Susanna Reid looks “stunning” in a curve-tight dress


The 47-year-old returned to the UK early today after a half-time break at home last week.

Susanna Reid, 47, usually co-hosts the show with 53-year-old Piers Morgan, but the outspoken host is still on vacation.

However, the three mothers did not affect her because she was the guest host, 44-year-old actor Adier Lei.

Although the lineup of the show is different, Susanna still has an influence on the choice of wardrobe in the morning.

Although her clothing was largely hidden behind the dedicated team desk, Reid looked at her costume with her full length after the show.

The little star wore a mid-length dress with sheer leggings and yellow high heels to show off her body shape.

Posing in the background, Susanna put a hand on her hip because she smiled for the camera.

Her glossy lock features a subtle curly hair design, and the TV personality reveals her dewy complexion with a nude-faced facial makeup.

When talking about her grey steel background, Susanna wrote for her 251,000 fans: “Mood. Industrial fashion.”

A fan wrote in response to the update: “Like this, Susie. Bright and beautiful,” followed by a smiley emoji.

Another comment said: “You are really amazing, every day will get better.”

In unanimous agreement, an admirer commented: “It’s amazing.”

The little star was very happy after returning to the small screen. An audience said incessantly: “Yeah. She is back!”

Susanna opened her life in a frank interview with You magazine published yesterday, away from ITV.

The British beauty married her 51-year-old husband, Dominic Cotton, in 2014, and she is ready to start dating again.

The main lady of GMB said: “I am absolutely willing to date again. Now is the best time to explore in my life.

“I have spent a lot of time since I broke up with my children and my work.

“In the past few years, this is definitely the right thing.”

Susanna went on to say: “My children are now teenagers, they are more independent.

“They do things after school. They have many friends, so I think they encourage me to think about how to develop more aspects of my life.

“You want your child to be happy with what you are doing.”

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