GMB’s Kate Garraway fell in a playful lingerie confession


ITV Good Morning British star said that she “left her shorts” around the studio, this is a funny confession.

Kate Garraway’s cheeky satire appeared because I was a celebrity before… let me get out of here! Star Iain Lee is using GMB.

He is discussing the clip of “I am a celebrity” last night, seeing Nick Knowles saying that he doesn’t want to deal with women’s underwear when washing clothes.

Susanna Reid, the 47-year-old Kate co-host, was confused because she asked: “Do he want chivalry?”

She also probed who was “no shorts” around the camp.

Ian, 45, said that when he was in the jungle, he was not worried about dealing with people’s villains.

Speaking of Corrie’s star comrade, 34-year-old Jennie McAlpine, he revealed: “I often dry her shorts with a stick.”

Then Iain asked the class teacher star Ben Shephard if he would do Kate’s underwear.

The 51-year-old Kate then said with a shameless comment: “I put my underwear everywhere.”

Ben, 43 years old, joked: “Yes, Kate and her big pants.”

Iain is then a GMB star if he will dry Kate’s underwear.

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