“This is about a woman who finds her voice”: Rachel Brosnahan, Ms. Maisel, and the controversial man

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In Paris, this is a bright, windy day, and a closed street maze on the Seine was dragged back to the 1950s. Frank Sinatra’s concert made my world full of string sounds, accompanied by a group of very well-behaved scorpions, just as a group of actors pretended to shop. Around them stood the kind of staff you would expect to find in a generous budget movie. But this is a wonderful Mrs. Maisel, the invisible comedy of Amazon’s adventure story about a wealthy Jewish housewife, turned into an outrageous vertical comedian.

Even in the golden age of this TV, there are not many works that can shoot green light in half of the world, obviously just for its hell (after a day, it is still unclear why this series needs to be temporarily moved from New York to France. capital). But Mrs. Maisel is a victory in the age of streaming media. In this year’s Emmy Awards, it won seven amazing awards, consolidating the reputation of its presenter Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladio and creating a new star in Rachel Brosnahan, she Responsible for bringing Miriam “Midge” Maisel into life.

A few months after the filming in Paris, Brosnahan sat in a hotel suite in London, with a perfect wave, a perfect flower dress and a tendency to laugh out most of the reaction. The 27-year-old has always been polite – worried that I might feel hungry and explained that she always provides snacks on her – and is very active, expressing everything from Enid Blyton books to her high school drama teachers. Passionate enthusiasm. . She even had the ability to inject some frustrating things like Brett Kavanaugh heard – in full swing during our interviews – with a lot of optimism. “I immediately overcame all these conflicting emotions,” she said. “Anger and sorrow also inspired and inspired the future of our country.”

This strange feeling is what Brosnahan has in common with her character – Midge Maisel is not like a human woman, but a blizzard that walks and talks about the attitudes that can be done. When we first met her, she was the Plato ideal of a filial housewife in the middle of the 20th century, observing the patriarchal standards with a happy dedication, obsessively measuring her thighs, and secretly doing makeup from the bed in the early hours of the morning. So she can deceive her husband to think she wakes up like this. Even after the husband Joel turned her life into a cliché because she left her secretary, she reshaped her misfortune into a dynamic new career, as a standing comedian, opened about sex. Jokes with double standards of gender, as well as amazing self-confidence and charm.

Brosnahan seems to be more timid than her other self in the 1950s – for example, she is very worried that if she gives any destroyer to Mrs. Maisel’s second series, it may flow out in early December – but the pair is “big Shouting “Share an optimistic optimism, it feels like the most American thing on the planet.

Perhaps this is why Brosnahan is actually a semi-British. Her mother grew up in Leeds and her parents met in Brighton’s university (she was not entirely sure who her father was from Missouri and finally came there). Although the couple settled near Chicago, the young Brosnahan spent most of the summer in the UK. This is a childhood, her parents take a tough attitude towards her daughter’s performance ambitions. “They are very supportive and encouraging, but say: ‘We won’t help you.’ Just like I want to go to class, my father will say, ‘Okay, okay, you should take care of your children, so you can pay for this class. Money, you should go to class because you need to do better in this area.’ “This is a strategy that seems to be rewarded very quickly: at the age of 17, Brosnahan is part of the Galileman horror film. After the score, the performance is very professional. . But her breakthrough role – she won her first Emmy nomination – from 2013, when she began to play former sex worker Rachel Posner in the House of Cards.

It is on this topic that Brosnahan’s super happy character begins to shake. When I asked her if she was upset about the way the Kevin Spacey scandal tarnished the legacy of the House, her face fell. “We have never had a scene. I have been away from the show for a few years,” she said, and this fact is clearly worth repeating. “Since the third season, I have left this show for a long time,” she explained very slowly, frowning until she found a positive angle about this annoying theme: Netflix commissioned the last one The fact that the series is loose is over. “There are so many hardworking, talented and generous people working on this show, they poured their hearts.

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