Margot Robbie reveals an off-shouldered flower skirt at The Tonight Show, revealing that she threw a front flame on Valentine’s Day

long gown dress

Margot Robbie starred in The Tonight Show on Monday night.

The 28-year-old actress wore an off-shoulder flower skirt with red lips chatting with Jimmy Fallon.

Robbie is currently promoting her new movie Queen Mary Scots.

Margot couldn’t help but smile because she was warmly welcomed by the audience at The Tonight Show.

The star of the suicide squad will wear her floral dress with pearl earrings and black pumps.

After the interview, Robbie played a round of loading problems with the late night host.

Alcohol-driven games require everyone to answer unknown questions at the bottom of the roller coaster. If the player decides not to disclose the problem to the audience, they will be forced to shoot.

Jimmy, who is very happy with Jimmy, revealed that she abandoned an ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

“Are you breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day? God!” he said.

“It’s terrible. I hope God doesn’t look at this,” she said.

Robbie and Santiago Ronan starred in Queen Mary of Scotland.

The film premiered on December 7th, telling the historical family confrontation between Mary Stewart and Elizabeth I.

As expected, Mary tried to overthrow Elizabeth and seize the British throne, eventually ending with her imprisonment and beheading.

Margot Robbie’s style brought avant-garde to the Queen Mary’s promotion this week.

long gown dress

A few days later, when Margot Robbie clicked on the promotion path on her new movie, she had a series of stylish looks.

And her latest clothing seems to have surpassed them.

The star born on the Gold Coast wore a pure Chanel dress at the Queen Mary’s New York premiere in Scotland, which looks very luxurious.

Robbie plays Queen Elizabeth I in the play, her hair is tightly brushed and her face is matched with a rich crimson lipstick.

Her high collar gown is the inspiration for her premiere of the royal biography.

As she walked down the red carpet, Robbie took a group photo with a co-star named Saoirse Ronan, who played a leading role in the new play.

Robbie’s appearance at the premiere took place after a whirlwind propaganda tour that made the world’s best designers see her rock style.

A few hours before the premiere, Robbie wore a French designer, Isabel Marant, from head to toe and went to the Good Morning American studio in New York to chat about the new movie.

She finished her look with a pair of black stiletto pointed ankle boots.

Blanca Blanco shows off a kiss in a gorgeous tube top dress at the Marrakech International Film Festival for the premiere of Rome

long gown dress

During the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival, she was amazed at the appearance of a series of red carpets.

On Monday night, Blanca Blanco walked out of Rome’s premiere with a charming floral tube top dress and golden high heels.

The 37-year-old actress was very well dressed when she blew a kiss in the direction of the photographer – a few weeks after she lost her Malibu home in a wildfire in California, she appeared at the festival.

When she arrived at the show, Blanca kept staring at her because she chose to show off her slender frame with a skirt with a floral embroidered skirt.

Her strapless number shows a cleavage, and includes a fitted bodice, then rolled around the legs of the stars with a full skirt.

Blanca puts her dress on a pair of golden high heels to make her skirt bare – choose to wear a silver watch on one wrist and choose dazzling earrings.

The beautiful woman wore a black lock and made it into a messy scorpion, nailing the front of her mane to a large quiff.

She wears a flawless makeup look with shimmering tones around her eyes, long eyelashes and bold eyebrows.

Blanca likes the bronzed cheekbones and applies a russet auburn lipstick to her lips, while her dark mouth is used to outline her mouth.

Turned her head as she walked along the red carpet and saw Blanca bragging for the photographer because she blew a kiss in their direction. Although she has endured the pain of losing her hometown, her performance at the festival has been very exciting.

Her Malibu home was missing in the Woolsey fire in California – destroying most of her property. The star managed to save some things, including her college diploma, some paintings and a director’s chair, and her name on the back.

Blanca was allowed to go home for the first time a few weeks ago, and when talking to, she still couldn’t enter the house despite the robbers everywhere.

Before re-entering her home, Blanca said: ‘We hope to be allowed to return to Malibu so that we can see our position and close. I have some hope, maybe I will appear, some family photos will not be burned.

She added that the robbers were a “problem” among her neighbors and added: “Insurance mentions that we are hit hard in the neighborhood and they are talking about rebuilding – it’s hard to digest.”

Blanca has been with 69-year-old actor John Savage since 2008, recalling that she only had a few minutes to clean up before fleeing the fire. She had to wake up John who was sleeping and managed to save the couple’s pet rabbit Star before they reached safety.

She revealed that she is now thinking about leaving Malibu after feeling “trapped” and “claustrophobia” while trying to escape the fire.

“I’m not sure if I want to live in Malibu again. We are considering living in Beverly Hills or Brentwood,” she claims. “Since Malibu, John and I have moved to three hotels. This is a lot of pressure, but many hotels have not stayed for a long time because many evacuators are renting houses. Since the fire, hotel prices have been rising, this is a a shame.

Blanca went on to say: “For me, I have been having a hard time falling asleep and having a nightmare. Finally I slept for four hours in the last two days. The stress level is very high, but I am trying to remind myself every day that I am How lucky, and John and our rabbit.

DAKOTA JOHNSON is wearing a gorgeous dress

 long gown dress

The star of the 29-year-old movie “50 Gray Shadow” became world-famous because of the clear scene. Although Dakota Johnson is not only on the court but also in his daily life, he is not ashamed of his own form.

For example, the popular brunette last night reached the opening ceremony of the International Film Festival in Marrakech. In this Hollywood actress, she wore an original long skirt and a deep neckline, which constitutes an amazing and useful form of Americans.

It is worth noting that translucent fabrics have successfully set off photographers and shiny decorative elements of countless lights and flashes, providing more luster for the star image of TV screens.

Writing, wide belt, inlaid with white crystal, in harmony with the general concept of the image. But despite such a brilliant exit, Dakota Johnson did not abandon jewelry. So I prefer to wear a few platinum rings and earrings with diamonds. The stars on the TV screen were also wearing sandals on high heels, successfully combining the long dresses.

We would like to remind you that this year’s iconic Hollywood dynasty representative introduced several films that participated in it.

But it is particularly noteworthy that the El Royale tape, which premiered on October 12, “has nothing to eat.” After all, Dakota Johnson not only played a major female role, but also had an unexpected role. In addition, the filming took place in Canada, but after finishing the work, the actress gave a speech to the psychotherapist. Can’t get rid of the screen image in real life.

The power of flowers! Melania Trump presented a very glamorous show on the first day of the G20 summit in Argentina, wearing a $5,000 sleeveless Gucci dress and bold green high heels.

On the first day of the arrival of Melania Trump at the Villa Ocampo Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the G20 Leaders Summit was held on the first day.

The first lady, 48 years old, looks fashionable and ready for the warm weather of South American homes, while wearing a $4,900 Gucci floral dress with green Manolo Blahnik heels.

To highlight her slender waist, she tightened her sleeveless dress with a thin dark brown belt and large sunglasses in the sun.

Melania looks happy to rest in the cold winter weather in Washington, DC, and to show a healthy glow in her summer orchestra.

When she arrived at the museum, Melania smiled because she stood with the 44-year-old Argentine first lady, Juliana Awada, wearing a beautiful white dress while holding a matching hand. Take the bag.

Both ladies locked their long black hair and gently curled up the day’s activities.

They later photographed the museum’s front desk with 11 other spouses and first ladies from other countries.

The 65-year-old French first lady, Brigitte Macron, stands behind Melania and Juilana, wearing a short-sleeved white dress with blond hair in her Straight hair sling in the design.

The organization also includes Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the spouse of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Peng Liyuan, the spouse of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-sook, the first lady of South Korea.

Melania arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday night with President Donald Trump and hinted that the designer wardrobe will be wearing a $5,990 leather Ralph Lauren jacket and white pencil skirt for the two-day summit.

This look is slightly different from the dress she wore when she left Washington, DC, because she wore a purple Derek Lam skirt and became a white choice.

She is not the only first lady to hold a two-day summit with a famous world leader.

Brigitte Macron, 65, of French First Lady, joined her husband, Emmanuel Macron, at the reception with Argentine President Mauricio Macri and Juliana on Thursday night and chose a chic white suit. Jacket and matching skirt with zip at front.