need an amazing pageant dress for the evening gown portion? Look no further than these exquisite Landa pageant dresses at Prom Dress Shop. Landa has been making beautifully designed dresses perfect for pageants since 1987. The evening gown section of the Miss America pageant is worth 20%, don’t lose out on the crown because you don’t have the right dress. Pick one of these amazing Landa dresses and make a statement on the walkway.

This nude and red mermaid dress by Landa (style# US819) is going to stand out against the sea of white and black dresses. The dress features a scoop neckline with two shoulder straps and an open back. The dress is made of nude netting with delicate and ornate embellished beadwork flowers and vines. The bust of the dress is accented with bright red chiffon fabric crisscrossed on the front. The red chiffon tries around to the back to make a beautiful train. This dress is unlike other pageant dresses and is sure to get the wearer high marks.

This sexy blue dress is perfect for a pageant or red carpet event. The dress (style #US818) features a dropped waist corset bodice to show off a girl’s curves. The bust is ruched and double crossed spaghetti straps hold up the dress. The corset bodice is covered in sparkly silver beadwork. The beautiful floor-length charmeuse skirt has a high side slit and is going to flow gracefully as you walk across the stage.

They say you have to wear a white dress to win Miss America and this gorgeous white prom dress is going to get you a crown. This Landa dress (style #US809) is amazing in its simplicity. The dress has a v-neckline with two thin spaghetti straps. The bodice and torso are form fitted and feature all-over lace with elegant detailing and beadwork. The flowing chiffon skirt is see-through and features a train. You’ll want to get crowned wearing this stunning and sexy dress.

The slip, the wrap and other cult dress shapes for summer 2017

The dress season has officially begun. Nothing to do with Pippa’s wedding or Ascot or Henley. In truly 21st-century style, we know this from the fountain of ultimate truth that is your Google search history: May is the month in which online searches for “dress” peak. In contrast to the Munchian hell that is buying new swimwear, summer dress shopping is pure sunshine. Minimal strap-tangling and no need for clammy changing room nudity. Which is lucky, because every summer has a new key dress style, so update last year’s Bardot ruffles with one of 2017’s dresses to know.

1. The $ 6.5,8.4-hour dress

There is a small sweet spot, where “dresses that are easy to wear” meet “dresses that aren’t boring” and the M&S flute-sleeved midi dress in fuchsia is right there. Which is exactly why it has been flying ever since it went on sale this spring. This is that elusive dress, straightforward enough to feel doable when you have a long day at work to dress for, but has enough about it that you could go out for the evening and not feel too Cinderella-ish in your office clothes. Fashion’s long-running love-in with the statement sleeve will be boosted this summer with the opening of the Balenciaga show at the V&A – he loved a sleeve, did Cristóbal – and if pink isn’t your thing, this dress is now available in navy, too. For $6.5! Not to be missed.

2. The one-(shoulder)upmanship party dress
In 2015, the correct number of shoulders to bare was none. In 2016, it was two. In 2017, it is one. The Bardot-style off-both-shoulders dress is far from over: Primrose Hill looks like a convention for picnicking milkmaids once the mercury tips 22C, which is quite lols – so for after-dark, up the ante with a one-shoulder frock. Tatler Bystander 1989 It girl is never not a good look, but to make the one-shoulder more modern, opt for natural fabrics and ditzy prints. See the Isabel Marant catwalk, or Charlotte Gainsbourg in Saint Laurent on the Cannes red carpet, for details.

3. The city kaftan
Those of us who remember the early 00s will recall the concept of stealth wealth, whereby inconspicuous consumption came to triumph over flash. Something comparable is happening this decade in the arena of modesty. The increased buying power of regions where covered-up womenswear is the norm has been reflected in modesty creep on the catwalk, with trends for longer hemlines and higher necklines. There is much to unpick here, but there is also a lot to be said for kaftan-weight but simply-cut summer dresses that keep you cool without requiring Pippa Middleton arms, or shaved legs. My fantasy dress for this summer is from Gucci, as worn by Isabelle Huppert on the red carpet at Cannes; in real life, I’m wearing this Grace dress by Boden on repeat.

4. The slip dress
The slip dress was the uniform of the 90s party girl. Kate Moss in transparent silver Liza Bruce, black knickers and no bra, in 1993; Courtney Love in a vintage cream silk nightie, tiara and red lipstick. So the revival of that decade in fashion – see also, chokers, and everyone wearing velvet – has brought the slip dress centre stage. The mechanics of the industry often mean that a trend really happens on the shopfloor a season or two after it happens on the catwalk and red carpet, so we are now just beginning to see the fallout (sorry) from a trend that was already in gear a year ago, when Bella Hadid wore that spectacular red satin slip dress on the Cannes red carpet. This year’s Cannes has a new intake of slip dress icons: see Robin Wright in turquoise.

5. The wrap dress
The wrap dress is one of the few things that 70s feminists and fourth-wave feminists can agree on. It was conceived by Diane von Furstenberg as a noiseless, non-crease dress a woman could pick off the floor and get dressed into without waking a sleeping man, and still look sharp in. It turned the tables on the walk of shame, and now the look is enjoying a renaissance thanks to new deconstructed, asymmetric styles by new DVF designer Jonathan Saunders and labels Reformation and Attico, putting a millennial-friendly spin on the style. “There’s a reason we’re still making this dress 50 years later,” say the Reformation team, whose georgette wrap mini dress is this summer’s ideal. “You can look good and feel feminine, but still get stuff done.”


5 Street Style Dress Trends To Wear Now

Dresses are a definite summer staple  – but which styles should you invest now? We kept a close eye on what was trending on the streets this Haute Couture fashion week in Paris to find out. Keep scrolling for five trends we spotted, plus how to wear them now.

1. Ruffled maxis and boots 

Long sleeves, ruffled necklines and asymmetry define the prettiest maxi dresses of the season. For a contemporary styling contrast, pair your dreamy dress with sharp pointed boots and futuristic sunglasses.

2. Straight necklines 

With or without straps, a straight neckline adds that cute retro feel to any sundress. Go for midi skater silhouettes, paired with minimal accessories to make the classic look feel modern and pin up your hair to draw attention to the silhouette.

3. Yellow dresses 

Yellow is the colour of the season, so naturally the street style stars opted for some gorgeous lemon, marigold and sunflower coloured dresses to wear to the shows. Toughen the look with black shoes and accessories, or go full-on pastel by pairing a soft yellow dress with baby blue finishing touches.

4. Deconstructed prints 

Florals, butterflies and spots; the prints we love now come mixed, matched and deconstructed. Floating silhouettes and strap details further the romantic meets modern feel of the dresses, best worn with nothing but a small handbag and simple earrings.

5. Pastel florals 

Florals are here to stay, but this time around we’re wearing them in soft pastel hues on long-sleeved straight maxis. Complete the styling with a square clutch-bag and an exciting pair of high heels. The best thing? These dresses work all year round.


Elegant, feminine, minimalist and sophiscated all describe the style of Taylor Swift. Taylor takes the term chic to heart and can often be caught by the paparazzi in monochromatic, minimalistic stylings, with added pops of colour whether in the form of sky high heels that accentuate her insurance worthy legs or unique handbags to carry her signature red lipstick. Her style always pleases her fans, fashionistas near and far, and creates Instagram and style goals daily. Taylor’s style has evolved from printed handkerchief dresses and cowboy boots (in her early days on the music scene as a teen country singer) to flirty dresses and sky high heels. The style icon and squad leader, as she is recognised today, pulls inspiration from vintage design elements, punk rock garments and everything in between. Even when she is not gracing the red carpets of music awards or on the only Monday in May that matters at the Met Gala, the leggy blonde is capable of looking chic each and every time she steps out in public. Amidst the clearly chic elements of Taylor Swift’s style, there is one key point that stands out – her fashion is always wearable and relatable. Taylor has been able to create daily looks that her fans, followers and anyone really, can go out, search for and re-create. In one way or another anyone can take inspiration from her and add a bit of T-swift into their wardrobe.

Mondays are undisputedly described as the hardest day of the week. However, just because you might not want your weekend to end, doesn’t mean you can’t start the week in a sleek Taylor inspired outfit that’s bound to get you some positive attention. So, let’s start with something simple and 100% Taylor Swift approved – Dresses. T-Swift herself has said that she loves dresses. Dresses are an easy all in one outfit, easy to pick out and a simple hassle free way to get into to the groove of the week and shake off the Monday blues. From flowy and printed to solid and tailored, dresses are a sure way to get your outfit ready swiftly, leaving you a bit more time on those dreaded Monday mornings.

By Tuesday most of us have accepted that we’ve had to leave the weekend behind and actively participate in the week. Flirty femininity is another factor which is integral to the iconic Taylor Swift’s style. Wearing her flirty side smirk, Taylor can be regularly caught in flowy skirts, skater dresses, printed cords and heels of any height or form. These style decisions help the 22-year-old stay true to her age, her body type and her style personality, and can be adapted to help you smile a bit brighter on any given day and elevate your Tuesday style level.

Wednesdays, the mid-week madness has probably set in. However, you can get those endorphins pumping and enjoy that natural happy high with a bit of mid-week cardio or yoga class, and who said you can’t be chic while getting your sweat on? When she isn’t up high on her heels and catching all the boys’ attention in her super flirty skirts, you can catch Taylor in some of the few outfits she rocks flats with. Making sure to keep her slender physique in perfect form, Taylor heads to her work-outs in neon trainers and somehow seamlessly balanced gym attire. Monochromatic tones on some days and paint splatter leggings on others. Pairing leg long and thigh length bottoms with monochromatic simple sports tops, means that the swift’s legs are always on display and she stays true to her style aesthetic.

The weekend is almost upon us but not quite yet, Thursday is still in the way. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up your style and feel proud of your outfit of the day. Another aspect that Taylor loves to integrate into her fashion is tailoring. Tailoring can be such a great way to add a bit of sophistication into your wardrobe, which might help you walk a bit taller and command that morning meeting, or even add some confidence to your morning walk to collect your coffee. Powersuits, structured jackets, slim fit blazers and steamed seamed trousers can come in all shapes, sizes colours and prints and Taylor has worn them, and so can you.


Friday is officially here (yay!) and that usually means you can dress just a tad more casual for work today in preparation of meeting the girls for some after work drinks and your weekly gossip catch up! If Taylor’s Instagram is any indication, she sure knows how to have a good time, how to document it with perfection, and how to dress for the occasion. A T-Swift night out definitely includes killer heels, a bold lip and possibly some shorts, a leather skirt or a glittery dress, all showing off the legs of course. However, she has also been known to rock chic high waisted trousers and a bare mid-section. The possibilities are truly endless for a good Friday night out look when tapping into Taylor’s style repertoire.

Saturday is the day of brunches, farmers’ markets and sleeping in. After a good night out a good brunch is standard along with a couple errands of course. Casual chic, comfy outfits are the order of the day. Denim, jumpsuits, hats and some hipster vibes can be on the menu if you are taking any inspiration from our resident leggy blonde today.

Sunday, the day before another week starts that always comes too quickly. Chill and relax on Sunday afternoons in your super comfy jumpers and endless cups of tea. If you do need to pop out and leave the comfort of your sofa, there is no reason to take off your loungewear. Just take Taylor’s style as an example and pair your comfy jumper with dark jeans or tights and some cute ankle boots and you’re ready for the world. If you want to add some class to your last day of weekend freedom, you can just throw on a printed poncho to seal in your effortless chicness.

Shorts, dresses, pantsuits oh my! It is clear that apart from being pop songstress and squad leader, Taylor Swift can add street style icon to her list of titles. Her style always seems to hold an air of chicness and sophistication, no matter where she goes. The ability to pull off this level of effortless fashion is commendable and while the average girl may not have all the resources at her disposable as T-Swift does, her fashion is so simplistic in many ways that many girls can easily draw inspiration and apply it to their daily lives. Let us recap our Taylor Swift style basic checklist. Firstly, one must always be rocking a pair of heels in any way, shape or form, Secondly, a bold lip will never quit. Thirdly, a contrasting coloured handbags to move your outfit from every day to street style slay, and finally always wear your style with confidence.

Buy Fancy Dresses For man and Women From our Fancy Dress Collection

In recent days, people like to wear special dresses on the main occasional events. Using proper dress code for related party is becoming an important part of the celebrations. These dresses are also used to represent the purpose of organizing an event. In films and theaters, many comic and heroic characters are known through their costumes, and further their replicated costumes are used by the local event management, school functions, parties and other colony gatherings. People around the globe developed their codes of dresses that are appropriate for their culture, geographical conditions and religion.
Costume is a style of dress for the particular class, people or period. It can be of particular style that is suitable for the specific event or these costumes are worn to portray characters or type of character. Costumes are also worn to represent culture’s unique characteristic or a national dress code which has been adapted as a unique identification and is a source of pride for an entire nation. Moreover, special costumes are worn on holidays, festivals, valentine days, religious events and numerous other occasions as a part of their celebrations or as a routine custom for the occasion. Christmas and Easter dresses portray fabulous characters such as Santa Claus or Easter Bunny whereas Halloween costumes take the form of supernatural creatures such as ghost, spirit or angle. Wearing fancy dresses are very much thrilling and inspiring for all genders of age groups.

Both men and women can consider fancy clothing from large online collections of women wholesale fancy dress costume and men wholesale fancy dress costumes for variety of events or occasions. These websites provide wide range of different styles and colors. At the famous Halloween party, people wear dresses of classic forces of dark such as skeletons, monsters and zombies. Theme parties often specify a framework in which guests are free to experiment. Themes present a world of opportunities of creativity and celebration. Both guests and hosts are free to dress up as they like within the boundaries of a particular theme. Fancy costumes are also designed for professional use. Huge range for fancy dress costumes is available for artists for their performances. Wearing fancy costumes are also very much thrilling and inspiring for children. This habit not only increases their confidence to stand up in front of large gathering but also create a sense of competition.

Dressing up in fancy dress costumes is a great idea to fill up colors to life. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, theme parties, and local stage performances are all occasions that present people with the opportunity to try on another personality. Superheroes, celebrities, zombies, monsters, film characters, and hippies are only a few examples of what people can dress up as for different events. The great places to buy such dresses are online websites which offer hundreds of all kinds of usual and unusual designs for women wholesale fancy dress costume and men wholesale fancy dress costumes as well as for retail business.

fabulous long down

The more period goes on; more conventional long gown dresses are being acquired. It is not too unusual to see more venerable forms of dressing by many diverse women from all walks of life. The demand for these things are only natural as people comprehend the grace and style that is brought on by such things. It is not essentially that people are tired of current trends, but furthermore are sanctified to live in a society that distinguishes a proper gown to be a nice touch to a dinner party, opera, ballet, or even a traditional Shakespeare play. Many political figures have already been known to splurge quite a bit of money on such gowns, but it is interesting to see the general public exult in these offerings as well, not that only political people justify to wear these things, it is just not the custom for many other walks of life to try and fit into the old time conventional attire.

For those that are looking for a reasonably priced, top quality, designer long gown, your hunt is as good as over. The internet and the rise of consumer options, have found a good home among all those worried in getting their traditional and non traditional attire to the next level. You really have to believe this new web age, and see how much you can acquire from the internet with just a few simple hunts. These searches are not essentially the be all end all to the shopping skill, however the technology has gotten to a point that you can’t help but observe, as being a great thing for the outfit industry.

Maybe the proper term is style, and maybe it is simply costumes, in considers to long gown shops. Many changed shops in the olden times would stitch custom gowns for many people, and those are now going under or are simply moving their operation from the alternative or retail level to the online world where the audience can fundamentally be a global thing. If you aren’t watching, the web world could pass you by, and you might end up purchasing a much higher, lower eminence dress from a second rate site or shop. You should, on the other hand, wishes to get a dress from the web world because that way you can save some money for other requests, like getting your hair done to match the gown you make a decision to buy.

No longer are you controlled to buying a long gown from a customary shop. You do not also have to expend a lot of time driving around city to city in expects of seeing a good one to try on, and it appears that with the modern methods that prevail in these times, we are seeing more people residing home to do their gown shopping. Is that not a vast thing? If you already do online shopping, triumph a dress online will be the next greatest thing and overall a good concept to have in considers to the dinner party, or event you are going to focus in the near future.