Meghan’s designer’s best friend purchased a £81,000 Jaguar for free during the Royal Short Done Down


Thousands of people have seen how the Duchess of Sussex enjoy her royal role.

However, her best friend, Jessica Mulrone, is her status a bit too high?

I heard that Canadian fashion designers and her husband, the three children, played roles in the bridal party at Prince Harry’s wedding, and he managed to use a new car worth £81,000 for free.

It will be provided by Jaguar to provide vehicles for the royal family. A Jaguar source told me, “It can be said that this has caught the attention of some people.”

They will immediately receive delivery of Jaguar I-Pace at their home in Toronto, Canada. Earlier this year, Prince Charles acquired another model of an environmentally friendly all-electric vehicle – the same speed as the Porsche 911.

It is understood that this arrangement was made when Mulroneys participated in the Invictus Games in Sydney. Harry was established to support injured soldiers and women. Jaguar Land Rover was one of the most generous sponsors of the event, seeing Ben Mulroney and coming from Indian car manufacturer at the Olympics.

As the daughter-in-law of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, 38-year-old Jessica enjoys almost royal status in her home country, and her husband is a TV presenter.

Since the actress moved from California to Toronto, she has been a good friend of 37-year-old Megan, who filmed the legal TV series “suit.” At the Royal Wedding, she served as an “informal” bridesmaid.

Her presence in Australia has caused a lot of comments at the same time as Megan and Harry. Although Mulroneys did not travel there as an official, Jessica was considered a Meghan freelance stylist and consultant.

A spokesperson for Mulroneys told me: “They have not yet agreed to officially accept the Jaguar i-Pace.” The Jaguar spokesperson added: “We will not comment on any customer details.”

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