Leighton Meester wears a crimson striped shirt and black jeans for single parents to wear casually

She is known for playing Blair Waldorf in the giant gossip girl.

But on Thursday, Leighton Meester is filming scenes for her new show, Single Parents.

The 32-year-old Texas native wears casual clothes and looks relaxed.

On top, she chose a T-shirt with different red stripes and short sleeves to reveal her body-building arm.

Sometimes she also wears a cobalt blue zip jacket.

The tight-fitting black skinny jeans accentuate her soft legs, while a pair of classic Converse high-tops complete her relaxed ensemble.

She separated her black hair in the middle and let them fall on her shoulders.

Slightly smoky eyes, subtle blush and a touch of rosy lipstick ensure she is ready to turn in front of the camera.

It seems that this scene involves a red van because the actress is heading towards the vehicle when she is on the court.

If Leighton has any signs of the video released on Wednesday, the show seems to be going well.

The title of the behind-the-scenes clip is: ‘Thank you very much for watching, everyone is working for our show! I am so lucky. Love my little second family.

The video seems to show the producers speaking to the actors and staff, announcing that they have actually been accepted by ABC for a whole season.

Of course, Leighton also wore black trousers and multi-colored striped T-shirts.

When not in front of the camera, Leighton is considered a fashion expert among many fans.

As early as September, when she was promoting a new show in New York City, the actress had a particularly beautiful costume.

long gown dress

She looks beautiful because she wears a beautiful royal blue dress, floral print and ruffled hem and sleeves, and finally appeared in the Build series.

Earlier in the day, she was wearing a striking white dress to brave the rain, she had big black spots on her body, and she used black leather shoes with the cut sides.

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