Julie Bishop and Gina Rinehart lead the way in the rain-soaked Melbourne Cup

long gown dress

Julie Bishop led a group of famous faces and fascinating entrants as they braved the rain and wore some incredible outfits in the 2018 Melbourne Cup knockout on Tuesday.

The 62-year-old former foreign minister ignored heavy rainfall and wore a fitted multi-colored flower skirt with a pleated skirt on his knees. The stylish V-neck completes the thick collar, and she adds lace-up black heels to the costumes next to her partner David Panton on the stage.

But it was Bishop’s huge black charm that really stole the show, and the top floral design covered her eyes on the black mesh veil that took pictures of her.

The Australian politician joined the mining giant and 64-year-old billionaire Gina Rinehart, who chose a dramatic white coat and matching pants to cope with the long-awaited match day.

The loose long top features a very dangerous low-cut perspective neckline with lace detail, while wide-leg pants are another bold choice as she negotiates the soaking ground.

She added strappy silver sandals and a loose white hat to complete her look and paired with elegant pearl earrings as she smiles at the camera.

Elsewhere, Michel Payne made a statement on a gypsy-style red and gold patterned dress, which included dramatic blow sleeves and a red headband. The Australian jockey added huge gold earrings and bracelets to the look and wore simple black lace-up heels as she poses at her hotel and then braves the rain outside.

She added a title to the photo: “I am very happy to be back to the day that will change my life forever! Melbourne Cup Day. Thanks to these amazing people for my styling today. It is the most incredible to rain, hail or shine. The day.”

Fashion blogger Kate Waterhouse is a frequent visitor to the competition, and she once again wears a bright green full-length flower skirt to create an amazing entrance. She has a big bow at the back of her hair, and when she poses with the Australian model Megan Gale, she looks very fashionable.

Gale proudly raised the Melbourne Cup and showed a very creative look, choosing a black dress decorated with dozens of metal stars, finished with black neckline and sleeves.

The star, paired with a sophisticated gold headdress, wears simple black heels and perfectly matches her friends before the main game. Make sure she didn’t mark the cup, Gail wore white gloves because she was holding the photo.

When the sky was open, the crowd was forced to seek refuge within it, and hundreds of spectators watched the game from behind. However, the weather does not seem to suppress any spirit, because the photos capture people laughing and happily posing together.

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