SALMA HAYEK has another DRASTIC HAIR conversion: look at the new side!


Salma Hayek’s newest role is that she says goodbye to her famous brunette girl – and is more happy with your hair! The actress was found to present her latest look at Atlanta in her new film “Limited Partners.” The 52-year-old is wearing a curly red-orange wig, floral dress and pink studded high heels. Salma finished the look with a large gold chain and oversized black sunglasses. Once, between the two shots, I saw the star wearing an oversized puffer coat while her hair was fixed to keep loose curls.

Before the shoot, Salma took her Instagram to tease the potential transformation with her fans. She wrote: “Trying a new movie, I met this movie.” “We decided to move in a different direction, but I think she deserves to share with you.” In the photo, Salma sports a long The golden wig and the floral dress seen on the movie. The film also features Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne.

According to the deadline, the film will focus on two actresses, two actresses who play the role of “who built a huge company and found their relationship tested when they became big buyout quotes.” Ma plays a senior executive who proposes an offer, “become a puppet master of the company and create a quarrel between the partners.”

Beatriz at Dinner stars are known for their character and fun. Last year, when she showed bright pink hair on the carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the Mexican beauty turned her head. When she showed her new look, Salma cheerfully opened the reaction she had received from her daughter and her husband.

“My daughter [Valentina] is cool, she is like ‘Can I wear it after you?’ My husband is like ‘Are you really? Are you sure you want to do this?’ “The killer’s bodyguard The star added, “I think I am a bit jealous of him, but then it solved it, he can’t believe I really pulled it down. I have been doing this, I am surprised.”

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