Jessica and Dalton Mercure Wedding

aldoria in the water is the beautiful outdoor environment of the wedding vows between Jessica Leigh Cochran and Dalton Chandler Mercure on Saturday, June 24, 2107. SJ’s father Eustace Sequeira is the host of the wedding priest.

The couple’s parents are Mr. Roger Kirkland and Mrs. Aurora, Colorado, Colorado, and Mr. Jose Mercure of St. Bernardino, Calif.

The lovely bride was escorted by her father as a bride in March from the classical piano played by Vicente Ivila to the altar. The altar is decorated with peach gauze and is known for its green ivy rattan.

The bride is wearing an ivory, long flooring, and well-decorated A Romano Keveza robe with a V-collar, chiffon skirt and long church train. Her natural waist is covered with a rough robe and a beaded belt. Her hair was swept through an elegant bread and was inlaid with fingertips at the sequins. Her bridal bouquet is a peach rose, a white hydrangea, a silver bell eucalyptus, a bunch of baby breath and an ivory ribbon tied to the arrangement. In order to increase her clothes, Jessica’s old thing is her mother’s wedding day wearing white satin shoes.

The groom was handsome in a light gray Joseph Aboud evening Long Gown Dress, satin lapel and coordinated vest. Single row of tuxedo with peach tie and pocket handkerchief. He dressed in pink Miller, silver bell eucalyptus light peach rose boutonniere, and wrapped with ivory satin wrapped.

Denver’s Mattie Wagner, honor maid, wearing a navy, floor length, no shoulder strap, satin dress, pleated body and full skirt.

Bride’s sister, Nicole Cowlane of Gerry, Cournnes Cockland of Denver, and Jennifer Hansen, a friend of the bride, are beautiful bridesmaids. They are dressed in navy, tank style, pleated robe, made of satin, full length, long skirt. Everyone carries a bunch of pink roses, dusty Miller, eucalyptus, tied with peach satin ribbons.

Dalton chose his brother, Skyler Coburn-Mercure in San Diego, Calif. Was his best figure. The other groom is Coryth’s Corris Corlandes’s Corris Corlandes, Coles Corinth, and Ryan Cochran of Silla’s Aurora. The groom wore a gray Joseph Patu evening dress and satin lapel and coordinated vest. A single tuxedo with a light gray tie and pocket handkerchief. Their boutonnieres is a coral reef peach rose, dusty crusher, eucalyptus, wrapped with peach satin.

Singapore cousin Gabby Acrey is a charming flower girl, wearing a medium calf dress, accompanied by the Navy blue satin belt and lace tie. She holds a white satin basket with coral reefs and peach rose petals. Her hair is decorated with wreaths. The ring is the bride’s second cousin Josiah Watley. He wore a gray Joseph Abbot dress with a satin lapel and a vest and a naval bow tie with a pillow pillow covered with white satin and tied with burlap. He wore ivory satin wrapped peaches boutonniere.

Greeters, bride’s cousins ​​are Lexi Knutson, wearing a stripper’s purple dress, and wearing a black suit, wearing a purple shirt and tie tie Quinton Weber greet guests to meet and send programs.

The couple’s friend Ben Costello and Singapore’s sister-in-law, Scott Coburn-Mercure, welcomed the navy tuxedo wearing gray tie and pocket handkerchief. Everyone is wearing a coral reef, pink pink. The e e e e an. The The The The The The The The

Bride’s mother, Linda Cochran, is known for her small, pearl design in a silver-gray style. Sleeveless robe is characterized by deep spoon behind the boat collar, and gradually taper to a soft guide cloth skirt. The groom’s mother, Allison Duran, wears a beautiful floor robe with beaded beats. Both are wearing peach roses wrist corsage, baby’s breath and an ivory ribbon.

During the ceremony, Singapore’s Aloia, the bride aunt Kathy Knutson, Brentwood, Tennessee’s bride Valentine Duval, and the bride Brantwood’s Ariana Duval (Ariana Duvall) read the book.

After the wedding, the reception will be held at the Baldoria water reception. The facility is a beautiful setting, the table is covered with white tablecloths and dark blue runners, centered on creamy candles and furnished with beautiful floral arrangements. The center and altar are decorated by the bride’s uncle Gloria Weber.

The four-story wedding cake contains strawberry pie, chocolate and spice cake, Bavarian cream filling and cake with lemon filled white cake layer. The use of creamy cheese with ice-silver grapes and bright peach blossoms in front is smooth iced. The groom’s donut bar is favorite from the VooDoo donuts, the city donuts and the LaMar donut’s gourmet donuts.

Dinner after dinner reception. DJ connected to provide music.

After visiting a few days with family and friends, Mrs. Newton and his wife will be stationed in El Paso, Texas, until the contract with Dalton and the US Army is completed. When they plan to move back to Colorado.

The priest got their clothes

Dr. Brennan Bush was sweating for the first time when I bought a paper shirt. Before he became a priest, he had been nine years old, and the idea of ​​wearing a black collar and a white label would make the stranger call him “father” and make him uneasy.

He wrote in the 2012 Journal of the Jesuits magazine that he realized that these “clothes were not just about me.” “When I was wearing this black instrument shirt in public, when I pulled the white label over my throat, I gave myself. I met people, they were no longer See I want them to see “I”, but see “priest”.

John ‘s paranoid John wore a camel sweater with a belt, and Jesus told the followers not to care about their clothes. However, the clerical wear has become a topic of interest to the church and religion for centuries. Last year, when the priest in the church service to wear a pair of Yeezys news spread, caused anger. Catholics question a sage’s morality, who will spend hundreds of dollars on sports shoes. But there is a story twisted: the priest dressed at the door.

In contrast, Professor Francis in the first visit to the United States in 2015, wearing a pair of black shoes, headlines. That is because his predecessor Benedict XVI Pope is always wearing his traditional red shoes. Their style may be unique, but both men get Esquire’s honor to get their choice. In 2013, the magazine was named Pope Francis, “Men’s Player of the Year”, and in 2007 was named Benedict XVI Pope “Player of the Year”.

Unless they try to get a pair of real Yeezys, your local clergy are less likely to be a lot of attention because of their style. But how they wear clothes important. Christian churches began to impose Long Gown Dress suppliers code on clergy as early as the sixth century, and today religious leaders continue to adhere to formal and informal guiding principles from churches. The priest’s clothing demand produced a niche industry led by nuns, family businesses and suppliers. As early as the end of the nineteenth century, these companies began to show the trend of clergy from tradition to leisure, witnessed the rise in demand for women’s clothing, and was seen as a top do not need a specific religious dress sectarian leaders to become top consumers.

In the suburbs of downtown Los Angeles, close to Echo Park’s ancient and noble community, the nuns sit at the sewing station and provide costumes for the clergy. In addition to praying for the hardships and feeding the needy people, the disciples of the division also called religious clothing albs, chasubles, surplices and dalmatics. Production of the coat is one of the main duties of the nuns over the age of 93.

Claire Sisters recently moved to the nun community in Los Angeles for up to four days to make a priest’s robe. In view of her new sewing, it was an impressive feat. But sister, a Samoan who lives from New Zealand to Fresno anywhere, as part of the order, she says that if sewing is her only duty, she can work faster.

On the last Friday, traffic buzzed outside the monastery, silent, except for the bursts of crab parrots in the clothing shop. In the adjacent gift shop, Claire sister pointed out her hand – white, green and red bracelet, embroidered stripes in the middle. She takes a few days to complete a simple work that will allow her a whole week to finish a gown like a gorgeous sweater like Dell.

“We do not wait until they come in and ask for [clothes],” she explained to their clients. “We keep working.”

The nuns are customized according to the requirements and use the suppliers to meet the needs of the clerical staff who need special items. Italy Alba was founded in 1924 and has five communities in the United States. In California, their custom clothing in the Los Angeles Times received a repetitive writing. However, the nuns mainly insist on formal wear of religious leaders. Casual clothes, such as paper shirts, can be found in a small number of American companies, specifically for the clergy manufacturing clothing.

CM Almy of Maine has been equipped with formal and casual religious leaders since 1892. Just eight years ago, Baltimore decided at the third plenary meeting that the Catholic clergy of the United States should wear forever known as robes or skirts, free time. But even shorter clothing needs at least the knee length and black, which is a symbol of poverty. The parliament also stipulates that the clergy, whether in their own parishes or elsewhere, should wear the Roman collar, which is a symbol of obedience.

Today, the clergy usually wear the dress specified in the holy book for formal church services. However, according to their denominations, they have a variety of leisure options.

While black is still the most popular civilian shirt color, but now you can find the color of color – from green to grapes.

In the days of the early church, the clergy did not have a unique dress code. But soon after, the local congress banned religious leaders from wearing interesting things, such as bold colors, sparkling jewels and fragile clothes. According to the “Arlington Catholic Herald”, when the medieval arrived, the puppet, which had been widely worn by the civilian population, was clearly associated with the clergy. In the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries, the Catholic Church imposed more restrictions on the dress of the clergy, and other ritual sects followed.

Since 1985, Emily President and boss Stephen Fendler has grown up in the church and found to meet the unique needs of the clergy.

“It is really interesting – these beautiful things, and the ability to work with these fabrics and weaving their people.” “Customers are good people and help they are not normal consumer groups,” he said.

Tailor Clarence Mortimer Almy (Fendler’s grandfather’s uncle) started working with his son James in New York City. In 1929, his nephew, Donald Friedler, took over the company through the Great Depression and the Second World War. His son later moved to Pittsfield, Maine. Today, Emily hired 110 people.

Unlike the nuns who specialize in the creation of clerics for Catholic leaders, CM Almy serves a series of Christian religious leaders. In addition to the Catholics, it also serves the leaders of the Bishops, Lutheran, Methodist and Associated Christian Churches, and more and more Pentecostal factions.

“We have seen the clergy coming from wearing long black clothes instead of wearing vests and pants, so when they are outside the church, there is a modern way of wearing,” says Fendler.

He pointed out the influence of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) on religious costumes. Since then, the Catholic Church and other sects have begun to relax restrictions on the clerical dress. Today, the Catholic Church allows the priest to wear clothing according to the doctrine or “legal local customs”.

President Bush this year as a Jesuit priest and deacon, sometimes wearing a traditional Latin American shirt, called guayabera, rather than a black clerical shirt. He works in the missionary pastoral district of Dolores, the Boyle Heights community in Los Angeles. Because Boyle Heights is a large number of Latin Americans, he says where guayabera is the equivalent of “father figure” clothing culture.

Since his first visit to a stationery store, the 39-year-old said he had a great feeling for my career. He had been worried that wearing a clerk’s clothes could lead people to their own precepts for the cathedral and the priest to him, and he now has a different view.

“There is always room for self-expression,” he said wearing religious clothing. “Sometimes a blank tastes allow self – expression. My personality may be aggravated.

In this way, when the Catholic Church desperate more priests, Brendan father came to the fore, gave his life. “The Economist” reported in January that the number of Catholic priests in the United States had dropped from 59,000 to 3.8 million over the past 50 years. For the professional production of clergy costumes, the steep decline is not optimistic.

Despite the sharp decline in the number of Catholic priests, the number of women in different sects has increased in recent decades. This trend makes religious clothing companies able to meet the needs of women. In the 1980s and 1990s, Pennsylvania and Simon were priests of Roanoke in Virginia and began to adjust some of the clothes to better serve the women in the church.

Executive executive vice president Donna Hodges said: “We cut everything.” “We are holding a velvet, we do more narrow in the men cleric dress, there are five inches.We cut this woman three inches. We highlight the suture folds and give it a more feminine appearance.We took a lot of plump and fluffy things from the dress, giving it more custom appearance, which is the woman ‘s dress for many years.

Hodges said that since the opening of Bentley & Simon since 1912, he collected the clerical clothes and added the “almost dressed” style. The company also offers white linen, usually full-length white linen colors. Rather than to the men to provide heavy wool, the company for the priest to provide light wool, the need for formal ceremony in the traditional dress.

Women and male pastors also often make their own clothing. Gaspard Inc., headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, is principally engaged in custom work, “said Jason Gaspard, president and owner, who has been working in 1954 to meet the religious needs of religious leaders, The craft of the business is different from that of the competitor.

“We can create almost anything that customers envisioned, whether it be style, color, abstraction, and modernity.” “We have highly skilled craftsmen and tailors, and we have a library full of design. What is the competition is that we do not mass produce. ”

President Bush appreciates hand stationery. He accepts the problem of cultural relics stores, imports clothes and price. “I think it’s a real scandal,” he said.

An instrument shirt can cost as little as $ 18, up to $ 76, while a shameful cost can cost hundreds of dollars.

“The whole career of the monastery monastery is to make clothes and clothes for the priest.” “They put all the prayers in these specially tailored garments, where there are some real values ​​and artistic beauty,” Booth said.

Leaders from high church denominations and evangelical leaders purchased custom materials from Gaspard. Over the past decade, the President said that he noted that the demand for evangelicals had risen, although the low church sects had traditionally not followed the strict rules of rituals.

Katy Malm, manager of Robe Shop, a clerical clothing supplier in Kirkland, Washington, says some sects seem to have implemented new rules about clergy in paranoia. In addition, she added that they did not disturb the changes in the consulting clothing suppliers and manufacturers.

A cleric will tell her, “I have to wear a dress, so many buttons or a certain color,” she said. “But no one tells us that this is what they need, so it would be helpful if they talk to several manufacturers.”

She said she and her husband opened a company in 1979 to do custom clothing. This process usually takes two months. Over the years, it has met a variety of requirements, such as the pocket into the clothing to adapt to the microphone. The company also sells a mix of clothes for women and jackets for fashion-conscious church leaders.

She said: “They have jacket on the clergy, but it looks very new,” she said. “More fashionable, the young priests want to look very hips, in their pastor jackets, they look very fashionable.”

Some customers like to wear Vestero, long sleeves sleeveless clothing can wear clergy shirt. Malm says it is not as formal as the standard vest, but still looks smart.

He looked at the clergy in the past to adhere to the strict dress code requirements, and today there is more room to explore their creativity. He pointed out that the priest can now even buy clothes on kente cloth.

His father started operating in 1948, and Cotter decided to follow his footsteps because “it was a very friendly business,” he said.

He said: “Sometimes they may be difficult, but overall they are happy people,” he said of the clergy. “I like to do business with them and build trust.”

As the priest did not want to wear clothes, Cotter said his goal was to take care of their needs seriously. More and more, this may mean a boxed handcuffs designed for a woman or a brightly prescribed instrument shirt that does not meet the conditions of the church leader.

But President Bush is not interested in the style of clothing, tailoring or fabric, as he has shown in his dress.

He said: “This is a way you belong to other people, and other people who are on your claim.” “Many clothes are self-representative, especially wearing any kind or religious clothing uniforms. Said, “This is who I am, who am I choosing?”

Fashion in conflict:With the brand clothing supply line in the Ukrainian theater dry, the local design of the uniform is booming

In the war-torn eastern part of Ukraine, the military appearance of this season is angry, tired and the kingdom of the Soviet Union is necessary for those who are dressed in Russian-backed insurgents in the broken crucible.

With the international brands such as Zara and Levi withdrawing from the de facto Donetsk capital of the fighter, it has created valuable space for local designers who have provided the clothes in boutiques to reflect the bleakness of everyday life Realistic clothes.

27-year-old designer Yulia Morozova said that the most popular female costume in her industrial city was a product called “small lumps” east.

Long black and gray robe shining, and with a translucent scarf decorated with the name of the Donetsk People’s Republic of the blue and red patterns.

Double-headed eagle – the logo used by Serbian and Russian President Vladimir Putin – also on the locally designed evening Cheap Long Gown Dress.


The war in the European Union backyard, which began in 2014, has taken away the lives of more than 10,000 people – the most unfortunate is that both sides have slaughtered shells or mines that are planted in high numbers.

These days, the conflict has been calm to the low intensity of the battle, in which regular tricks are sometimes broken, but will eventually disappear.

Some of the southeastern regions of the former Soviet republic are still firmly divided – while Kiev called Russia’s control.

The clothes inevitably reflect this reality, the military appearance, as well as the old-fashioned Russian stand-alone characters, such as nested dolls designed to be large in the streets.

Morozova’s more striking piece of clothing is called the “young republic”, which overlaps with white embroidery and has a full-length sleeve of the Donetsk flag.

“We all live in a young republic – it just starts to grow,” Morozova told the spectators of the local designer’s special outdoor exhibitions.

“Because we were all born in the Soviet Union, another piece of clothes was designed by hammers and sickles,” she said.

“Los Angeles”

Not everyone is happy to change the global brand through fashion “La Ross”.

Former language student Yelena – now unemployed, unwilling to retaliate against pro-Russian rebels – out of a large Donetsk shopping center without a single purchase.

“These military, pseudo-patriotic designs, these nested dolls design, embroidery” La Ross “- no one is high quality material. I do not like any one,” said the 27-year-old man.

“Lack of demand and war, just pushing good clothes from Donetsk.”

There have been nearly a million people living in the bustling city today by local enterprises and a large number of cheap stores from Turkey and China to sell out of the store.

Tatyana Protchenko designer said that two years ago the conflict almost every day in the request of life, her latest style of inspiration came. “It was spring, the trees were blooming, the outdoor was warm and beautiful, but the shells exploded and people were dying,” Protchenko recalls.

“This war has had a profound impact on my collection.”


But she insists that her design is not to promote war.

“The idea is that despite the fighting, Donetsk’s women are still subtle and feminine.

However, adviser Yelena questioned why women wear uniforms, or wear political Russian flag, as well as during the war, two self-proclaimed southeastern self-defense.

Short and Changan Cara peplum dress 2017 years

We have prepared for you the latest photo of Changan Kara short sleeve Long Gown Dress 2017! Nigerian ladies continue to maintain loyalty to ladies and Ankara women. See the brightest look and design, and get inspiration to create your beautiful combination!

Most women like to wear skirts. Of course, everyone has a different taste. Some girls wear short skirts, others like long. That’s why dresses will never stand out.

Women will never be tired of paying attention to their presence, emphasizing their attraction and beauty. Peplum style is one way to do this. It originated in ancient Greece. Today, it is one of the most fashionable styles. What is peplum design, how do you wear it? Please read carefully and find out the answer.

Peplum is in the waist with the fabric or hem. It is tempting to emphasize all the feminine charm and hidden flaws. In which you will focus on your waist so that the buttocks become bent.

The fabric folds provide elegance and charm. In most cases, a plump woman’s problem is her hips. So if pep lum lum ends. ends. ends. The The The The The The The The The The The The

Almost everything can wear peplum. In particular, peplum looks pretty in the dress.

A win-win choice with friends or social gatherings is a tight and digital hug dress with peplum style. Neutral tones provide a more conservative image, and in order to maximize the expression of the bright rainbow color.

There are fashionable women want to hide the fullness of the stomach. In this case, the blush should start from the chest and end with the waist.

Obese woman’s robe length should be on the floor or above the knee. This is more exaggerated.


So let’s start from the skirt. Short Ankara peplum dress is usually simple to cut. The top of the dress is often assembled. Can use short, long and 3 / 4sleeves. You can make it even more fun by adding lanterns or horns. A short skirt can even sew in a place without a sleeve.

If you choose a rich style, then keep the collar as simple as possible. Wear these types of Ankara dress when you should avoid fine jewelry. If you sew a simple sleeve with a short dress, you will be able to buy the nuts on the accessory.

As for the bottom of the skirt, a pencil skirt design is very complacent. Ankara short-sleeved dress and pencil skirt can make you very gorgeous.

Such clothes are suitable for office and even events. Choose an Ankara fabric, soft colors, shallow color, the appearance of simple.

To make it more festive, make the overall tailor simple, but you can add some frilly. It can make more lace, chiffon or embroidery extra decoration. You can even sew blush from different and bright fabrics. But it should be mixed with the color of the base fabric.

Part of the clothes can be made of monochrome, without any pattern. You can combine two or more fabrics and insert them into a unique Ankara style.

For Ankara long-sleeved dress, usually designed for more festive occasions. This style can be made long and narrow dress or mermaid dress. Frilts can be done from the buttocks, knees or in the middle.

Your overall look will depend on the size and color of the pattern. If the design on the fabric is large and bright, the pattern looks better when its straight line narrows toward the bottom of the skirt. If the pattern is small and delicate, you can make a hem from the middle of the buttocks or knees.

When it comes to the top of the clothes, you have a lot of options with cropping and design. A long dress looks good without a shoulder strap or a shoulder. The depth of the back or neckline cutting is also fashionable. You can use 2017 Ankara style soft frilly or chiffon shawl stressed strapless.

The parotid gland can be made in different lengths: the back can be longer and the front is shorter. You can also choose fashion folding.

For the feast of the holiday, please look a little bit. Sew a chiffon or lace under the hem. Let it be slightly longer than the basic. You can repeat the same decoration in the collar.

Add a thin layer of contrast fabric or leather bright ribbons above the peplum element. You can use thin lace instead of belt.

Please remember the following for the color of the fabric of this dress. White, black, red, blue, turquoise, pink, yellow and gray – these are the main fashion colors of the season. Ankara fabric is usually the pattern of flowers and geometry.

For bright Ankara color lovers, you can choose large variations of all possible colors and patterns of fabric. You can even combine two types of fabrics.

Ready to meet the upcoming Miami masquerade

Are you in Miami, where is you going to be incredible? What about the make-up dance? In October this year, Miami has a lot of great fancy dresses.

Maybe you want to attend the third annual masquerade hosted by Long Gown Dress MrGouyad Entertainment and TNL Records on October 21, October 27 how to join the moonlight make-up dance?

No matter what activity or party you intend to attend, you need to be ready. In this article, I will discuss some tips on how to prepare a masquerade.

How are you ready for a masquerade ball?

1.Know the theme of the ball

The first thing you need to do is know the whole theme of the ball. This is done for the convenience of your plan.

For example, in the moonlight show on October 27th, the overall theme is astrology. Simulate your clothes and accessories to suit the theme.

In addition, there are some events that require you to have a formal fit, there are some casual clothes.

2.Wear a suitable mask

What makes the make-up dance become great is the freedom to wear beautiful masquerade masks. This is for further excitement because you will not know the presence of people. They will only know after a while in the party.

Now, this is linked to the first tip. You must first understand the theme of the ball. You can choose to use the masks you can buy at the store or online, or create your own masks.

I found that creating my own mask is more interesting because you are free to adjust your preferences.

If you do not know how to create a mask from scratch, you can buy a mask and then adjust it by adding your favorite accessories.


When it comes to makeup, you have to keep in mind that the mask becomes a star program. This means that you should only focus on the facial features that others will see.

Most masks cover most of the face, except for eyelashes, cheeks and lips. Indicating that these facial features will be highlighted. Perhaps wearing a red lipstick to match your mask will be the best?


Now, there are some fancy dresses that require you to wear a covered suit, and some of the places you need to wear with the theme.

For example, the theme of the upcoming third annual masquerade is red and white. This means that you can wear clothing that uses both colors.

In addition, ask the party is a formal or a casual. As mentioned earlier, when you attend a formal party, you must wear a long dress or robe. For casual balls, you can wear whatever you want. Just make sure it matches the theme of the dancing ball.

Finally, the mask is important for this event. If you can not create yourself, do not worry; there are some events that sell camouflage masks in the field.


For accessories, the only thing to remember is not to make it so gorgeous, thus obscuring too much attention.

Remember that the mask is the most important side of the dancing ball. If anything, the accessories should be emphasized or added to the mask.


As for footwear, it must meet two criteria: it must meet the dress requirements and must be comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

In a masquerade, you are likely to be asked to dance. That is why it is so important that you wear your shoes / slippers very comfortable.

Additional tips

There are some things that need your own food. If so, I suggest an appetizer and a dish.

· Muffles are fun activities, so be sure to participate in the game and dance

· If you do not have your own masquerade mask, are there any one you can buy at the venue. Often, event organizers know that this happens, so they stand there and can buy masks for the party.

in conclusion

Miami has a lot of upcoming masquerades. If you are about to attend, you need to be prepared.

Make your clothes ready, have the necessary accessories, wear the appropriate shoes, the most important thing is, do not forget the masquerade mask!

I hope you can enjoy the next masquerade!

Now you can go to wear T-shirt Tesco

Each season has some fashionable notice and trends to find articles that inform people what clothes to buy and how to wear them. People are warmly waiting to be told how to spend money and what they should look like. However, there is only one appearance from a / w ’17 fashion show that reflects my experience as a student Long Gown Dress. That is the evening / evening dress aesthetic.

Note: This is not the “day and night” office where people go to strike on Friday night. There is no black dress, there is a cut back, only when you leave the pairing jacket, can be revealed, in the first floor without a free free order of their own happy time end – THE Zhou Moji Tuo. No, I’m talking about clothes in pajamas and the actual real daytime clothes between the narrow areas.

I call it awkward chic. And I prove that this is a real thing (I am definitely not used to prove my laziness).

The quilt is no longer confined to the strange B & B without a duvet, but for you to provide a bed sheet. They are now mainstream. In all the programs are seen completely quilted suit, including Dries Van Noten, Zegna and Topshop. The long quilted blanket coat at Calvin Klein and Roksanda was sent to the runway. Gucci did not even disturb the appearance of the real clothes, just put their models on pajamas.

The Erdem and Brock series offer a white dress that can be easily overnight. While silk silk “evening dress” has been around for some time, but this year Peter Pilotto (Peter Pilotto) this night and the day of the fuzzy are put on a new level. Their runway is full of soft colored cotton jersey t-shirts and matching silk trousers and slippers. They really sent a model in the pajamas. Thus, countless students (reading: I) should be confirmed aesthetics.

Why wear leather clothes look when you can wear pajamas

If you are refused to enter the library or hall because of “improper pajamas” – no, not inappropriate pajamas, we are very grateful that we do not see our corn flakes are not visible – know that you have fashionable builds on your side

Yes, it is not clear you just woke up / about to go to bed, but that’s because you are eternal.

Why do you have two sets of clothes at different times every day, when you can have a piece of clothing (not suitable for all)? Is it a robe? No, obviously this is a chic long jacket (I also happen to wear a shower). Are you still in the slippers? Actually they are mules. Dancing in a pajamas is a very sexy ski dress. For the cotton shirt pajamas playful coordination.

In fact, why should stop there? Why do not you put your bedspreads on your shoulders with a Celine? Attack your grannie house with the appropriate Roksada type knitted blanket? committed to.

The core of this look is the development of a flawless self-assurance in your choice. You know your appearance is high-profile, bold. Even if you are asleep in the library.

You do not have to be a bride wearing a wedding dress.

Jennifer Lawrence on Wednesday in West Hollywood participated in the “face of the land” premiere, her choice caused a sensation. The white Long Gown Dress she wore was a ravine bride dress, as Glamor reported. All the missing are the groom and the officials.

For the sake of fairness, this dress is not too strange, it will not scream “bride”. It applies to a less life-changing event, as she participates in the movie premiere. However, it does make some people wonder if she may be prompted.

But as far as we know, Lawrence did not plan to get married soon. While the actress is currently dating her “mother!” Director Darren Aronofsky, she told Vogue that they just started dating after the film pack. We suspect that she really likes the white robe – she is wearing a “mother!” Premiere is also.

Suzy Menkes in Lisbon Fashion Week ahead of CNILux 2018

Portugal is the digital youth culture and fashion fusion of creative and innovative development of the land.

The country was known as the world’s largest technical conference around Lisbon’s November website, and was held in April next year at the six months before the international conference on Long Gown Dress suppliers the Conrad Nast international conference in the Portuguese capital, which has proven the number Power and creative energy imagination combination Lisbon Fashion Week.

It is not only in the clothes themselves, but also how they arrive at the customer is obvious.

Alfredo Orobio and its brand “Everway To Mars” The growing source of the crowd is not just showing their sixth episode, including a fascinating metal green Trousers suits, digital print shirts and blue robes, dyes – they also show the difference in distribution.

“This is a collaborative brand,” says designer Marilia Biasi. “You can create your own profile on our website.” People publish their designs and the most popular works are part of our collection – it’s not designed by us Is the original design from 20 different people. ”

At, a growing designer and producer community chose the most interesting concept for popularization. The selected works are ultimately produced by wholesalers pre-ordering supporters of the designer’s work.

On the runway, next to a blue swimming pool, the team sent out a one-piece pants, started a design career, as a piece of clothing, one of the many examples of different designs, making the different designs together.

The variety seems to be Lisbon’s fashionable spice. In the three packaging days, I began to understand the Portuguese fashion craft and style.

At Porto Fashion Week, Porto presented her vision in an independent event: exquisite handmade exquisite handmade, beautifully decorated embroidery, and exquisite clothes, exquisite bowknots, London Fashion Week. But at both ends of the spectrum is the fascination of history and distant culture.

“We are positioned very well in shirts and knitwear factories, and we try to find the best suppliers,” he said, explaining that although the delicate tapestry was very good, the main job was to produce in the northern region to Spain.

My purpose in Lisbon – in addition to learning the fashion trend of this country – also to participate in the re-launch of Vogue Portugal. Sofia Lucas has not only held a cool party in an abandoned warehouse in the old industrial area of ​​the city, but also took my visit to her favorite shops and designers.

All of this is of course to prepare for the 2018 CNI luxury conference. The “luxury language” held in Lisbon from 18 to 19 1818 will also explore the modern connections between Portugal and its earlier colonies, such as Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

A century ago, the Portuguese royal family, the most tranquil house in Braganza, in Canada’s PátiodaGalé, was splendid, where the CNI would hold a luxury meeting while the Angolan ancestors had obeyed Portugal, now the main customers, shade Shaded Avenida da Liberdade, and shopping at luxury shops, including Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Although the global brand is king in the heart of Lisbon, I find that local designers and original stores are hidden in historic tiled buildings.

Lidija Kolovrat, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, appeared during the Lisbon Fashion Week, but in her boutique, I saw more of her colorful and specially crafted fabrics that were close and personalized. During my visit, the gentle women came to buy clothes and hand-decorated shoes, and upstairs in the roof like a barn-like building, the designer showed me the studio for her development of textiles.

I have seen interesting works in Porto in London, and it has its own fashion show. “Portuguese Fashion” is an open presentation of the Portuguese Embassy in London, offering a sophisticated styling, including lemon jelly high-tech footwear and Eugenia Campos’s sophisticated fine jewelry. The artist design by Teresa Martins is another example of the imagination that is enhanced by the process.

In order to prove the achievements of the global designer, the Portuguese fashion Pedro Pedro (Pedro Pedro) in Milan on display, showing a series of sportswear, can be blue sky for the sky, green and yellow sweater with flamingo pink The skirt. His unique colors include not only the dazzling colors, but also the moss green reflective roof and grass green skirt subtle. The interesting shape of his stone denim proves the cut and the color is his elders.

Busy planning for CNI luxury meetings, I do not have time to see all the ModaLisboa programs. However, 10 young designers included in the Sangue Novo or “New Blood” section were impressed by David Pereira’s style and organic spirit of mixed streets and tribes (Rick Owens).

Then Dino Alves, his drama background and Portuguese film training. He used the geometric patterns of the dramatic effects and the fabric layout to create stripes, stripes and sharp clothes.

David Ferreira, a Portuguese designer, was trained at the Central Saint Martins’ School of Art and Design in London and returned to Lisbon with Iris van Herpen, Giles Deacon and Meghan Kirchhoff. In the green environment of Edward VII Park, he presented a fairy-tale dress. Stand out is the portrait of the neckline and plastic dress dress, while the model faces are masked.

The high quality of the watch is also shown in the showcase at the ModaLisboa show, and Rita Sevilla shows her weaving skills by wearing antique tennis racquets and other creative and technically complex works; and finer weaving comes from Central San Martin graduates Constance Entrudo, who worked for Peter Pilotto and Portuguese designer Marques’Almeida.

Lisbon Stylish Tornado Overview Included in the quick call of the ModaLisboa discussion, the speaker and the audience sit under the shade of Eduardo Vll Park’s Estufa Fria Greenhouse. With the nourishment of nature and fashion in the branches and leaves together, seems to symbolize the nature of the Portuguese style.

Hush! Your child’s Halloween costume may become a lice

The cycle of the Halloween Costumes Outlet PSA is becoming the parent of the dream of the thing. But unlike the horror of the clown or candy, which contains the THC dose that has plagued people’s mental changes a few years ago, lice is the biggest concern this year. Although the lice is not a major health problem, but those itching bug disease is outright annoying, because it took a day to clean the home and lift the child can prove.

According to sources, doctors every year to see the head lice jump, not because of the beginning of school, but because of Halloween clothing shopping. That Frankenstein mask or witch’s hat may be really attractive, but you may want to avoid the opportunity of family self-seeking, because something else can be hidden there.

“We now have a lot of people going to the store, trying to masks, trying to dress and trying to wig, and many people do not have much thought that there are a few people who can try them before them” pediatric nurse Cherie Sexton tells WTOL.

In order to prevent this situation, please try not to wear any mask or hat until you go home and treat clothing correctly. Washing, soaking or drying clothing at high temperatures (greater than 130 degrees Fahrenheit), or sealing the garments in plastic bags for 48 hours before wearing, should be done because the head lice should die in the 24-48 hours of human hosts.

But sometimes it may be difficult to wait to try the clothes until you go home. How do you know if fit, right? If you or your child has to try out the clothing in the store, the expert recommends wearing a swim or wig hat to protect the hair from the clothing surface.

If you end up with a lice infection in your hand, then you can expect many parents to be familiar with the five emotional stages of lice anxieties. Follow our step-by-step guide to get rid of them. And remember that you are bigger than those creepy crawlers! Keep calm and horrible.

6 traditional wedding fabrics and why they are popular

Not all of the wedding fabrics are equal. Some Cheap Long Gown Dress fabrics are more suitable for structural design, other fabrics are suitable for mobility, light appearance and other suitable for more than life over the jersey. Before you enter the wedding shopping, first look at the expectations of the fabric. We talked to Terry Hall, fashion director of Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, about the six fabrics that were most commonly used to make wedding dresses and why they were working. Continue reading, learn more about these gorgeous fabrics, why are each of them a good dress for each choice.
Hall said that this is a common misunderstanding, but “satin” is not a fiber. This is done. You can use satin made of pure silk, whole polyester or mixture. Lace, tulle, taffeta is also true – almost any fabric. In general, fabrics made from natural fibers breathe better, but they can also be more expensive or more easily wrinkled, making the mixture and the synthetic material more uniform.
Satin is one of the most common, most versatile and durable fabrics. The surface of the satin is smooth and fit, making it more suitable for more structured robes. It is a supportive fabric that is suitable for each type of body and is a good choice for the trend, shawl and jersey style. And because it is often a thicker fabric, it is also a nice choice for cool weather weddings, especially the Duchess satin. Most bridal satin is often 100% silk.
Charmeuse is a light, rich fabric, cute drape and glossy luster. It is usually made of silk, but it can also be made of synthetic fibers. Halle said: “Charmeuse has a gorgeous liquid effect, which is a very short time, but not so tolerant.” Most people tend to tilt (across the grain to encourage its drape) and use it for pillars, Charm is very luxurious, but it does show every flaw.
Unmatched light, chiffon is light fabric. Because it is so clear that it is usually used for layers or as a larger fabric for coverage. This delicate fabric has a impetuous, no gravity appearance, but it is easy to wear and easy.
Transparent yarn
Transparent yarn is a purely lightweight fabric, traditionally made of silk. However, the transparent yarn is much harder than the chiffon. While chiffon curtains, transparent yarns are more structured, although still light and misty, making it perfect for warm weather weddings. It is also a very delicate fabric, so pay attention to hinder and pull.
Do you know that the ballet dancer’s tutus is made of light-colored mesh fabric? That is gauze. Tulle is purely open weave and looks like a net Fabrics can also be combined with lace designs. According to Hall, the jersey style made of chiffon will have a transparent, ventilated feel, but it will give it more structure. Either way, it is an incredibly delicate fabric that is easy to fall into jewelry.
Lace is one of the wedding dress, for any dress to add so much grace. Most commonly used for superposition or detail, lace has a variety of styles. As with gauze, open weaving makes it vulnerable. Lace is usually named after the initial production of the city. Some of the more popular lace varieties are:
Chantilly: a very detailed, open lace with defined boundaries
Alençon: Use a bold pattern on the web lace and trim with a rope
Venue: heavier and more sensual lace used in winter weddings
Other wedding fabric type
While you can find other fabrics over satin, charming, chiffon, transparent yarn, chiffon and lace, these are the most traditional fabrics for wedding dresses. Hall points out that interest in certain types of silk (Mika, Rezmir and Gaza) is on the rise. It is worth noting that the wedding of Kate Middleton is made by whom. According to Hall, other popular trends in wedding dress material categories include creative and artistic tattoos and laser cutting shoelaces, which are still fresh and modern traditions.
For each type of wedding dress material complete crack, please see the wedding fabric vocabulary.