Catherine Deneuve auctions YSL Haute Couture

Catherine Deneuve is filming her collection of haute couture, many of which are disposables made by Yves Saint Laurent.

The French actor has been a mute goddess for many years as a haute couture designer. When she celebrated her 40th anniversary in 2002, she told Saint Laurent: “My best love is with you.”

Three hundred will be listed next year, half will be auctioned at Christie’s; half will be auctioned on the Internet.

Denaf, 75, said she no longer has a collection of space when she sold her property in Normandy. “They are the creation of such a talented man, her creation is just to make women more beautiful,” she said.

The actor is 22 years old and married British photographer David Bailey when he first met Saint Laurent. She should have met the Queen and asked French designers to make evening dresses for this occasion. Deneuve arrived at his Paris studio with a photo of a Russian model wearing a gown.

“He agreed to do this for me… it was very Slavic, pure and strict.” After that, she proposed to design her costume for the film Belle de Jour. Saint Laurent has been dressed for Deneuve for 40 years. He died in 2008.

“In the whole process, Yves Saint Laurent’s perforation is serious, and the shame and elegance of his life, these are all the years we spent together,” Denaf said. “I am only 20 years old, so it is an honor to be able to get all these rich luxury items to cultivate my eyes and my taste.”

François deRicqlès, president of Christie’s France, told AFP that the auction brought together one of the most famous actors in France and one of the most outstanding designers in France.

The collection includes jackets, suits, dresses and accessories, many of which are disposable. One of the most coveted is the 1966 Spring/Summer collection of pearl dresses, which cost 5,000 euros (£4,440) when Deneuve encounters Alfred Hitchcock.

The lot will be on display at Christie’s in Paris from January 19th to 24th.

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