Cara Delevingne attends the Maddox Gallery auction, wearing a sexy translucent dress for a walk style

long gown dress

She recently held a meeting with a top hat and a tail at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

But on Monday night, Cara Delevingne walked out in a flowing floral dress and chose a more feminine style.

The 26-year-old model tied her dress to a leather biker jacket and a pair of high-heeled boots so she could feel her feelings at the TAG Heuer auction at Maddox Gallery.

The star of the suicide squad flashed a glimpse of her black dress on the black bra, with a pure upper part showing her abdomen.

Cara simply decorates her look with silver necklaces and watches, while adding glamour and a perfect makeup palette.

When she arrived at the event, Carla warmly greeted a male companion and hugged him on the red carpet outside.

When going out at night, Kara did not seem to have a rumored girlfriend, a beautiful little lie star Ashley Benson.

Recently, after Ashley’s fashion show at the Toronto Film Festival, she confirmed her relationship with Kara after commenting on “my” and sharing hint emoji.

However, Screen Beauty claimed that her account was hacked because she shared a title on the Tuesday with her own photo taken at the airport: “When you just got off the plane without WiFi, you found your Instagram hacked.”

She revealed that she already had a case to deal with this problem, she added: “Thank God for fixing it for @remi.franklin.”

The rumors about their romance were first started in April after being found in New York late at night.

They also saw a steaming kiss at London Heathrow Airport in August.

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