Elegant, feminine, minimalist and sophiscated all describe the style of Taylor Swift. Taylor takes the term chic to heart and can often be caught by the paparazzi in monochromatic, minimalistic stylings, with added pops of colour whether in the form of sky high heels that accentuate her insurance worthy legs or unique handbags to carry her signature red lipstick. Her style always pleases her fans, fashionistas near and far, and creates Instagram and style goals daily. Taylor’s style has evolved from printed handkerchief dresses and cowboy boots (in her early days on the music scene as a teen country singer) to flirty dresses and sky high heels. The style icon and squad leader, as she is recognised today, pulls inspiration from vintage design elements, punk rock garments and everything in between. Even when she is not gracing the red carpets of music awards or on the only Monday in May that matters at the Met Gala, the leggy blonde is capable of looking chic each and every time she steps out in public. Amidst the clearly chic elements of Taylor Swift’s style, there is one key point that stands out – her fashion is always wearable and relatable. Taylor has been able to create daily looks that her fans, followers and anyone really, can go out, search for and re-create. In one way or another anyone can take inspiration from her and add a bit of T-swift into their wardrobe.

Mondays are undisputedly described as the hardest day of the week. However, just because you might not want your weekend to end, doesn’t mean you can’t start the week in a sleek Taylor inspired outfit that’s bound to get you some positive attention. So, let’s start with something simple and 100% Taylor Swift approved – Dresses. T-Swift herself has said that she loves dresses. Dresses are an easy all in one outfit, easy to pick out and a simple hassle free way to get into to the groove of the week and shake off the Monday blues. From flowy and printed to solid and tailored, dresses are a sure way to get your outfit ready swiftly, leaving you a bit more time on those dreaded Monday mornings.

By Tuesday most of us have accepted that we’ve had to leave the weekend behind and actively participate in the week. Flirty femininity is another factor which is integral to the iconic Taylor Swift’s style. Wearing her flirty side smirk, Taylor can be regularly caught in flowy skirts, skater dresses, printed cords and heels of any height or form. These style decisions help the 22-year-old stay true to her age, her body type and her style personality, and can be adapted to help you smile a bit brighter on any given day and elevate your Tuesday style level.

Wednesdays, the mid-week madness has probably set in. However, you can get those endorphins pumping and enjoy that natural happy high with a bit of mid-week cardio or yoga class, and who said you can’t be chic while getting your sweat on? When she isn’t up high on her heels and catching all the boys’ attention in her super flirty skirts, you can catch Taylor in some of the few outfits she rocks flats with. Making sure to keep her slender physique in perfect form, Taylor heads to her work-outs in neon trainers and somehow seamlessly balanced gym attire. Monochromatic tones on some days and paint splatter leggings on others. Pairing leg long and thigh length bottoms with monochromatic simple sports tops, means that the swift’s legs are always on display and she stays true to her style aesthetic.

The weekend is almost upon us but not quite yet, Thursday is still in the way. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up your style and feel proud of your outfit of the day. Another aspect that Taylor loves to integrate into her fashion is tailoring. Tailoring can be such a great way to add a bit of sophistication into your wardrobe, which might help you walk a bit taller and command that morning meeting, or even add some confidence to your morning walk to collect your coffee. Powersuits, structured jackets, slim fit blazers and steamed seamed trousers can come in all shapes, sizes colours and prints and Taylor has worn them, and so can you.


Friday is officially here (yay!) and that usually means you can dress just a tad more casual for work today in preparation of meeting the girls for some after work drinks and your weekly gossip catch up! If Taylor’s Instagram is any indication, she sure knows how to have a good time, how to document it with perfection, and how to dress for the occasion. A T-Swift night out definitely includes killer heels, a bold lip and possibly some shorts, a leather skirt or a glittery dress, all showing off the legs of course. However, she has also been known to rock chic high waisted trousers and a bare mid-section. The possibilities are truly endless for a good Friday night out look when tapping into Taylor’s style repertoire.

Saturday is the day of brunches, farmers’ markets and sleeping in. After a good night out a good brunch is standard along with a couple errands of course. Casual chic, comfy outfits are the order of the day. Denim, jumpsuits, hats and some hipster vibes can be on the menu if you are taking any inspiration from our resident leggy blonde today.

Sunday, the day before another week starts that always comes too quickly. Chill and relax on Sunday afternoons in your super comfy jumpers and endless cups of tea. If you do need to pop out and leave the comfort of your sofa, there is no reason to take off your loungewear. Just take Taylor’s style as an example and pair your comfy jumper with dark jeans or tights and some cute ankle boots and you’re ready for the world. If you want to add some class to your last day of weekend freedom, you can just throw on a printed poncho to seal in your effortless chicness.

Shorts, dresses, pantsuits oh my! It is clear that apart from being pop songstress and squad leader, Taylor Swift can add street style icon to her list of titles. Her style always seems to hold an air of chicness and sophistication, no matter where she goes. The ability to pull off this level of effortless fashion is commendable and while the average girl may not have all the resources at her disposable as T-Swift does, her fashion is so simplistic in many ways that many girls can easily draw inspiration and apply it to their daily lives. Let us recap our Taylor Swift style basic checklist. Firstly, one must always be rocking a pair of heels in any way, shape or form, Secondly, a bold lip will never quit. Thirdly, a contrasting coloured handbags to move your outfit from every day to street style slay, and finally always wear your style with confidence.

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In recent days, people like to wear special dresses on the main occasional events. Using proper dress code for related party is becoming an important part of the celebrations. These dresses are also used to represent the purpose of organizing an event. In films and theaters, many comic and heroic characters are known through their costumes, and further their replicated costumes are used by the local event management, school functions, parties and other colony gatherings. People around the globe developed their codes of dresses that are appropriate for their culture, geographical conditions and religion.
Costume is a style of dress for the particular class, people or period. It can be of particular style that is suitable for the specific event or these costumes are worn to portray characters or type of character. Costumes are also worn to represent culture’s unique characteristic or a national dress code which has been adapted as a unique identification and is a source of pride for an entire nation. Moreover, special costumes are worn on holidays, festivals, valentine days, religious events and numerous other occasions as a part of their celebrations or as a routine custom for the occasion. Christmas and Easter dresses portray fabulous characters such as Santa Claus or Easter Bunny whereas Halloween costumes take the form of supernatural creatures such as ghost, spirit or angle. Wearing fancy dresses are very much thrilling and inspiring for all genders of age groups.

Both men and women can consider fancy clothing from large online collections of women wholesale fancy dress costume and men wholesale fancy dress costumes for variety of events or occasions. These websites provide wide range of different styles and colors. At the famous Halloween party, people wear dresses of classic forces of dark such as skeletons, monsters and zombies. Theme parties often specify a framework in which guests are free to experiment. Themes present a world of opportunities of creativity and celebration. Both guests and hosts are free to dress up as they like within the boundaries of a particular theme. Fancy costumes are also designed for professional use. Huge range for fancy dress costumes is available for artists for their performances. Wearing fancy costumes are also very much thrilling and inspiring for children. This habit not only increases their confidence to stand up in front of large gathering but also create a sense of competition.

Dressing up in fancy dress costumes is a great idea to fill up colors to life. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, theme parties, and local stage performances are all occasions that present people with the opportunity to try on another personality. Superheroes, celebrities, zombies, monsters, film characters, and hippies are only a few examples of what people can dress up as for different events. The great places to buy such dresses are online websites which offer hundreds of all kinds of usual and unusual designs for women wholesale fancy dress costume and men wholesale fancy dress costumes as well as for retail business.

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Women fashion is like a river that never runs out of water. It grows every day with a better concept thus making it one of the most promising business out there. Entries about the women fashion business is that, they want to wear a new outfit every other day. They treasure their looks and image more than anything else, hence how they look and what they wear matters most on their self-esteem. In addition, they are not mind spending extra bucks just to own a prettier dress that makes them stunning and neck breaking. One of the major commodities is the wholesale dresses are that they have a wide range of variety to choose from maxi dresses to elegant long dresses and gowns for that special occasion. Short sexy dresses are also among them available in eye catching designs.

The wholesale dresses retail shop has great advantages over any other outlet you may think of because of their ‘no minimum order’ method of sale. You can order as many dresses as you would wish and the more you order the better the discount they are to receive to even an extent of 50% off the price. The categories range in colors from black to red inclusive any other colors in between. They range from, yellow dresses- Red dresses- Silver dresses- White dresses- Blue dresses- Green dresses- Gold dresses- pink dresses- Print dresses- Floral print dresses- Animal print dresses.

Custom services are also offered to companies who would wish to have dresses printed with their name or logo. Also wholesale dresses have a high advantage of cheap prices. Quality dresses at an average price of 5$ making them the ultimate choice. Another great advantage is that the orders can be done online and fashion lands in your hands wherever you will be, with the various shipping methods. Regardless of the different styles that the dresses come in, the key advantage is that they come in different sizes, thus giving a wider platform to accommodate all clients. The material of the dresses varies from- Nylon- Sweater- Silk- Cotton- Wool- Lace.

Based on the styles, women dresses come in they range from: – Maxi dress- Chiffon dress- Shirtwaist- Jumper dress- Sun dress- Wrap dress- Tent dress.

Women clothing business really benefit from the availability of multiple choices and variety of styles. The dresses are most preferred by clients since they are an economy pack that allows them to enjoy much more on their bodies at lesser cost of the whole pack.

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fabulous long down

The more period goes on; more conventional long gown dresses are being acquired. It is not too unusual to see more venerable forms of dressing by many diverse women from all walks of life. The demand for these things are only natural as people comprehend the grace and style that is brought on by such things. It is not essentially that people are tired of current trends, but furthermore are sanctified to live in a society that distinguishes a proper gown to be a nice touch to a dinner party, opera, ballet, or even a traditional Shakespeare play. Many political figures have already been known to splurge quite a bit of money on such gowns, but it is interesting to see the general public exult in these offerings as well, not that only political people justify to wear these things, it is just not the custom for many other walks of life to try and fit into the old time conventional attire.

For those that are looking for a reasonably priced, top quality, designer long gown, your hunt is as good as over. The internet and the rise of consumer options, have found a good home among all those worried in getting their traditional and non traditional attire to the next level. You really have to believe this new web age, and see how much you can acquire from the internet with just a few simple hunts. These searches are not essentially the be all end all to the shopping skill, however the technology has gotten to a point that you can’t help but observe, as being a great thing for the outfit industry.

Maybe the proper term is style, and maybe it is simply costumes, in considers to long gown shops. Many changed shops in the olden times would stitch custom gowns for many people, and those are now going under or are simply moving their operation from the alternative or retail level to the online world where the audience can fundamentally be a global thing. If you aren’t watching, the web world could pass you by, and you might end up purchasing a much higher, lower eminence dress from a second rate site or shop. You should, on the other hand, wishes to get a dress from the web world because that way you can save some money for other requests, like getting your hair done to match the gown you make a decision to buy.

No longer are you controlled to buying a long gown from a customary shop. You do not also have to expend a lot of time driving around city to city in expects of seeing a good one to try on, and it appears that with the modern methods that prevail in these times, we are seeing more people residing home to do their gown shopping. Is that not a vast thing? If you already do online shopping, triumph a dress online will be the next greatest thing and overall a good concept to have in considers to the dinner party, or event you are going to focus in the near future.


Loved for their casual, laid-back feel and personality-capturing details, boho weddings are among the top trends in wedding planning. That doesn’t mean that the boho bride risks staging a run-of-the-mill wedding. Bohemian weddings are all about the individual. The perfect boho wedding captures the free-spirited, convention-defying attitude of the bride and groom. And because of the emphasis on individual tastes and personal touches, no two boho weddings are alike.

So if there is no true boho wedding style, what qualifies as a boho wedding? In general, boho weddings tend to be more casual weddings with food and décor that directly reflects the tastes of the bride and groom. If you’re looking to plan your own boho wedding, here are the details you should be looking at.


When planning a wedding, nearly every bride start with the wedding dress, and the boho bride is no exception. Just like there are no wedding conventions that fall into the Bohemian category, there are no guidelines for finding a boho wedding dress. In general, boho brides usually opt for more casual or non-formal wedding dresses. That means less structured wedding dresses without internal corsets, built-in hoops or crinoline. Here are some boho wedding dress ideas:

Flowing fabrics. Whether more formal or more casual, boho wedding dresses always incorporate a flowing materials. The dress itself can be long and free flowing, or it can be more fitted with flowing elements, such as bell or peasant sleeves, off-the-shoulder ruffles, a light-weight train or a tiered skirt.

Lace, embroidery or crochet. Textured elements are a must have for boho wedding dresses. These soft, textured details can relax the overall look of a dress to create a non-formal wedding dress. Conversely, lace or embroidery can add a bit of luxury to a more casual wedding dress style. How much or how little detail a boho wedding dress has depends on the bride: Some brides opt for dresses that are full on lace or have a crochet overlay, while other boho brides prefer a simple lace wedding dress.

Wedding dress separates. Wedding dress separates are one of the hottest trends, particularly for brides seeking boho wedding dress ideas. A looser fitting top and a flowing, or even a short, skirt are perfect for a bride seeking a casual wedding dress. A bride planning a more formal boho wedding can pair a more fitted, detailed bodice with a full, flowy skirt to honor the idea of a boho wedding dress.

Vintage appeal. The vintage wedding dress look is a popular one for boho brides. If you’re looking for vintage boho wedding dress ideas, look for flapper-inspired dresses, dresses with nipped-in waists that recall the 1940s and 1950s, or long, flowing casual wedding dresses that strike a hippie vibe from the 1960s or 1970s.

Stunning details. Because Bohemian weddings are all about expressing the individuality of the bride and groom, some sort of stunning detail is a must for a boho wedding dress. These details can include a plunging back, intricate straps, an unusual neckline or even a colored or floral-patterned wedding dress.

The bride can top her chosen look with a flower crown, for a more casual wedding, or accessorize with beautiful, vintage-inspired jewelry. Brides who want a casual boho wedding might choose to go barefoot or wear simple sandals. Statement or vintage shoes also can help a boho bride create a unique wedding look.

To finish out the bridal party, boho bridesmaid’s dresses often have the same elements as boho wedding dresses. Meanwhile, the groom can wear a non-formal linen tux, or a tux in an unusual color or pattern. For a completely casual boho wedding look, the groom can even wear a simple pair of khakis and a loose-fitting white shirt.


After the bridal look, the boho wedding is all about the venue, and the boho bridal venue must strike an unconventional note. Many boho couples choose outdoor settings, from beaches to farms to mountainsides. For an indoor Bohemian wedding, look for unique or historical venues, such as rustic barns, Victorian estates or even historic warehouses. More and more, boho couples are planning weddings that emphasize local treasures. If you’re searching for a venue for your boho wedding, you can’t go wrong with a local landmark or venue that’s unique to your hometown.

When it comes to choosing vendors for your boho wedding venue, the key, again, is to focus on local. Local beers and wines are perfectly on-trend for boho weddings, and couples are eschewing traditional wedding food and instead serving local specialties or even barbecue to create a more casual wedding atmosphere.

Creating a casual wedding atmosphere with boho décor

Ultimately, the thing that sets the tone for a Bohemian wedding is the décor. For a boho wedding, keep the décor eclectic and unique. As a boho wedding dress should reflect the bride’s personality and style, boho wedding décor should reflect the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. Often, boho décor is used to create a more casual wedding atmosphere, even for more formal boho chic weddings. Here are some ways to use your wedding décor to create a casual, boho wedding atmosphere:

Natural flower arrangements. Like the rest of a boho wedding, the flowers tend to be less conventional. For a casual wedding look, flower arrangements should have different textures and colors, and can incorporate natural elements like shells, flower or even pinecones. The arrangement themselves should be looser and less structured than traditional wedding flowers.

Mismatched dinnerware. To create an eclectic, casual boho feel, opt for china or flatware that is mismatched. Choose subdued pieces with similar color palates to keep the look cohesive.

Textiles. Textiles — think throw pillows, tapestries and seat cushions — are a must for a boho wedding. Textiles create texture, depth and warmth, making the venue seem more casual and welcoming. As with the dinnerware, look for pieces in subdued colors and in similar palates.

Romantic lighting. To create a light, romantic, ethereal vibe, every boho wedding needs some sort romantic lighting. Fairy lights, bistro lights, lantern or candles placed around your venue will add to the casual romance of your boho wedding.

Focusing on your unique boho wedding style

To ensure that your boho wedding captures your unique style, your wedding should include details that represent your personality and your interests. A boho wedding can be eclectic, but to avoid having a cluttered, chaotic feel, focus on one or two elements of your wedding that really encapsulate who you are. If your beach venue is what you love most about your boho wedding, focus on beachy details and a subtle beach theme. If you, as a couple, enjoy traveling, incorporate vintage suitcases and maps into your décor.

Casual boho style shouldn’t emphasize any theme too highly, but having a focus as you plan your boho wedding will help you to create a cohesive event that represents who you are. Because remember: The boho wedding is really about creating a unique event that represents your free spirit. Browse our very own collection of bohemian bridal gowns. Happy shopping!

Dresses for Special Occasions

Weddings, trips to the races and big birthdays – no doubt you’ve got all of them and more crammed in your diary this year. Special occasions require extra special dresses, so we’ve whittled it down to our three (current) favourites, to help you find a dress you’ll remember long after your big event.

Hanging Gardens Dress
Crafted from luxurious silk, this relaxed fit style proves that occasion doesn’t have to mean fitted. Abstract florals in vibrant blues give this classic shift shape a vibrant look, and a layered hem adds subtle texture to the skirt.

Kelsie Dress
With clever shaping and contrast panels to define the figure, the Kelsie isn’t your standard floral dress. Monochrome brings a classic element to this fitted style, while details like a triangle at the neck keep this shift design feeling fresh.

Kelsie Dress
With clever shaping and contrast panels to define the figure, the Kelsie isn’t your standard floral dress. Monochrome brings a classic element to this fitted style, while details like a triangle at the neck keep this shift design feeling fresh.
Amily Dress
Lace is given a modern update with in on-trend pink with the Amily dress. Cut in a classic shift shape, semi-sheer lace panels on the neckline and back and a textured hem add modern details to a timesless style.

Major Paris exhibition celebrates 70 years of Dior fashions

The rest of the show is thematic, intermingling Christian Dior’s creations with the classical busts, Renaissance paintings and surrealist sculptures that inspired them, and with designs by the creative directors who followed after his death in 1957: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré , John Galliano, Raf Simons and the current, first female, holder of the post, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The show’s use of color is staggering: one long “Colourama” display features shoes, bags and perfume pixels by chrom conditioning – an orange-hued backless dress by Raf Simons beside a clementine-coloured mohair dress-coat by John Galliano, running on and on In tiny tens increments from mustard to zingy yellow to cream to dove gray to teal to ballet slipper pink to cream to baby blue to lilac to rich purple and burgundy. Later, in a muted, wood-panelled white and gray neoclassical drawing room, there are Frothy corseted dresses in Versailles hues: pale pinks, soft blues.

Dior robe
One of the Dior robes in the exhibition. Photograph: Musée des Arts Décoratifs
A room examines the inspiration Dior drew from gardens – a haute couture minidress covered in little green sprigs into an unlikely AstroTurf-meets-cocktail hour moment – while a Monet iris painting hangs from the wall and, overhead, the ceiling is blanketed in thousands of Tendrils and vines made from delicate white paper

The second half of the show brings out the big guns, starting with the white “bar” jacket, with its padded hips, styled with a full black skirt and a basket-style hat, an outfit immortalised in so many fashion history books. That there are rows of triple-height glass display cases filled with Dior’s superlative, precise gray suiting, and a long, narrow brightly lit room packed with the original toiles of hundreds of sculptural creations, which appear to float like ghosts into infinity due to the Mirrored ceiling – see how to make the most of the fair gallery – the “dior ballroom” – where a shimmering projection of stars cascades over gowns such as Elizabeth Taylor’s 1961 Academy Awards dress and gold Galliano haute couture, visitors with only a passing Running out of superlatives

An evening gown from the late 1940s. Photograph: Musee des Arts Decoratifs
There are little threads here that may surprise even the most dedicated Dior heads. One of the influential crew Dior ran with in the 1920s, including Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Calder and Giacometti; Ray’s Perpetual Motive, in which an eye Is attached to the pendulum of a metronome, and Dali’s Retrospective Bust of a Woman, which features an inkwell and a baguette balancing on a woman’s head, are on display. In another gallery we read letters between Dior and his father touching on the little- Known story of his sister, Catherine, who was part of the French resistance during the second world war, and was rescued from a concentration camp.

The main takeaway, though, is pure sensory overload, an excess of pattern and color that will have visitors ignoring the polite little captions explain which of the dresses are by Dior himself and which are by Raf Simons or John Galliano. Galliano’s fantastical creations often steal The show: a coat-gown with Hokusai’s Great Wave and a full-length python dress worn with an ancient Egyptian death mask are among the stand-out pieces. Reminding viewers of Galliano’s technical brilliance – and squishing his work in with that of the Revered Master – is a sleight of hand that helps the exhibition to gloss over one of the house’s controversies; Galliano’s departure in disgrace in 2011.

Galliano is not the only creative director to have stress with the stresses of leading such a revered fashion house. Raf Simons spoke of long hours and stress when when he left in 2015; Maria Grazia Chiuri has been up upbeat and philosophical when talking about her role But but has met with mixed reviews from critics expecting not just attractive gowns but era-definition surprises.

Ponchos, denim and lots of fringing: Dior does prairie chic for top clients
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Grazia Chiuri’s haute couture show took place on Monday in the sealing power outside in the garden of Paris’s Hôtel des Invalides. Having made headlines with her debut collection – which included feminist slogan T-shirts – this time her empowering manifesto was less explicit and more thematic Nodding to female explorers. One shearling jumpsuit look like a haute take on Amelia Earhart’s aesthetic, while a series of gray suits echoed Christian Dior’s famous tailoring – currently suspended in a museum just a few kilorgres across the Seine – almost exactly

5 Tips for Wearing White this Summer


1. Blue Print Wrap Draped Jersey Dress
long gown dress Think waves crashing on warm sand at night while you sit table side with a glass of champagne. For me, this gorgeous dress evokes all of that and more. It’s a simple contemporary silhouette with a show stopping print. I’ve gone for some serious date night style by adding some concept heels, posh bag and matching leather/silver bracelet to create a high-lux cruise look.

2. Blue Leaf Side Split Jumpsuit
Simple, flattering and beyond comfortable. This split leg playsuit is a modern go to piece with a crisp retro print that will certainly stand the test of time. It’s a perfect beach/ holiday style and can be dressed down with casual accessories. Instead, I’ve gone for a slightly more sophisticated daytime cruise look, using luxury woven leather accessories in subtle textural shades of blue to create something really quite special. Add a matching sun hat and you’re set to sail.

3. Blue Ponte Fit And Flare Dress
This electric little number is a New In style that is already fast becoming sold out and it’s all down to the fabric. Ponte is an Italian fabric that holds its shape beautifully because it is so tightly woven. It travels well, doesn’t fade, doesn’t crease, is superbly comfortable, smooths your figure and can be a lifesaver when putting on a few extra pounds. It’s a winner and always will be. I’ve teamed it with yet more woven leather accessories and a cute little circle print enamel bangle, to create a fun yet functional look.

6 Graduation Styles for the Class of 2017

Congratulations to all of the gorgeous Henri’s Girls in the Class of 2017! Here are six fabulous styles in stock now to make sure you’re voted “Best Dressed” at your graduation, grad party, or any formal affair!

This Sherri Hill style – dubbed the “ballerina dress” – is uniquely beautiful with its strapless design, flared skirt, and tiny dancer print. It’s just begging to be twirled around in!

Your favorite floral print prom dresses have gotten a makeover for Summer 2017! Slip into this Sherri Hill short style for look that’s both fashionable and unforgettably adorable.

You love lace. We love lace. So what’s not to love about this short dress by JVN? Pair this ivory frock with flats for the ceremony, then hit up the after party with sky-high heels!

If you want to stand out at graduation or any formal affair, arrive wearing this Sherri Hill two piece short dress! Its long, lace sleeves and beaded belt will surely steal the spotlight.

As fresh as a field of wildflowers, you’ll want to wear this delightful look by JVN all year long. Dress it up or dress it down, this is the ultimate summer style gown!

If you’re going to for that effortlessly beautiful look, look no further than this Sherri Hill short dress with a lace up neckline! The beadwork and unique design speak for themselves!